George was making countless phone calls, he couldn’t believe
that he and Demilade were being arrested on the account of attempted murder.
Amelia was a scam and he was so angry to think that she made up such nonsense.
Demilade was crying uncontrollably, because she was so unhappy. First it was
her son’s kidnap and while in her desperate attempts to get him back, she was
being arrested for attempted murder, suddenly she wished she hadn’t played the
‘good girl’ and asked George to let Amelia stay in the house despite his
efforts to make her leave.
“Who have I wronged? What did I do to deserve this?”
Demilade cried.
They were not locked up in the cell yet but kept behind the
counter while the policemen waited for the DPO to show up so that they could
move on with the case.
“Shhhh….everything will be alright. I just made a call to
my dad and he said he’ll send someone, it’s a pity he’s travelled. I would have
loved him to come.”
“George what is going to happen to my son? Why are all these
things happening to me, to us?” Demilade cried.
“Don’t worry, God is not asleep, He’ll help us….just
believe.” George consoled.
Immediately, the DPO walked in and all the policemen at the
counter stood upright in greeting. The DPO looked at Demilade pitifully.
“What happened? Why do you look so miserable?” He asked,
then turning to face one of the police officers he asked. “What is her case?”
“Sir, this woman and this man have been arrested for
attempted murder sir!” The police officer supplied.
“No…It’s not true…I can never kill anyone, I’ve never
even raised a weapon against anyone before ever! My son is missing, he was
kidnapped just yesterday and I have spent the whole night wide awake. Why would
I wake up in the morning and try to kill someone? Why?” Demilade cried.
“Come into my office….I’d like to listen to this story
from the beginning.” And to the police officers, he said. “I need their
statements now!”
Demilade and George left their positions quickly as they
followed the DPO into his office, hoping with all their hearts that things will
be better from now on.

Amelia lay in the hospital bed and smiled as she remembered
Demilade’s anguish, ‘now she’ll know that she can’t mess with me!’ she thought
to herself in glee.
Her mother quickly rushed into the hospital room in worry.
“Amelia! My baby what happened? Look at you? Your arms are
bandaged…” Her mother started.
“Why are you coming just now? I have been here all day and
you’re just showing up?” Amelia spat.
“Why are you angry with me? I just heard the news from your
dad and I was at the church meeting so…”
“I’m disappointed in you mom, your daughter is in a dilemma
and all you can do is attend church meetings.”
“What are you talking about? So I shouldn’t go about my
usual business as if nothing happened right? Do you know that I have to attend
those meetings as a cover up? I need my fellow church members to believe that
all is well.”
“I am not saying that but you know how badly I’ve been
treated by George and that stupid woman and you haven’t come to my rescue.”
Amelia said.
“I have been working behind the scenes on your case and I
can reassure you that all will be well.”
Amelia nodded and said. “Thanks mom for everything and for
kidnapping the stupid woman’s son. I know you are the one who ordered the
kidnap of the boy…”
“What boy?” Her mother asked.
“Demilade’s son of course!”
“Demilade’s son? No I didn’t.”
“Really? Who did then? The boy went missing yesterday, that
mad maid gave a stupid story of how he was taken away by some men into a van
and he is still missing.”
“What do I care? I hope he never returns and soon, whoever
kidnapped him, should kidnap his mother as well.” Amelia’s mother said.
“Hmmm…this is getting interesting, I wonder who kidnapped
him?” Amelia wondered.
Amelia’s father paced his bedroom, he picked his phone and
dialled a number.
“Have you gotten him yet?” Amelia’s father asked.
“Yes sir, my boys just delivered him here and he is alive. I
haven’t seen him yet but my boys are trust worthy.” The voice at the other end
of the line said huskily.
“I hope you got the right boy, I sent some pictures of him
and his mother to your phone! I hope you saw it?” Amelia’s father asked.
“Well, I have been very busy and I’m just getting into the
country. I had to travel overseas for some business. I didn’t receive the
images you sent but my right-hand man was on hand to receive it as I dropped my
phone for him. When you called me last week to tell me to be prepared as you
had a big job for me, I had to drop off my phone with my right-hand man so that
if you called, he would answer.”
“Did you see the money I sent? I did it the usual way, I
split it into 3, 3, and 4.”
“Yes I saw it. What is the plan? My boys tell me that you
want the boy kidnapped, killed and his head, sent to his mother with a warning
note to stay off your daughter’s husband.”
“The plans have changed a bit, because the supposed mother
is in the police station right now. I’ll like your men to wait a bit because I
wanted his mother to see his bloody head and understand that she brought the
pain of her son’s death upon herself. Now that she is in the police detention,
it wouldn’t work as planned so…give me…let’s say two days to rework my
“Sir, you must understand that in such cases like this, we
do not like to house our captives for more than a day or two. This could be
“Don’t worry, it won’t be…”
“Now that she’s in detention, I hope you know that the
police might want to dig up the case of the boy’s kidnap a bit more.”
“Well…I didn’t plan it but apparently…”
“Sir, I’ll give you two days or I’ll either drop the boy
somewhere or finish him off. Remember you’ve paid in the complete money so you
have to make sure you get the value of your money.” The voice over the phone
said and the line went dead.
Amelia’s father scratched his head angrily and threw his
phone on the bed. He had planned that the young boy Bobo, wouldn’t survive this
but with the way the police had been dragged into Demilade and George’s life he
had to be careful. Suddenly, he felt like calling his daughter and screaming at
her as he couldn’t understand why she staged such drama which involved her
cutting herself to get attention.

