Happy Valentines Day Everyone,
Hope you all had fun today, even if you spent the day alone maybe with family or friends. For those who had people or a special people to spend it with, count yourselves lucky and for those who spent it alone, remember that ‘God loves you.’ In this case, you are very special and loved as well. I spent my day quietly, watching films and chatting with family and friends, I also prepared a valentine meal, Spaghetti jollof…lmao.
It’s the season of love and the year 2015 is such a great year, so, don’t let the love start and end today, everyday can be Valentines day.

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Here’s a new post on Wife Material, hope you love it. I’m sure you guys won’t expect this but hopefully this month, the first season of Wife Material will come to an end, I am honestly tired of all my characters and I need new ones lol. If you are in favour of a brand new season, say ‘I’….
I promise that the next season will be better than this and I’ll introduce exciting new characters too. As for people who have asked to produce the episodes into a TV series, I am selling so you know how to contact me. Just send a mail to ddezeh@gmail.com. I hope you are enjoying these series as much as I am while writing it.
Thanks for reading dears and sorry again, it’s coming late.

It was a sunny afternoon, dry and very dusty,
Ngozi looked at the keys in her hands and whooped for joy.

“Thank you…oh thank you!” Ngozi screamed in
delight as she twirled in circles and jumped into her lovers’ arms.
“Anything for you baby…anything!” Ken murmured
as he gave her a big hug.
“This house is the most beautiful house I’ve
ever seen…I love it more than ever!” Ngozi shrieked.
“It’s all yours my love…it’s leased for three
years, hopefully when the rent expires, I would have bought a brand new house
for you.” Ken continued.
Ngozi wanted to smile at his reply but she
couldn’t, ‘what did Ken mean by buying her a new house? She’d though he’d have
said marriage instead.’
Ken’s phone buzzed and he quickly excused
himself, he walked away from her to pick his call. Ngozi stared at the house
again and shrugged, she walked to Ken’s vehicle and opened the passenger door.
“Madam…I be wan know if I suppose carry my Oga
laptop enter inside house?” The driver who was still occupying the driver’s
seat asked.
“Oh…that, don’t worry. I’ll do that for him…he’s
making a call so, I’ll take his stuff into the house while he joins me later.”
Ngozi replied. “In the meantime, take my luggage inside the house, I’ll show
you where to put them.”
“Yes ma.” The driver said and alighted from the
car and walked towards the booth.
She packed the briefcase and laptop which
nestled in Ken’s laptop bag and was off towards the house. It was two whole
weeks since she’d moved on, Jelia was dead-atleast that’s how she left her- and
she had not been assailed by bad dreams as she had thought, work was going on
smoothly, she had enough money in her account and Nduka was still clueless of
where she was. Immediately she had found out that Jelia was dead, Ngozi had
flipped and run out of the shrine, making sure that no one saw her exit the
building.She entered into her car and sped away. She had reached the house in
an hour’s time all thanks to traffic only to see a very serious Nduka, surfing
the internet and bookmarking photos.
“Oh…you’re back…you left while I was asleep.”
Nduka said, staring at her as soon as she walked in through the door.
“Yes…I am…” Ngozi had murmured. She had
disappeared into the room, latched the door behind her and immediately placed a
call to Ken. Ken had picked at the second ring and there and then they had both
discussed about her moving out of Nduka’s house. It was finally settled, Ngozi
was to stay at Ken’s company’s lodge for a couple of weeks in business disguise
while he sorted out accommodation for her. She had been ecstatic after her call
and immediately started packing up her things. The knock at the door startled
her and she walked to the door to open it up.
“Ng, can I come in?” Nduka asked in a playful
“What’s up? I’m busy…” Ngozi replied, using her
body as a barricade for the door.
Nduka peeked in, “Are you going somewhere? Why
are all your clothes on our bed?”
“My auntie is very sick and I’ve been asked to
come to the village for a few days…”
“Ng, and you couldn’t tell me? That’s not fair…”
“I am sorry boo…I was so disoriented by the news…”
“It’s okay dear, but can I come with you? I’ve
been planning our wedding and surfing the internet for information on how to go
about a successful wedding in Lagos and I’ve googled some good wedding planners
too.” Nduka said.
“Oh…that’s nice…”
“I am so excited…I wanted us to choose yellow
and silver as the colour of the day but I’ve changed my mind, I am loving gold
and royal blue instead. What do you think?”
“You are so insensitive Nduka, after telling you
of my aunt’s illness? All you can do is talk about a wedding? I’m not in the
right frame of mind to plan a wedding…”
