woke up at some minutes past eleven am, and leaving her room, she headed to the
sitting room and sat down on the sofa. Her body still felt sore but she felt a
bit more refreshed after her night sleep. Rita walked out of her room all dressed
up and ready to go out.
mate…are you all set for work?” Aisha asked sounding playful.
worked with the ministry, a job she had gotten through the influence of her
me jo…” Rita said and sat down to buckle her shoes.

am the one who’s supposed to be angry and not the other way round you
know…” Aisha started. “You bad mouthed my relationship…remember?”
Bad mouth your relationship? I only told you the truth dear…I didn’t bad
mouth anything.” Rita said matter of factly.
you spoiling for a fight?” Aisha asked already offended.
I am spoiling for a big fight. I am angry that you do not know your worth and
that you are allowing that buffoon of a man take you for granted. Aisha wake up
and smell the coffee! Your relationship with Chuka is as good as dead.”
it! Will you stop it?” Aisha said and eager to show her that she wasn’t a
part of the conversation anymore, she turned on the television and reverted her
gaze to it.
me ooo…keep ignoring me…nonsense! Your so called boyfriend is an Abuja big
boy and you are feeding from hand to mouth.” Rita shouted. “Besides, don’t
wait up for me because I have a date tonight and might be back late.” Rita said
to her and picking up her bag, she stormed out of the house.
tried concentrating on the movie on the TV to no avail, she was resigned to spending
the day alone again, idle. Hissing and picking up her phone, she dialled
Chuka’s number, it rang severally but there was no answer.
sat down in the plush office of Bode & Young waiting for her first interview
with the company. She had hastily resigned from her last job after being put at
risk by her unbearable boss. She could remember the cold shudder that had
passed through her immediately she was accosted by those men. It was only
through God’s grace that she wasn’t raped or harmed that night. With the trauma
that the night had almost put her through, she should have given herself a
break before putting herself out for another job but she couldn’t. She was the
only graduate in her family, also considered as the ‘money bag’ and her widowed
mother who roasted yam and plantain at the junction to their house had little
or no money to sustain the family. Her younger ones were in school and together
with her mom, Jumoke worked so hard to make ends meet.
as she waited to be called for her first interview with the company, she hoped
for the best.
was two pm and the interview was scheduled for one forty five pm. She sat in
the plush office reception and waited to be called.
Jumoke Sanni…you may proceed to the boardroom for your interview now.”
The lady at the reception said.
stood up from the seat and walked to the boardroom. She was determined to get
this job no matter what.
she got in, she expected to see a team of interviewers, instead she saw a very
handsome man seated behind the large mahogany desk with her CV on the table
before him.
day sir…” Jumoke greeted.
looked up at her and nodded, their eyes met, fleetingly for a second. He away
and looked at the papers before him, she looked at his left hand and saw a wedding
band and whatever thought that must have passed through her mind went away.
Jumoke Sanni right?” He said in his rich voice.
sir…” she replied.
not going to waste your time or let you waste mine. I should have left this for
the human resources team but I decided to do it myself. The reason is, the last
PA I had was crap…so I had her fired. I hope you understand what it entails
to be the PA of the CEO.” He said matter of factly.
Jumoke’s mouth stood ajar, here she was preparing to face a team of HR
professionals instead she was with the CEO and possibly the founder of this
company. However, she refused to be daunted.
failed to mention your name sir.” Jumoke said challenging him with her
am Mr Bode George.” He said.
surname rang a bell but she shrugged it off and focused on her interview.
you ever worked in a household as large as this before?” Tosin asked the
young lady who stood before her.
ma…” The young lady replied chewing a gum discreetly.
in other words you have experience right?” Tosin emphasized.
ma…I get the experience.”
you been tested for HIV?” Tosin asked.
am going to have to run some tests on you but before then I need to know if you
can speak good English.” Tosin asked.
ma…I dey speak am fine fine…” The maid responded.
saying this because I don’t want my kids to pick up wrong tenses from you. If
you can’t speak well, then keep quiet when they are with you. If my babies
speak any nonsense, I know it’s from you because their nanny speaks well.”
ma…” The maid replied again.
agent who had brought the housemaid for Tosin quickly reassured her.
one go last for you…I swear am.” The agent said, placing his finger on
his tongue and pointing towards the sky.
I don’t want to call you again to ask for another maid. Tell your girls to warn
their family members to stop dying.” Tosin said.
nor go die again…”The agent said then after a while continued. ”Ehen
madam…Shebi you know say I go collect some kind small money from ya hand plus
transport. “
thousand ma…” The agent said licking his lips greedily.
brought out her purse from her bag and took some money which she handed over to
the agent.
is five thousand…take it and leave my house.”
sha…e go do…thank you…” He said appreciatively and left the house.
soon as he left the house, the nanny beckoned to the maid to show her to her
room. Bode walked into the house with a tired look in his eyes.
home…” Tosin greeted.
babe! What a pleasant surprise to see you home at this time. Did you lose your
watch? Or is the clock at your office set at the right time?” Bode asked dryly.
please…spare your attempt at humour to yourself.” Tosin shunned.
I am so tired!” Bode said and sat on the sofa in a tired heap.
are we having for dinner? I haven’t eaten today!” He said.
don’t know, I guess I’ll call the cook and ask him.” Tosin said and picking up
the intercom she dialed the kitchen, after speaking into the phone she hung
up. “The cook says it’s fried yam and fish.”
not in the mood for that, I’d rather have ewedu and Amala…” Bode said.
call the cook and inform him.” Tosin started.
know that the cook can’t make ewedu and Amala…” Bode said staring at her.
tries his best, he is Akwaibom not Yoruba…”
my point! I’d like you to kindly go and make me ewedu soup…” Bode said.
You don’t pity me at all, aren’t we both coming from work? You are just too
insensitive…” Tosin started.
am pleading…c’mon…I don’t ask these kind of favours all the time…”
know you don’t but I’m tired too…manage the fried yam and fish…I’ll prepare the
soup for you during the weekend.” Tosin said.
call him and tell him not to bother serving me dinner! I’m not hungry.” Bode
are so spoilt! So, it’s because dinner is not ewedu, you have refused to eat
right?” Tosin asked.
forget about that topic…what’s up with your new promotion? Congrats by the way!”
up with it?” Tosin asked offhandedly.
called me to tell me that you were promoted and now you are asking, what’s up
with it?”
news is, I am going to Abuja on Monday! I am not expected to resume on Monday
but I have some recruiting to do.” Tosin said.
inorder words, my opinion doesn’t matter right?” Bode asked.
my decision to make Bode and I have made it! I am going to Abuja and that’s
who will take care of the kids or are you taking them with you?”
kind of ridiculous question is that? The kids are staying in Lagos, I’m not
ready to have the kind of episode that happened today at work repeat itself
again ever! The agent just brought a new maid and with the help of the nanny,
she’ll adjust. Besides, I am also going to hire another maid as well to help
take care of the kids.”