The Boss walked out of his office and stopped at the center
of the small room which served as the central room.
“Dogo! Stick!” He shouted.
The two men hurried into the room and greeted their boss.
“What’s been happening?” The boss asked them.
“Sir, we have the boy! I took the young boy from the front
of his house. I was accompanied by our contract men…” Dogo, the one who had
brought Bobo into the house said.
“Yes sir, I followed the client’s instructions and sent the
men out, it was an easy catch.” Stick, the slender man said.
“Where is the boy? Bring him out?” The boss ordered.
Dogo hurried into one of the rooms and dragged a
pale-looking Bobo out. As soon as the Boss saw him, he was shocked, the boy
looked so achingly familiar. Dogo pushed Bobo before the boss and Bobo stood
still looking at the ground.
“Look at me boy!” The boss commanded.
Bobo looked up at him and the Boss’s heart skipped a beat,
Bobo’s eyes reminded him of someone’s, he stared at them for a while and
shouted an order to his men.
“Get me the phone, I need to see the images the client sent
to us. I want to make sure that it is indeed the boy we want.”
Stick brought out the phone, scrolled to the image icon and opened
the image and handed over the phone to the boss who took it from him.
As soon as the boss saw the picture of the boy’s smiling
mother, he felt his head swell in dizziness. He looked at her for a while, and
closed his eyes, how could he ever forget her face? The face of his first love
and the only love of his life, Demilade! He remembered wooing her in school
eleven years ago and how she had been the innocent girl and he had been the
notorious cultist who had refused to graduate but had decided to sit in school
while his mates graduated and moved on. Demilade had dropped out of school
because she was expecting his child and he was never there to give her the support
she needed. He was too careless to care, even months later when she heard she
had had his son, he ignored the warning bells in his head and pretended that it
was nothing major. Now, there was every probability that the young boy standing
before him was his flesh and blood, his son and here he was, waiting for a call
from a client to finish him off and serve his head to his mother. He couldn’t
believe what he had gotten himself into.

To be continued on Friday….


  1. Mehn! I accidentally deleted my namsie's comment. I'm so vexed right now! I was trying to publish ooo…and I don't know how the delete button was pressed instead. such a bummer!
    Ada dear, please don't be angry…
    Thank u for your comment and I'm as happy as you are that Amelia's family is getting the disgrace they deserve.
    God bless u.

  2. Mehn! I accidentally deleted my namsie's comment. I'm so vexed right now! I was trying to publish ooo…and I don't know how the delete button was pressed instead. such a bummer!
    Ada dear, please don't be angry…
    Thank u for your comment and I'm as happy as you are that Amelia's family is getting the disgrace they deserve.
    God bless u.


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