was just about to make herself a cup of tea when she felt the sharp pain in her
abdomen. She screamed and clutched her stomach and fell to the ground, writhing
in pain. What was happening to her? She thought. She wasn’t with her phone or she would have called for help and
as she groped around the dark, she couldn’t feel anything except the ground she
lay upon. 

The pain shot through her body in heavy spasms and she heard a small sound escape from her lips but by the time the pain came again, she screamed louder. At
that moment, she heard the door to the entrance of the house open, it was
almost one am in the night. She knew it must be her housemate, Rita, who had succinctly informed her earlier that day that she shouldn’t wait up for her as she would be home a bit late. She heard voices in the sitting
room, a male and a female voice, she identified the female voice as her
housemate’s but the man’s voice, she couldn’t place. She groped about the ground and tried standing but the
pain was so bad that she couldn’t move, she lay there on the ground waiting for
her house mate to find her on the kitchen floor.

am so angry! Very angry!” She heard Rita say to her companion.

calm down, you are taking paracetamol for another person’s headache!” The male
voice said.

feel so bad! I feel so angry! It’s like he cheated on me…and not just her
alone. I don’t expect you to understand Lanre, my friend has been with this man
for over six years now! Infact, seeing him at that club ruined our date night…I’m so sorry.” Rita continued.

“ It’s okay and like
I said earlier, calm down…where is the kitchen? I need to get you water to
drink, you look tired.” Lanre said in concern.

kitchen is just that door at the right…” Rita said, sniffing and pointing to a
door attached to the sitting room.

walked to the door and opening it, he shouted in alarm.

is it?” Rita asked jumping off her chair and rushing to the kitchen.

lay there on the ground, writing in pain, her face contorted at the extent of
pain which racked her body.

Oh my God! Aisha!” Rita screamed as she ran to kneel beside her friend. Then addressing
Lanre, she said. “Please, help me carry her to the sitting room…please….” Rita
cried aloud.

quickly lifted Aisha into his arms and carried her out of the kitchen and into
the sitting room where he placed her on the large sofa.

Aisha are you okay? Oh my God! Thank God I came back from the club at this time…we
had wanted to stay all night…oh my God!” Rita cried.

so bad…my tummy hurts so bad…” Aisha cried.

me see trouble ooo…God please don’t let anything happen to her ooo…” Rita

take her to the hospital.” Lanre suggested.

let’s take her to a hospital…” Rita re-echoed.

don’t take me somewhere that’s too expensive…I don’t want to have to…pay so
much money…I really have no money left…” Aisha said in pain.

worry, I’ll foot the bills…” Lanre said quickly.

“Oh my God! See what’s happening to my friend while her boyfriend is out there having fun with some stupid girl!” Rita said as soon as Lanre carried Aisha out through the door. 

Rita stopped long enough to close the door behind her, locking up firmly with her keys. 

had been shopping all day, she had bought clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and
different things that money could buy. By the time she came home, it was late
afternoon, as soon as she walked into the house, her son ran up to meet her.

He chorused.

baby….how was your day?” Tosin asked.

haven’t eaten yet.” He informed her.

You haven’t eaten? Where is the house help? Where is nanny?” Tosin asked in
She looked around the sitting room, noticing that everywhere was scattered and the house looked abandoned.

took baby with her to the food market and I haven’t seen the new auntie
Where is she? I left you in her care…where is Shade?” Tosin shrieked.

dunno…we have been very hungry so she went to meet the cook to ask for food.”
He said to his mother. “My tummy hurts mummy.” Tosin’s son
said as he hugged his belly and walked to sit at a corner of the sitting room.

ooo…what is all this?” Tosin shouted and rushed out of the sitting room heading to the kitchen.

