was a mess! She had wept terribly after her nanny had left the office with her
kids. Before the nanny left, Tosin had made sure that she had given her a piece
of her mind.
u mean you have no clear comprehension of the word ‘time’?” Tosin had shouted
at the nanny.
so sorry…my granddaughter had malaria and I had to stay back till my daughter
came home from her night shift at the hospital before I left the house. I am
really sorry and it won’t happen again.” The nanny had apologized over and

ended up spoiling my day! The presentation I had prepared so long and hard for,
is ruined!” Tosin screamed at the nanny.
am so sorry madam Tosin…” The nanny repeated over and over again.
this ever repeats itself again, you are fired!” Tosin screamed at her, knowing
fully well that it would be absurd for her to fire a woman who has served her
faithfully for five years. In truth, Tosin wouldn’t have been able juggle work
and family without her nanny and both she and the nanny knew that fact. Even
though the nanny didn’t sleep over, she resumed from the wee hours of the
morning till late at night every day except on Sundays.
soon as the nanny had left with the kids, Tosin placed her head on her table
and sobbed hard.
was a knock at her door and she quickly sniffed back the tears, wiped her face
with her handkerchief and said in a soft voice.
on in…”
General Manager walked in and sat down before her.
sir… to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?” Tosin asked in a
shaky voice waiting for him to pronounce words like ‘what a disgraceful
presentation!’ and give her a stern lecture on office rules and regulations but
instead he said to her.
management of the company is opening a brand new branch in Abuja and we would
be delighted if you can head the team there.”
Tosin asked in shock.
you pleased or not? I can’t tell by your facial expression.” The GMD said
to her.
surprised…shocked at your proposal…this is huge!” Tosin said with eyes
it is, we actually would have picked Mr Benson but we reviewed files and your
appraisals so far secured you the job! It’s a big opportunity and we are sure
that you are not going to throw it away!” the GMD said.
definitely would not sir…” Tosin gushed.
soon as the GMD left her office, Tosin’s mouth was wide open in surprise. She
couldn’t believe it, here she was thinking that she would be queried for the
disruption at the meeting which was caused by her daughter, instead, she was
being offered a promotion. She wanted to whoop for joy. Quickly she dialled her
husband’s number. As soon as he picked the call, she said.
guess what?” Tosin shouted down the phone.
up? Are the kids okay? Is everything alright?” Bode asked worriedly. 
darling everything is swell…oh I’ve got good news!”
sounds excited? Kindly spill…what’s the good news?”
have been promoted! The GMD just came into my office to inform me that I’m
going to head the team in Abuja!”
great news!” Bode said.
I am so excited and I’m in the mood for a celebration. How about dinner at the
Chinese restaurant later tonight?” Tosin asked.
sound cool but…”
in Abuja! That’s miles away from Lagos!”
it is…is there any problem?”
can’t believe you’re asking that kind of question…of course there’s a problem.
What of our family? I’m not going to be selfish because I know you deserve
this promotion but baby, have you thought of what relocating could do to our
family?”” Bode asked.
do you mean by what of our family? Is anything happening to our family that I’m
not aware of?” Tosin spat.
our family is based in Lagos and you might be leaving for Abuja!”
There’s something like long distance family isn’t there? Besides I’ll make sure
I employ two house helps before I leave for my new position in Abuja. Plus I’ll
be home every weekend. Bode! I hope we’re not going to have a problem because of
kids are too young to see their mom once every week. C’mon think of it!”
seem to forget that these kids will eventually grow up and have a life! This is
my life Bode and I won’t allow my children to dictate to me where I’m supposed
to be or not! I am their mother and I love them and the truth is, I’ll be there
for them always. Besides, I’m the only one going to Abuja, you are in Lagos and
will be with them.”
of me? Who will be there for me? Tosin we’ve lost the spark that brought us
together in the beginning. Even as a couple together in Lagos, we hardly have
time for each other talk-less of when you are in Abuja. “
this Bode! Are you a child? Stop making me feel guilty! What’s the next two to
three years to the rest of our lives? For all I know, I might just have to stay
in Abuja for two years before coming back to Lagos. This is not a permanent
okay…we’ll discuss it when I get back home tonight.” Bode said. “Are we
still having dinner tonight?”
