lay on the examination table, while the doctor examined her. When he was
done, he removed his gloves and pulled a seat towards the examination table and
sat down. Aisha couldn’t sit up, the pain was intense.
Aisha, am I right?” The doctor said to her.
doctor…” Aisha said in pain.
afraid but from all indications, your uterus has been damaged.” The doctor
kept silent, she stared at the ceiling of the hospital room and listened the
fan twirl lazily at its center.
you hear me?” The doctor asked.
…” Aisha started and began to cry.

really no use for tears, you damaged your uterus by seeking the help of an unprofessional
for a D & C. I don’t need to highlight the dangers of seeking for medical help from a quack, you are old enough to know that and unfortunately, it has come to this.” The doctor said accusingly.
…had no choice…I had no money…I had no choice…” Aisha wept.
am sorry but the only way out of this is a total hysterectomy.” The doctor said
to her.
Hysterectomy? What’s that?” Aisha asked in a shaky voice.
have to remove your uterus…” The doctor said, explaining the meaning of a hysterectomy to her.
Remove my Uterus?” Aisha echoed in a daze. “No! No! Doctor please….is there any
other option? Please doctor…I beg you…please…”
down Aisha…”
do I have kids in future…oh my God? If I had known that this would be the
result I would never have…have…removed it…but my parents…they would kill me if
I decided to have a child outside wedlock.” Aisha cried.
it can be difficult, it is possible for you to become pregnant without a
uterus. Normally, the Fallopian tubes and the cervix will still remain, which
will make it possible for the eggs to be released and become fertilized.
However, it ends in miscarriage and when the egg attaches to the wall of an
organ or your abdomen, as the baby grows, your life would be in danger. It’s
mostly advice use a surrogate at this point to have your baby as you would
never be able to experience a successful pregnancy.” The doctor said.
wept uncontrollably for some minutes while the doctor watched on, he asked if
he could call her friend who had brought her in to the hospital and when she
nodded, he went ahead to call her in. Rita’s date, Lanre had left them at the hospital and promised to check on as soon as he could. Rita was confused to see Aisha cry so
badly, she hurried up to her and held her in her arms.
crying Aisha…it will be alright…you will be fine.” Rita said.
Rita, I would never be fine…the doctor says…that…my uterus would be removed
because the last procedure I did, damaged it.” Aisha said in tears.
Removed? Oh my God! Aisha…no….Aisha…no…” Rita cried as she hugged her friend.
can offer some medication to ease the pain but you need to come in for the
procedure latest tomorrow.” The doctor said.
nodded and kept crying, while Rita comforted her.
had packed her bags and couldn’t wait to leave Lagos already, her mother
watched as she loaded her bag and shook her head silently.
do you think you are going? How sure are you that things would work out there?
I mean in Abuja…” Her mother said.
should understand mummy that I am going to Abuja in search of a husband.” She
said to her mom.
Her mother started.
start mom…you caused all this. Every Saturday you come into my room wearing one
asoebi or the other and rubbing it in my face that my mates are already married
and that those that are getting married now are my juniors. I can’t stay in
this house while you keep flaunting those asoebis, so, I am off to Abuja to get
you a son-in-law so that your friends can also wear my asoebi.”  Susan said.
“Well, as long as he’s a good man and he’s prospective I don’t mind. And please make it as soon as possible, I want to hold my grandchildren now before I’m not able to tie them at my back anymore. When are you leaving?” Her mother asked.
thing tomorrow morning…” Susan said. “I resume on Monday.”
wish you the very best…and please catch him quick ooo…we need to start preparing for the first wedding in the family.” Her mother said and walked out of the room, leaving
Susan to herself.
Susan smiled to herself as soon as her mother left the room, she said aloud.
“Abuja better get ready! Susan’s coming to snag your biggest and most eligible bachelor!”
watched Aisha on their ride home in the taxi cab, Lanre had paid Aisha a visit in the hospital this morning and had stayed with them while Aisha was on the drip, he had just left some hours ago, settling the hospital bills before he left. Rita
and Aisha had been very grateful to him for everything, he had really been
helpful and he had promised to pay them a visit later that day or the next. Aisha had spent
the night in the hospital as the doctor had placed her on medication. The doctor had discharged her late this afternoon after she had
told him that she would return for the surgery after consulting with her family. As
they neared the road which lead to their neighborhood, Aisha spoke up.
driver, could you take the road ahead?” Aisha started.
watched Aisha point out directions to Chuka’s house, and she rolled her eyes,
she really didn’t want to say anything to her friend about her useless
boyfriend but instead she kept staring ahead, pretending as though she heard
they were at Chuka’s residence and Aisha told the driver to wait for her as she
would be out soon.
you come with me Rita?” Aisha said quietly.
Rita said and alighted from the car.
had never been to Aisha’s boyfriend’s house but she knew the area well, it was Wuse 2 and the houses there didn’t come cheap. Houses in Chuka’s area were in millions for rentals per year and from the look of the
environs, it was obvious that people here lived large. The apartment that Rita and
Aisha shared was just at the outskirts and it was quite expensive as well but
