Madu felt his blood boil, his head was full with fury, his
eyes burned in anger as the intensity of his gaze could bore a hole through the
wall of his house. He stormed into the room and turning on the lights, he dragged
his wife awake.
“Whaaat…what is this?” Stella yelped.
“You’re pregnant? You’re intending to have an abortion?” He
screamed at her.
Stella blinked, she wondered what was happening till she saw
the look in her husband’s eyes and heard his words fall on her ears.

“What is the meaning of this Madu? Why did you drag me up
from the bed?”
“Answer my question gaddamit or I swear that I won’t regret
what I’ll do next!” He shouted.
“What are you talking about?” She asked.
“You are pregnant! Stella, when did you start hiding
pregnancies from me?”
“Eerrr…is that why you want to scream the house down?
Kamsi is asleep…”
“Answer me!” Madu shouted.
Stella looked away and said.
“It’s not…me…it’s my friend…and…”
“Will you stop lying to my face? You lied about the Rolex
watch and it’s still in your bag, or doesn’t it still belong to a friend?”
“You searched my bag?”
“Does it matter? I need answers and I need it now!”
“I won’t have you snooping around my life. I won’t have you
invade my privacy!”
“Yes Madu, you can’t push me around, I am no toy!”
“Your friend, Rhoda sent you a message of the clinic to
abort the baby…and she says you have to be quick before I find out.”
Stella stood up from the bed and faced him.
“Listen Madu, I don’t have time for rubbish.”
“Sit down and tell me why you want to abort my baby!”
Stella’s words hung in her throat, she wished Rhoda was here
with her, she always had the perfect answer to every question.
“Answer me Stella!” Madu screamed loudly.
Kamsi woke up with a start and stared at her parents in fear.
She’d never seen her daddy this angry in her life.
“Yes, I am pregnant and I want to get rid of the baby! Is
that such a big deal?”
“What? You are admitting to me that you want to get rid of
my baby?”
“Yes I am doing this because having another child will doing
nothing but extra costs and I don’t think I can handle it.”
“Extra costs? Am I complaining? Who gave you the right to
decide on this child’s life? Are you the only parent the child has?”
“Well, I’m the one who takes care of the one we have, I pay
her school fees, I buy her books, her clothes…everything!”
“I have a job now, Stella and I can take care of our
“What job? The one you have with your ex-girlfriend? The one
your aunt won’t approve of? Face it Madu, that job is over even before it begun
because I don’t want you working there and I’m so sure your aunt won’t as well.”
“Listen to me Stella and listen good, you are not harming
that baby.”
“Well, that depends on if you’re going to carry the child in
your womb because I am not carrying this baby to term.” Stella spat.
“Stella! How can you say that? You are having this baby
whether you like it or not!”
“I am not!” Stella spat.
“If you harm the baby in your womb, our marriage is over!”
Stella stared at her husband for a split second and pushing
him aside, she walked over to the small wardrobe they had in their room. She
pulled out her clothes and tossed them on the bed.
“What are you doing?” Madu asked.
“Isn’t it obvious? I’m not having this baby so, this
marriage is over!” Stella said.
Madu stared at his wife in shock, he couldn’t believe what
he had heard. Their daughter buried her face in her pillow and cried.
Duncan was asleep when his phone rang, he opened his eyes
and stared at the time, it was some minutes past two am. He yawned and
stretched out his hand to take his phone, he didn’t bother to look at the
caller ID.
“Duncan it’s Stella…” A teary voice floated to him.
Duncan sat up with a start.
“Stella, is everything alright?”
“Can…you come and pick me up? Please…” She cried.
“Calm down, what happened?”
“My husband and I got into a huge fight…”
“Is it because I dropped you off at your home?”
“No…it’s because of something else but I promise to tell
you all about it.” She said in tears.
“Okay, I’ll send Yusuf my driver to your house right now…”
“Thank you….you don’t know how much this means to me.” She
“I hope that bastard didn’t hurt you.” He said.
“No, he didn’t…he wouldn’t dare.” She said. “Duncan…”
“Yes baby…”
“Can I come with my daughter? Please…”
Duncan heaved a deep breath.
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, why don’t you come here
alone first and tell me everything then…”
“Okay…I love you.” She said.
“You too hun…” He said.
When he hung up the phone, he called his driver and when he
hung up he smiled, then slowly broke into a loud shout of laughter.
Madu watched his wife call someone, he had no idea of who it
was and she was speaking in such low tones that he couldn’t hear a word of what
she said. Even though every fibre of his being pushed him to calmly speak to
her to desist from aborting their child, his mind screamed in fury, how dare
