Ngozi was a woman on a mission. She had taken a quick shower
and hurriedly brushed her teeth and was set to go. She had written a check of
two million naira (part of Nduka’s money which he’d paid into her account days
ago) and was armed with the cheque as well as a bottle of eye-drops which she
intended to pour into her eyes as soon as she got to Jelia’s place.

She had
already practiced her cries and wails and in her mind’s eye she could see Jelia
collecting the cheque from her hands and wiping the tears from her eyes while
promising to reverse the spell. Nduka was still asleep, he had slept late last
night because he’d been dusting and cleaning up the house, now, as she turned
to give his form on the bed a final look before stepping out of the house she
thought ‘I thought I could never do without your love but now I know, that
there’s someone out there in world for me besides you.’ She left the house
hastily and jumped into her car and zoomed off.

She reached Jelia’s place before 8am and parked her car
quite far from the building and walked into the compound. The compound was the
same as she had remembered it, quiet, eerie and somewhat stagnant. She
approached Jelia’s door and before she could knock, the door creaked open.
“Hello…Jelia…it’s me…it’s Ngozi…”
“Come in…” Jelia answered.
Ngozi pushed the door open and walked into the dimly lit
house, the room smelt of decay and dust.
“Sit down…”
Ngozi sat on a small stool at the corner. She thanked God
silently that she had used the eye-drops because her eyes were already wet as
though she’d shed tears.
“Jelia…” Ngozi started.
“I know what brings you here…” Jelia said.
“I want out…” Ngozi said.
A lone bone fell to the ground in a dull thud.
“You are already in, what else do you want?” Jelia asked.
“I’m tired Jelia…his love chokes me, he’s not the man I know
“But that’s what you asked for…right? You can’t receive and
all of a sudden want to give back? It’s not possible.”
“How do you mean?” Ngozi asked in tears.
“I mean…that the spell is irreversible.”
“Oh my God!” Ngozi quickly fell to her knees and started
crying “No Jelia! Please no! Take it back! I’m tired of him, I’ve found a new
man…please Jelia help me…I beg of you.”
“There is only one way out.” Jelia supplied.
“Please tell me, I am ready to do anything…anything at
all…please…” Ngozi cried loudly.
“The only option is to sacrifice a human life.”
“What? A human life? I’m not a murderer! What does a human
life have to do with the love spell? Just say your incarnations and it will all
be over. I have a cheque of two million naira and I can give you much
more…please Jelia…my life is at stake here.”
“You didn’t think of it when you decided to cast a love
spell on your man right? Or didn’t you know that his life is also at stake? He
has pledged his life to you and I mean his whole life! You can’t just undo what
you did in the first place…it’s not that easy.”
“Okay…a human life you say, is it the head of a mad man or
a…a…person that I do not know anything about?”
“Hahahahaha…your reasoning baffles me. What do I need the
death of a mad person for? Is he/she the one who put you in this predicament?”
Ngozi’s eyes widened, “Is it Nduka that has to die for the
love spell to be broken?”
“Hahahahaha…killing him will not solve your problem my dear,
for even in death, a love spell has a stronger hold. His spirit will not rest
till you are with him.”
“Stop speaking in parables woman! Who do you want me to
kill?” Ngozi asked with anger in her eyes.
“The object of his love and devotion. That’s the only way.”
Jelia answered.
Ngozi almost fainted.
“What? Am I…am I the one to die?” Ngozi asked in a shaky
“Yes. The love spell can only be broken if the object of his
love or fancy suddenly dies. In that way, he is free and you are free of his
love as well.”
Ngozi felt so dizzy she stared around at the shrine and
almost fainted.
“That’s impossible…I can’t die, I have my whole life ahead
of me…” Ngozi said.
“Well…it’s your choice, it’s either you live with your
burden or leave and have fire blazing after you. Nduka has been bound to you,
body and soul and you can never ever rid yourself of him. It was your wish at
the beginning and it can never be revoked.”
“O my God! Please don’t do this to me Jelia…is there no
other way? Please I beg of you…I love Ken too much…I love a new man and he’s
the one for me…please.” Ngozi begged.
“Desperation can push you to either of two things, the first
is, to take a drastic decision that will change your life for worse and the
second is to take a drastic decision to change your life for better. You chose
the first and you will live with it till your dying day, you never gave
yourself a chance even after Nduka said he never wanted you. You wanted to have
him by all means even at the risk of your life…now you have him…he is all
“No…no!” Ngozi screamed in anguish.
“It’s time you left…” Jelia said.
Ngozi felt rage boil up inside her, she stood up shakily and
lunged at Jelia in anger, aiming for her neck, Ngozi held her firmly at the
throat and squeezed hard. Jelia struggled painfully, but she was no match for
Ngozi who is younger than she is, all Ngozi knew was that Jelia had to change
her mind about revoking the spell and she wasn’t ready to release her grip on
her till she did. It was when Jelia stopped struggling that Ngozi stopped and
stared at the woman before her. Jelia’s mouth hung ajar and her eyes were open,