Shade!” She called out and entered the kitchen but saw no one there. “Where is
this cook? Where is everybody? What is all this? Is this how they want me to
travel successfully to Abuja?” Tosin grumbled.

left the kitchen through the back of the house and walked down to the boys
quarters. The door to the cook’s room was closed and without bothering to
knock, she opened the door and stepped in. Tosin’s words flew from her mouth at
what she saw. Her daughter Shade was stark naked and seated on top of the
equally naked cook, as soon as the door opened they both turned to stare at
Oh my God! What are you doing? What? What are you doing to my baby!
Arrrgggghhhhh!” Tosin rushed into the room and grabbing her daughter, she set her aside and pounced on the cook in anger.

will destroy you!!! Ahhhh…I will yank out this manhood today and feed it to the
dogs! I will ruin your life!” Tosin screamed as she held on to the frightened cook’s
manhood and squeezed it hard, threatening to yank it off.

ooo…madam na devil! Madam! Auntie! Na devil ooo…” The cook shouted as he hurriedly freed
himself from her grasp and rushed out through the door. Tosin leapt out of the
room and chased him determined to kill him.

cook ran around the compound stark naked and hurrying towards the gate, he
realized that it was locked and not bothering to open it he jumped on the iron
bars and scaled the gate.

Where is the gateman! Gateman open this gate!” Tosin screamed.

gateman ran out of his post, his eyes were red as though one awoken from a
fresh nap.

Madam!” He shouted.

the gate you buffoon! Open it!” Tosin shouted.

the gateman could bring out the keys from his pocket and open the gate, Tosin
knew that the cook would have run far off. By the time, the gate was opened,
she almost screamed in anger because he was nowhere to be found.

Wetin happen?” The gateman asked.

lost! You are stupid! Good for nothing!” Tosin panted and shouted breathlessly
at him.
left the compound and walked down the street in search of the cook but didn’t
see any trace of the molester. She walked back into the house in tears, by that
time Shade had walked into the sitting room, she had worn her clothes the wrong way out and was crying.

sorry…he said …he said that I had to do the horsey ride before he gave us lunch…”
Shade cried.

okay…it’s okay baby…I’ll make you guys something to eat and after that, we’ll
go to the hospital okay.” Tosin said in tears.

are you crying mommy?” Her son asked.

nothing …go and play while I make lunch for you…” Tosin said to her son.

tired of playing, I’m hungreee…” Her son said and burst into tears.

walked up to her daughter who looked frightened as a rabbit and taking her
hand, she led her to the kitchen. When they got to the kitchen, Tosin
wordlessly opened the cupboards, she was looking for the noodles carton but
couldn’t find it, her hands shook terribly and tears couldn’t stop streaming
down her face.

you looking for the noodles? They are in the fridge…” Shade said as though seeing her thoughts.

baby…” Tosin said and walking to the fridge, she opened it and brought out the

I do something bad? Is God angry with me?” Shade asked in a shaky voice.

innocent…” Tosin said, trying to control her emotions as she brought out the
pot and turned on the fire.

I tell daddy what I did? I know that I should only do horsey rides with daddy because that’s what daddy always tells me.” Shade said further.

must never repeat this incident to daddy or anyone else for that matter. This
is our secret! Our big secret.” Tosin said and walking up to her, she lifted
her up, hugged her and sat her on the kitchen counter.

that man did was wrong! Very wrong and he will be punished…don’t worry, I’ll
take you to the hospital as soon as you finish your lunch.”

we going to doctor Adedayo’s clinic? He gives me sweets and calls me a good
girl!” Shade said.
we can’t go to doctor Adedayo’s.” Her mother told her solemnly.
can’t we?”

have to go to another doctor because doctor Adedayo is friends with daddy and
he will tell him about this. This is our secret…our little secret.” Tosin said. “Can
we do a pinky promise to that?” Tosin said to her daughter.

promise.” Her daughter said sticking out her littlest finger which she snaked
round her mom’s.

and keep your brother company…I’ll bring the food out in a jiffy!” Tosin said
and lifting her daughter off the kitchen counter she set her on the ground.

felt a bit relieved as she ran off in search of her brother, her ‘wee wee’ hurt
but she really didn’t want to bother her mom by telling her, she had already
cried too much.

watched her daughter leave the kitchen and crouching low to the ground, she
wept at the realization that her daughter had just been sexually abused. She
should call her husband and tell him about what just happened but that was like
fueling an already burning petrol station as family would be involved and she
might end up forfeiting her new position at the company in Abuja all because her daughter had
been abused plus everyone would feel that she been a negligent mother to allow that to happen. They would state instances that her daughter was molested while she was still in Lagos with her talk more of when she relocates
to Abuja. Tosin was more determined than ever to keep this as a secret till her dying day!


reported for work as she had been asked to, she had recieved a text message the day before asking her to report to the office on Saturday to finalize her employment processing. She had been hired on the spot by
the new company and it all seemed like a dream. Just days ago, she quit her
job, forfeited her salary and hopped onto the ‘unemployed’ bandwagon and soon
enough, just two days later, she had had an interview conducted for her by the
boss himself. 