“It’s okay…I am sorry, but please can I come
with you? I need to stay with you in order to protect you, besides I do not
want you to be alone. What if you are in need of a massage and I’m not around.”
Ngozi sighed in frustration, “You know what
Nduka? Let’s discuss this when I come back okay?”
“How long will you be gone?” Nduka had asked.
“I’ll be back on Monday…latest.”
Ngozi had hurriedly packed some of her bags, and
without bothering to give Nduka a goodbye kiss, she loaded her car booth with
her luggage and zoomed off.
She had spent two weeks at the company’s lodge
and now, she finally had a place where she could call home with Ken. She felt
like dancing for joy, she had not heard from Nduka for the past two weeks and
she hoped with all her heart that the love spell had broken on its own.
Ngozi unlocked the door and stepped into the
spacious sitting room of the house, it was already well-furnished so, she
plopped onto one of the sofas and placed her feet on the cushions. She dropped
the briefcase on the ground and almost kept the laptop bag beside it but on
second thoughts she opened the laptop bag and removed the laptop from it.
Dropping the bag by her side, she opened the laptop which fortunately was on
sleep mode. Some of Ken’s files were displayed on the screen and she opened
some folders out of curiosity, they contained the regular stuff, forms, memos
and the rest. She was about to close the laptop when she saw a folder named ‘my
special’ she clicked on it and found out that it contained pictures. She placed
the pictures on slideshow mode and was hit by the first picture of twin baby
girls, the next revealed a young boy whose smile revealed a missing front
teeth, she kept viewing till she saw a young woman whose different poses for
the camera caught her interest. Then there was a family photo which had the
lady, the twin girls and the boy and Ken, it was a family photograph, Ngozi
blinked, closed her eyes and opened it again, ‘Ken was married.’
The room was dark and she didn’t hear a sound,
she had heard prayers float to her countless times but it was all in
subconscious and those were mostly during her parents visiting times. She knew
that her family had taken her to another hospital, this time in Lagos but she
still couldn’t communicate with them. She still couldn’t speak, except opening
and closing her eyes as always did.
Her eyes were still closed when his voice, deep and
rich, reached her ears as though awakening her subconscious self and bringing
it to life.
“Henrietta…you have to rise above this…you are
not brain dead…you are strong, capable, fit and alive…” The voice said to her.
That was always his opening line before he
played the songs and read the magazines.
Henrietta’s eyes fluttered open and she saw him,
the young doctor who was placed in-charge of her. Immediately she had arrived
the hospital in the ambulance with her parents, he had calmed them down,
telling them that it’s normal, that some people experience shock for a longer
time than others and that she would be okay. Her mother had as always, been
inconsolable but her father and brother were stronger as they had agreed to the
doctor’s words. Immediately she was admitted, the doctor had asked her family
to bring a portable CD player with all her favourite songs, he had also asked
them to bring her GQ magazines. Her heart leapt for joy as soon as he had
mentioned that part, ‘it was to read the columns for her’ he had said.
Henrietta looked forward to hearing his voice on a daily basis, he took out
time to read each of the pages for her while her favourite song by ‘Asa’ played
as the background. The doctor who hospital staff call Dr. Tunde took some time
every night after his shifts to read to her to her delight. This night, he read
one of her favourite celebrity interviews while she listened raptly.
“Contentment is the word, especially when
describing one whose character in blockbuster movies has everyone gripping the
edges of their seats…” Dr. Tunde started, “Hmmm…Henrietta…you are really
interesting, you even marked out the sentence.” He laughed.
Henrietta felt a smile tug against her mouth and
for the first time in a long while she smiled and then laughed, the sound was
so unfamiliar, it came forth twisted and very unlike her but it was like her
chords suddenly came undone.
Dr. Tunde was shocked at the noise that came
forth from Henrietta’s lips, he was never the doctor to have a special patient
but immediately he saw Henrietta’s lifeless looking form the day her family had
brought her to the hospital, he was determined to help bring her back to the
“Henrietta…” Dr. Tunde exclaimed as he rushed up
to her. Her eyes were open and she was staring at him.
“Did you make a sound? Did you just make a
sound?” Dr. Tunde asked.
Henrietta kept staring at him.
“If you made a sound, blink…” Dr. Tunde said.
Henrietta blinked once and then, blinked again.
“Oh my God! It worked…it worked…hold on, I’m
going to call your parents…I can’t believe that aside from the treatment, it