since the property belonged to Rita’s dad, they didn’t feel the house rent
followed Aisha as they climbed the staircase leading to the flats, Aisha
stopped at one of the doors and knocked. There was no response initially and
she pressed the bell, then, someone opened the door. It was the lady Rita had
seen with Chuka last night at the club, from her appearance, it was obvious
that she had spent the better part of the day in bed. She was wearing a sexy lingerie
and her face was free of makeup, she had such flawless fair skin.
morning…can I see Chuka please?” Aisha said.
Who are you?” The lady asked.
baby…who is at the door?” Chuka asked from within the house.
don’t know…just two girls demanding to see you…” Tamirah replied.
walked up to the door and immediately he saw Aisha and Rita, he hissed.
do you want? Aisha! I hope this useless friend of yours haven’t brought you
here to cause a scene?” Chuka asked dispassionately.
just want to see you…Rita has nothing to do with this.”
I’m listening…” Chuka said.
you atleast invite me in?” Aisha asked.
is not the right time…” Chuka started.
Chuka…really?” Aisha said as tears burned her eyes.
go home, I’ll see you later…” Chuka said starting to close the door.
placed her foot between the open slit of the door threatening him with her eyes
to shut the door on her foot. Tamirah had given Aisha and Rita the cold stare and walked back into the house.
doctor says he’s removing my uterus tomorrow.” Aisha said.
Why?” Chuka asked in shock.
last doctor did a bad job and damaged the womb…” Aisha said.
That’s sad!”
am here because the doctor says I have to return for the surgery tomorrow and I
need to be reassured of your love for me…that our love will triumph through it
all.” Aisha said.
love?” Chuka asked stupidly.
love we share ofcourse! For years we’ve been together and I’ve tolerated every
lady that I have been unfortunate to see you with, hoping that someday, we will
fulfill the promises we made to eachother to get married and start a family.
Now, that my uterus would be removed, I really don’t have any assurance of whether you might be there for me or not.”
“What is this about? What does all this have to do with me?” Chuka asked.
 “Chuka, I want to know if you are ready to
marry me today.” Aisha said.
Look at this girl ooo…so you want to rope me in, right? Now, that you know that you probably won’t have kids, you want to drag me with you. You know what? I have
been trying so hard to tell you this but I postponed. I
think now is the right time. We can no longer be together Aisha, yes, I loved
you but its all in the past now and as you can see, I’ve moved on. And again, I
can’t settle for a woman who I know might never bear me children.” Chuka said.
felt as though the world had come crashing down on her, she felt her knees
quake and she fell to the ground in tears.
was so angry, she had tried hard to keep her lips shut but she couldn’t, she
screamed out.
you are wicked! You are a devil!”
Rita…don’t…leave this to me…I’ll handle it.” Aisha said, standing to her feet
you done with your drama? Please leave my house…” Chuka started. “I am sorry
that I didn’t tell you this sooner but Aisha you know that this couldn’t work
between us, with our religious, tribal and cultural differences, which are in the way of our future, there is no us.”
stared at him in silence, she looked at the man she had given her whole heart
to, the man she could die a thousand deaths for and wished she had listened to
her parents at the beginning and to her friend who had advised her against continuing the relationship with him when he started exhibiting strange behaviours.
curse you and I curse the day you were born.” Aisha said with emotion as she slowly lifted up her dress over her head and dropped it to the ground, standing before
him clad in her underwear.
“What is all this about Aisha? So you want to show your nakedness right? You want my neighbours to walk down the stairs and see you in your birthday suit?” Chuka scolded in scorn.
 “You will never see anything good in any
relationship you step into, you shall experience a thousand fold, the pains you’ve
caused me. You will die miserable Chuka and you will never find peace. I stand
before you in my nakedness just the way I stood before you in the bedroom all those times ago just before we consummated our love and I proclaim that it shall never be well with
you. My God will punish you and when he begins to do so, you wish for death.” Aisha said and picking up her dress, she wore it hastily and turning to regard
Rita who was staring at her in shock, she said. “Let’s go!”
to sender! Is this how other girls your age get over relationships? Go and get
a heartbreak manual.  It will teach you that all you need do after a breakup is run home, and bury your
face in your pillow and cry.” Chuka smirked and laughed, shutting his door behind him.
Rita followed Aisha downstairs, she felt a strange mixture of pain and triumph,
Aisha was going to get through this, she thought.
had left Aisha alone in her room for a while and even though she knew she
needed privacy, she felt it would be better if her friend poured her heart out so, she left her room, headed for Aisha’s room determined to make her
smile. She knocked at the door and when she didn’t hear a response, she walked
into the room. 
As soon as she stepped in, her heart stopped, Aisha lay in an
awkward position on her bed, her eyes were open wide, staring at nothing and
her mouth was slightly parted. Her wrist had a huge knife slash with blood all
over the tiled ground and the knife lay beside the already dark-red mess. 
Aisha was dead!

felt her mouth open but didn’t know where the scream that followed came from.  



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