Stella was seated in the sitting room with Kamsi, her bag
was packed with her clothes. Madu sat in the sitting room, he knew that he
might regret his next line of action if he exchanged words with Stella again
but he was done being pushed to the wall by his wife.
“I’m not going anywhere with you mom.” Kamsi was saying to
her mother.
“No, you don’t have to but I’ll come and pick you
up…soon…” Stella said.
“If you leave this house, you’ll never return here again. If
an argument with your husband suddenly gives you the right to pack your things,
then you’re not meant to be a wife.” Madu said. “And do not think of coming
back for Kamsi once you leave this house.”
“You can’t tell me what to do or not to do as regards my
daughter and you’re not meant to be a husband, Madu! Look at me, I’m not old, I’m
still young, beautiful and desired by many men. Men, better than you, men with
more quality than you will ever possess. Men who will go to the moon and beyond
for me. I realize that I settled for less when I married you and enough is
“I’m not going to argue with you but pay heed to my words.
If you leave this house, do not return again.”
“What do I need your house for? Look who’s talking? The rent
expires in four months, I’ll see if you won’t end up under the bridge hawking
fake wristwatches while I drive past and splash water on your worn out shoes.
Go ahead, say whatever you want but mark my words, mister, you will never see
me stoop low to your level again. You irritate me!”
Madu didn’t speak, he let her words bounce off his ears as
he wasn’t ready to listen to any more of her nonsense talk.
“Kamsi, come to bed.” He said.
His daughter left her mother and walked up to him, she
turned back for a second and said.
“Mommy please don’t go…please.”
“Don’t worry baby, once I’m settled, I’ll come back for you.
Your father is a good for nothing man and I don’t want him to rub off his ill
luck on you.”
“If anything happens to that child, you’ll suffer for it.”
Madu warned.
“Ha! Suffer for what? Mtcheww! I’m heading to a better life,
a life of milk and honey. A life you could never and will never afford. Madu,
you are useless!” She spat.
Kamsi walked into the room while Madu followed her behind,
he wasn’t going to beg his wife to stay, he was going to let her leave and once
she walked away from their family, she was never coming back, he resolved.
Thirty minutes later, Madu was seated on his bed in the room
when he heard the door open and his wife’s voice as she dragged her bags
outside. He took his pillow and burying his face into it, he sobbed.
Cherry was sleepy again, last night was a helluva night as
her fiance had refused that she’d sleep. They had been awake for most of the
night, doing what they knew how to do best and now, she was up at work. She had
just poured hot water into her cup of coffee powder when her phone rang, she
rummaged through her blazer pocket for the phone and quickly answered it.
“Cherry, it’s me. Mitch’s mother.”
“Good morning but what do you want? Aren’t you tired of
separating your son and I?”
“No…that’s not why I called my dear.”
‘My dear?’ Cherry thought in surprise.
“What do you want?” She asked
“I called because Mitch’s dad and I as well as his sisters
will be visiting your family today. Just to apologise for the unpleasantness
that happened some time ago.” She said.
“Yes my darling, we just realized that you are the best
thing that happened to our son and there’s no use fighting it.” She said.
“Oh…really?” Cherry asked again, unsure of whether what
she was hearing was true.
“How does eight pm tonight sound?” Mitch’s mother asked.
“Fine…yea…it’s fine…” She stammered.
“I am sorry about everything and I hope we can patch things
up and become a big happy family.”
“I hope so too ma and thank you for calling.”
“I hope work is good? I heard of your new car gifted to you
by your company. You must be doing so well to have been given a car.”
“Yes…thank you ma…”
“I’ll see you in the evening dear. Good bye…” Mitch mother
sang and hung up.
Cherry stared at her phone in surprise, was this for real?
She thought. ‘Was this good news or bad news?’ She had no idea where to place
To be continued tomorrow….
My internet is having problems again so I’m sorry
for not responding to comments on the series. I will definitely get to all the
comments once I solve the internet problem.


  1. I've had this series on my mind all week, I find myself putting myself in Stella's shoes and wondering if I wouldn't have yielded to the huge temptation she faced. Their story saddens me.
    As for Cheery, I can't wait to read her reaction to the surprise.

    • Sometimes, all we want to do is relax and be pampered. Yes, the offer from Duncan is so tempting and anyone can fall into it.
      Thank you for reading namsie.


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