“We are not finished with this discussion. I am just too tired to listen to
whatever you have to say. First thing tomorrow, I’m calling your mom and my mom
to talk some sense into your head.” Bode said and got up from the sofa and
headed towards the stairs.
me? Call your mom? Call my mom? For what? Are we in this marriage together or
are we in a marriage with our villages and families? Bode do not bring in a
third party into this!” Tosin shouted, standing up and wagging her finger at
are our mothers and not third parties dear…goodnight.” Bode said and climbed up
the stairs.
Bode! I am talking to you and you are walking away! Bode!” Tosin shouted and
quickly hurried after him.
Chuka had promised, he took Tamirah for a spin around the city and soon they
ended up at the night club where he had promised to take her earlier. After
having a couple of drinks, Tamirah and Chuka took the dance floor.
that same time, Rita and her date for the night stepped into the club. Rita
still felt bad about her outburst while at the house earlier that day and made
up her mind to call her friend to apologize. She had just sat at the bar and
ordered a drink then turning around to see what was going on at the dance
floor, she froze. Her eyes were glued on the young man who was grinding with a
beautiful girl on the dance floor. At that point, common sense fled as she
quickly rushed towards the couple in a bid to tear them apart.
How dare you? Aisha is at home still in pains over the abortion she had for you
and here you are wiggling away in the arms of another woman!” Rita spat.
your problem? Who the hell are you?” Chuka asked spitting in anger.
music was loud enough and made efforts to drown their voices. Rita wanted to
say more but the gentle but firm hands of her date pulled her away from doing
further damage.
me! I want to disgrace him! Leave me!” Rita shouted as she struggled with
the firm grip of her companion’s hand.
her out of here! Jealous b***ch! Get a life honey!” Chuka shouted back.
date eventually dragged her out of the dance floor and took her outside.
You should have left me to disgrace him! Oh! Oh Aisha! Na jazz? Leave this
useless man na…” Rita said bursting in tears as she sobbed against the
chest of her date.

To be continued on Friday…



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