you’ve killed my celebratory mood.” Tosin informed.
then, see ya later…” Bode said and hung up the call.
was not going to let Bode spoil her mood, she was going to be happy whether
anyone likes it or not and if he wasn’t interested in celebrating with her, she
was going to do it herself anyway. No one was going to stop her from taking
this bold step, not even her dear husband.
was pleased to receive her letter of deployment and couldn’t wait to show it to
her family. They were seated in the sitting room together, her dad who had just
finished with his dinner of vegetable soup and well-made garri, her mother who
was still basking in the euphoria or her just concluded phone call from a
member of her ‘distinguished women’ group- who had broken the news to her that
she had been nominated for president of the group and  Susan and her sister who were pretending to
watch the programme on TV .
Susan cleared her throat.
sister gave her an odd look and refocused her attention at the television.
have been deployed to Abuja. I leave first thing Monday morning.” Susan
said aloud.
actually didn’t know who to direct the statement to but since everyone was
gathered together in the sitting room, it was good enough that they all heard
it at the same time, she thought.
her mother said as though she was hearing of the place for the first time.
her father had heard, Susan wasn’t sure because he continued picking his teeth
clean with the toothpick in his hand and stared at the walls of the house as
though they were newly painted.
that news? It’s what you always wanted. You told daddy and I about it,
remember?” Her sister said to her.
Susan grunted.
one is Abuja? Is there no more space for workers in your office that they are
sending you to Abuja?” Her mother asked.
you haven’t said anything.” Susan said to her father. It was a common fact
that all the girls in the house were closer to daddy than mummy, hence the need
to hear his opinion more often than not.
is there to say? You want to go, so go! I can’t stop you, you are above
eighteen…” Her father said devoid of emotion.
be fine I promise, I won’t forget the values that you and mom instilled in me
but honestly dad, I really need to leave this place. Please understand.”
Susan said as emotion caught in her throat.
fine….if that will be all, I’m off to bed.” Her father said and standing
up from the sofa, he walked out of the sitting room.
is not for struggling young ladies and please beware, there are lots of wolves
in sheep clothing that’ll look for every opportunity to pounce on your
innocence. They’ll know that you’re new and they’ll hold that as an
advantage.” Her sister said and stormed out of the sitting room.
Abuja?” Her mother asked again.
have spent the last 29 years of my life in Lagos and what do I have to show for
it? No husband! No boyfriend! No fiancé! Nothing! I’m going to Abuja where I
believe that better opportunities among the male folk exist for me and there’s
nothing any of you will say to stop me.” Susan barked at her mother and
left the sitting room.
one that they all left the sitting room…let me leave too since it seems there’s
some kind of plague in this sitting room.” Susan’s mother said and left
the sitting room as well.
loved his girls big, and his definition of big was not exclusive of well-defined
breasts, hips and backside. As he let Tamirah into his house, he watched her
look around appreciatively.
place you got here…” Tamirah said.
This place doesn’t do me justice but thank you.” Chuka said boastfully.
can’t believe that this is my first time in this big city…it’s so beautiful.”
Tamirah continued.
Then what are we waiting for? Let’s paint the town red!” Chuka said.
had met Tamirah through Okezie, his friend who was also kind of a pimp. Okezie
ran his business but underground he was the pimp master who supplied girls of
different kinds to his client.
 It was just last week Thursday that Okezie had
called to tell him that one of his coded chicks was coming to town from Calabar
and she needed a place to stay. He had told him that he wouldn’t have hesitated
to hand her over to his big men friends but since she was still fresh, he’d
changed his mind and decided to gift her to him instead. Chuka knew there was a
catch, because Okezie never gave any gift freely, he must have something in
return. Chuka had been excited about the new girl’s visit from the day he was
informed that she was going to come so, he changed the locks of his house just in
case any of the girls he had made feel special by giving them the keys to his
house doesn’t intervene. He had lied to Aisha that his mother was coming over when
it was a fat lie. As soon as he had picked Tamirah up from the airport, he hadn’t
been disappointed, she was everything he wanted in a woman and much more.
course we will…I just need to have a bath and freshen up. Do you have a
Jacuzzi? “Tamirah asked sweetly.
need to understand Tamirah’s physical appearance and the reason it was driving
Chuka mad. She was extremely light-skinned, tall-something he didn’t play with
in a woman- and in addition to these traits, she was extremely beautiful and
had these huge eyes that seemed to soak him up into the depth of her gaze.
don’t have in this house but I do have one in my new house which is almost
finished.” He said. This was a truth he never mentioned to Aisha even in
Are you building a house?” Tamirah asked in surprise.