It was Saturday afternoon and even though she wasn’t supposed to
be working, the HR had called her to come to the office to sign some papers and
do a medical test after which she would be handed an appointment letter by
Monday. She had spent the most part of the morning handling some paper work for
her new boss Mr Bode while he had been locked up in his office for the past five
hours. The HR had been too happy when she had offered to stay behind after taking
the medical exam, to help her soon-to-be boss who was holed up in his office
since she arrived. She had settled nicely into the desk just before the entrance to Mr. Bode’s office
and quickly, as though she was an old staff, she turned on the computer and
began arranging soft files and keeping everything in order. She was so busy
that she didn’t realize when time flew past and that she hadn’t eaten. She only
raised up her head from her desk when her boss opened his door and peeked out.

afternoon sir.” Jumoke said standing from the chair and staring at her new boss
who looked a bit unnerved.
are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to resume on Monday?” He asked.
sir but I had to come and do my medical exam…and since I’m resuming on Monday, I figured that I could tidy some stuff before going home.” Jumoke started.
I am hungry and I need something to eat…could you go down the road to the village kitchen
and help me get something to eat?” He asked staring at her.
She said as she left her desk and walked up to him.
boss pushed his hands into his pocket and brought out some money and handed it
to her.
want Eforiro with lots of shaki and I want amala, you can get something
for yourself too…” He said to her.
you sir.” She said and taking the money, she left the office, heading to the
village kitchen.
bought the food her boss had asked for and got Jollof rice and chicken for
herself. She got back to the office and dropping her food on her table, she
knocked and entered her boss’s office.
in…” He said.
stepped in and regarded the office, it was very large and a massive table was
seated at the edge where her boss was perched, with his eyes reverted to the
computer. His office was a mess, papers were strewn about and the files on his
table were in disarray. Jumoke didn’t know where to place the food so she had
to move over to the small fancy table infront of the small sofa in his office.
She had just placed the food there making sure that she removed the plastic bowls from the polythene bag when she felt his breath against her neck,
she turned to see him staring intently at her as though she had something he
that be all sir?” Jumoke asked, her breath caught in her throat.
soon-to-be boss licked his lips and grabbed her on the waist and pushing her to
the sofa, he kissed her hard. Jumoke felt his lips on hers and grew numb at
first then, something in her snapped and she kissed him back, he lost control and holding her down, he pressing her with his weight. 

Suddenly, Jumoke received sense as she broke the kiss and beat him with her
fists in protest.

my God! I am so sorry…what came over me? I am sorry!” He spluttered in embarrassment.
panted heavily and hurried out of the office, slamming the door behind her.
She rushed to her desk and sat down, cradling her face in her palms. She couldn’t
believe what just happened and she couldn’t fathom her response either. She quickly
packed up the food he had bought for her, threw it into her bag and stood up
to leave. As soon as she picked her bag, the office telephone rang, she stared
at it and pondered if she should pick it up or not, it could be him she
thought, calling to apologize perhaps instead of facing her squarely like a man. Such coward! She thought. She picked the call, her icy response already at the tip of her

& Young office…” Her voice sounded strange to her own ears.

I speak to my husband please?” The female voice at the other end of the line
recognized that voice anywhere, it was the voice she dreaded, loathed and
hated. The voice of her former boss who had made life a living hell for her.

me?” Jumoke asked.

you tell my husband that I have been trying to reach him via his private line
but its switched off.” The lady said.

are you ple…please?” Jumoke asked stupidly.

am Mr. Bode George’s wife, Tosin Titilola Akinyemi-George. Are you daft or don’t you know how to pass across a message?” Tosin barked.

immediately panicked and dropping the receiver carelessly on the desk, she
picked up her bag and fled the office.


  1. Shade said only daddy can do horsey back with me, hope he is not abusing his daughter o. Specially now that I can see that he a sexual pervert. hmmm.


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