took your hobby of reading magazines to elicit a response from you.” Dr. Tunde
said as he retrieved his phone hastily from his pocket and quickly placed a
call to Henrietta’s parents.
Ade was getting bouquets delivered to her office
on daily basis to the envy of her colleagues. Every parcel that arrived the
office was for Ade and staff was beginning to talk. Ade looked at the notes on
the flowers and smiled, ‘such a sweet gesture’ she thought, the cards were all
signed Tony and his calls followed immediately after the parcel or flowers
reached her desk.
“Tony…you shouldn’t have…” Ade started while
looking at the parcels on her desk.
“Don’t say that…you are the most exquisite woman
in the world.” Tony breathed down the line.
“I am not…and you know that…”
“Yes you are…”
“These parcels are too much…and the flowers
“What are you saying? That one parcel is too
much? I only sent a parcel today…”
“Really?” Ade asked in surprise as she stared at
her desk again. There were two parcels and one bouquet of red roses.
“Oh…it must be for one of my colleagues…you
know, since you started sending me gifts on a daily basis, everyone feels that
all the gifts are for me.”
“Ohh…okay…so how’s your day going?”
“It’s very hectic…” Ade started while standing
from her chair to look at the parcels on her desk. The two were addressed to
her and while one had the normal writings of Tony including his way of labeling
his gifts, the other was just addressed to her and nothing else. “Tony, can I
call you back? Something came up.” Ade said.
They said their goodbyes and hung up. Ade
ignored the one from Tony and quickly opened up the second parcel. It was a
smaller box and the box opened easily, the gift was a glass-kind of box and
immediately she opened it up, the song, ‘All of me’ floated to her. Tears
flooded her eyes and spilled over her cheeks, she instantly knew who had sent
the gift.
“I am not going anywhere! Emeka, you cannot use
me and dump me!” Nkechi screamed as she watched her luggage kicked out of
Emeka’s apartment.
“Watch me!” Emeka thundered and threw out her
lingerie bag through the open door.
“I have called your sisters and your mother,
thank God that your mother is in Lagos, she will come here and talk sense into
your head.” Nkechi shouted.
“Talk sense? Look at me Nkechi…do I look like a
man that lacks sense? Get out of my house you stupid woman!”
At that moment, Emeka’s sisters and mother chose
to walk into the house. They came bearing heavy faces of disappointment.
“Emeka stop this rubbish this instant!” His
mother shouted.
“Oho! So she called you…to do what na…beat me up
like she did two weeks ago? I don’t blame all of you, I blame myself for
letting the street dog into my home and sending away the woman that I truly
love.” Emeka said.
“Emeka…if it is charm, it will leave you today
ooo…why are you doing this to Nkechi? A woman who has stood by you through
thick and thin…” Juliet, Emeka’s sister asked.
“Sister Juliet, I’d rather you mind your
business! I do not want you meddling in my affairs again.”
“Tufia! Mechionu! Shut up you stupid boy! Who do
you want to bring back into your life? Ofe Mmanu? That Yoruba girl that doesn’t
know how to cook a simple Ofe Owerri! May God punish your mouth. I will curse
you with my womb…all the wait I went through those years ago while looking for
a son to call my own, I will curse you with it…”
“Go ahead mother! Curse me! Disown me! I bet you
gave birth to me for your selfish purposes. If not that our tradition loves the
male child, I’m sure you would have stopped giving birth as soon as you bore
Amaogechukwu but you tried again and finally bore me. Now I can’t rest. If I
sleep it is wahala, if I wake up nko, that’s another issue, if I decide to get
a girlfriend, it’s trouble. Can’t I be allowed to be a man? To make my own
choices? I would rather die than having this useless whore in my house
again…this is it! It is over!”
“If you send her out of this house, Emeka! If
Nkechi leaves this house, I am not your mother and your sisters are not your
sisters. Infact you do not have a family anymore!”
“Go ahead! I’d rather remain without a family
and be a content man than with my family and be miserable all my life. Now,
could you all please leave before I throw you out?”
“Heh!!! Yoruba juju dey work ooo…chineke! My
son! Nwa’m bunafo! The first male fruit of my womb, chases me out of his house
because of a woman.” She turns to Emeka, “ You will come and beg me with a
cow…not only a cow, three cows, two rams, five goats, one poultry and a Lexus
jeep plus, you will go to our town elders with palm frond in your mouth to ‘puo
aru’ abomination!” Turning to Nkechi and her daughters, “Let’s go! He will
regret this!”
“But mama…I don’t want to leave him…” Nkechi

Emeka shoved her out of the house and waited
while his mother and sisters quietly left before locking the door and
experiencing for the first time in a long while, some peace and quiet.



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