she was dead.
Ade laughed again, she was enjoying herself immensely, Tony
was a delight to be with and he never stopped cracking jokes. They had gone for
lunch at a small restaurant somewhere around her house and they had talked
about practically every topic except one;
“So how have you coped in Nigeria, seeing that you just
returned from the UK not too long ago? Is there a boyfriend or fiancé?” Tony
“You make it sound like I just came into the country, I’ve
been here for almost two years already and I’ve coped really well.” Ade
answered skipping the last part.
“You didn’t answer the other question.”
“Oh! What question?” Ade asked feigning ignorance.
“The boyfriend and fiancé question.”
“I used to be in a very committed relationship but we are no
more together.”
“Oh I’m so sorry about that…I’m sure you must have healed
over time.”
“Time? We broke up about a month ago…so time hasn’t come in
“Does it mean that you won’t maybe…love again?”
“It all depends on who’s asking.” Ade smiled.
“Okay…I like that…” Tony replied.
Ade was about to speak when her phone rang, she checked the
caller ID, it was Emeka. She was so angry that she cut the call and continued
her conversation.
“So…we were saying?” Ade asked.
“We were talking about relationship.”
“Yes…rela…” Ade started but was interrupted by her phone
again. “Please could you do me a favor? This is really not to spite you but
could you answer this call on my behalf?”
“What call? Who’s calling?” Tony asked as he took the phone
from her.
“My ex…I know that I’m not supposed to be doing this to you
but I really need him to get my message. I have moved on!”
The phone rang again and Tony picked the call.
“Hello…” Tony greeted.
“Ade…” Emeka said over the line.
Ade watched Tony as he answered the call calmly as though he
had rehearsed the lines he was to render to Emeka.
“She’s not here and she doesn’t want to speak to you. It’ll
be wise if you desist calling her again because from now on, she’s a free woman
and she’s open to date anyone she wants. I am on the waiting list and
hopefully, soon, we will become a couple.” Tony said, while holding Ade’s gaze.
“I want to speak with her…” Emeka asked calmly.
“Like I said earlier, she’s not here.”
“Please…tell her that I am in a hospital, I was involved in
a domestic accident, I need to speak with her please.” Emeka said.
Tony hesitated for a moment then handed the phone over to
“He wants to speak with you and I think you should hear him
out.” Tony said to Ade.
Ade took the call, placed the phone on her ear and listened.
“Ade…please do not cut the call, I have something to tell
you. I have realized my mistake, I know that I can’t expect you to forgive me
completely because I have wronged you. Nkechi beat me up so …so…badly and I feel
so ashamed of myself for letting that happen. I feel so sad that I just
realized that she’s been my undoing all along and that I should have held on to
you. I desperately need your forgiveness Ade, and I hope you forgive me because
my life is so broken right now that I fear that suicide might be my only way
out since I cannot live without you and you have decided not to come back to
me.” Emeka’s raspy voice floated down the receiver.
“I have forgiven you…goodbye Emeka, we were never meant to
be.” Ade said and hung up.
Tony looked at her and held out his hand to her, she
declined and excused herself as she hurried into toilet to cry.
Nkechi stared at Moses who was sprawled on her sofa watching
“Moses! Why didn’t you at least wash the bathroom?” Nkechi
Moses turned to stare at her.
“Who put you in a bad mood?” Moses asked.
“Who says I’m in a bad mood?” Nkechi asked.
“I know you so well Nk…have you forgotten? We dated for six
“Yea…yea…” Nkechi said and slumped on the sofa.
“What’s up?”
“Have you received any calls for a job yet?” Nkechi asked.
“Yes, I went for one interview last week. Lovely company…I’d
love to work there but I’m yet to see the lady I’m supposed to work with. I’m
supposed to be her P.A and she’s on a contract job in another firm in Lekki so,
they said they’ll notify me when she comes in.”
“What’s the problem Nkechi?”
“I beat Emeka up and he’s in the hospital now.”
“What? You beat up the man you’re hoping to marry? That’s
“He dared compare me with that useless Ade woman.”
“What Ade woman?” Emeka asked.
“The woman he used to date before I got into the picture.”
“I knew it! There’s no way you could snag a comfortable dude
the normal way. Why did you have to be the boyfriend snatcher?”
“Stop it, I’m not joking.”
“Who says you’re joking? Nkechi, we are perfect together,
even after the numerous men, you still come back to me. Why are you torturing
yourself? Remember, the clock is ticking and once I get a steady job, I’m
settling down and if you’re not game, I’ll get myself a beautiful lady and I’m
not going to cheat on her so, don’t expect to see me in your bed after I sign
the dotted lines.”

“Is that meant to be a threat? Go ahead dear, I’m not
leaving Emeka for anything in the world. We are stuck together, till death do
us part.” Nkechi said and walked out of the sitting room.


  1. Hmmmm where do I start from?
    Ngozi is a very sick girl. She is devilish,selfish and evil. I hope there is a way nduka can be save and she suffers.
    Everytime emeka says nkechi beat him up I laugh so hard. Its so sad but funny. I know Ade is not over him.


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