I am…but I haven’t told anyone, just family…” Chuka revealed.
That’s big!” Tamirah said suddenly more interested.
I’ll get to having that…bath.” Tamirah said, the way she said ‘bath’
made Chuka’s senses reel.
your hand can’t reach your back…I’ll help you scrub.” Chuka suggested.
idea but I’ll pass…” Tamirah said.
you are done with bathing, I’d like you to get ready because we are taking
Abuja by storm tonight! I know a club you’ll enjoy!”
smiled appreciatively at him.
showed her out of the sitting room to his room which had a master bath and like
a gentleman he let her have some private time while he went to get his laptop
inorder to send some work to the office. He had taken a sick leave from work as
he had had to pick up Tamirah from the airport.
thanked God that she had found Okezie when she was at Port-Harcourt last year.
Okezie had attended the same University as she had and right from those days,
he had been tagged as the ‘pimp’ for wealthy men who needed school girls. Fancy
her seeing him last year at the Rumudara market.
Oh my God! Okezi! How are you doing?” She had asked, excited to see him after
so long.
can’t place the face….” Okezie had said, he had been standing beside a stall,
busy with his phone and frustrated with the crappy network coverage.
me! Uloma!” She had said.
Uloma Madubuko!” Okezie had asked astonished.
in flesh and blood!” She had replied.
happened to you?” Okezie asked in horror.
do you mean what happened to me?” She had asked.
is not the Uloma I used to know. I mean…she looks like you but she’s not as hot
as she used to be.”
brother…life happened ooo…I have been searching for a job for years to no
avail, why wouldn’t I look this way?”
ooo…searching for a job? Haba! How come it’s taking too much time? It’s been
five years since graduation…”
ooo…but unlike you guys that finished with a certificate, I have nothing to
show for my years at school. Can you believe that Mr. Onuoha still failed me
after I slept with him three times? The spill-overs were too many and I
couldn’t go back to school and disgrace myself infront of everyone.” She had
Well it’s alright…it’s just that you don’t look good anymore…the Uloma I know
na fine girl na…” Okezie said.
dear…na so we see am. But wait oo…you are not looking bad at all…what’s up with
We just dey hustle, you know that I am based in Abuja right now because that’s
where the money is. I am in Port-harcourt for a conference after which I’m on
the next flight to Abuja tomorrow. I’m just waiting for one of my clients, we
came to the market together but he went to get something so I’m waiting for
bigs boys!” She had praised.
need to get back into the game oo…seriously! Haba!” Okezie continued.
brother, all these PH men na chewing gum ooo…once they chew you finish, they’ll
toss you out like trash. I am looking for husband…Ehen…do you have any
friends?” She had asked.
have plenty friends but I must confess that none will date a girl in your
condition! You look terrible!”
I need your help please…” She had begged.
took one look at her and promised to help only with the condition that she pays
him a triple fold once he is done with her transformation.
have a lady friend who can help you but it’ll take atleast six months for you
to achieve that look!” Okezie had said.
see the results when you are done!” Okezie had said.
months later, Uloma transformed to Tamirah as she had suddenly left her natural
chocolate skin tone behind and adopted the ‘team light-skinned’. With a bit of
training and new techniques, she was ready to mingle.
soon as Chuka showed her to his bedroom, Tamirah had waited for him to leave
the room before locking the door behind her and heading to the bathroom. As
soon as she got there, she hurriedly shed everything, her butt pad, her fake
silicone boobs and stepped down from her six-inch heels. She rushed to the
toilet and quickly sat down to business, her tummy had been rumbling badly as a
result of what she had eaten on the aeroplane and she needed to download as
quickly as possible.
she sat on the toilet seat, she imagined her pre-wedding shoot, engagement
party and lavish wedding!

is it!” She said to herself. She knew she owed Okezie a lot of money and it was
time to milk her ‘new found’ love, dry!
To be continued tomorrow….



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