The car stopped and Ogonna turned to Gbade with a huge
“Thank you so much for this…I am so grateful.”
“It’s no problem…”
“I feel so responsible for having you drive me all the way
here…can I make it up to you somehow?” She asked.
Gbade wanted to say that he was out on scout for food but he
kept mum.

“It was my pleasure driving you home safe.” Gbade said,
staring at the quiet neighbourhood where she resided.
“You didn’t tell me your name…” She said.
“It’s Gbade…” He replied.
“Oh…nice…perhaps we should exchange numbers…you know,
just in case…” Ogonna said.
“Just so you know, I am married.” Gbade said dryly, holding
up his finger with the ring for her to see.
“That’s not a problem…I have a boyfriend…” Ogonna lied.
“Okay then…here’s my number…” Gbade said as he called
out his number to her while she typed it into the keypad of her phone.
Ogonna called the number and it rung, the phone was nestled
in the pigeon hole of his car.
“Thank you again, Gbade…” Ogonna said, smiling at him and
touching the handle of the car door.
“Have a good night…” Gbade said, smiling slightly.
Ogonna pushed open the car door and alighted while Gbade
drove off. She stared at the sleek car as it left the neighbourhood, ‘Who says
God doesn’t answer prayers?’ she thought to herself.
“Mohammed has a new ride?” Ebube asked, leaving the window where she had been peering outside to regard
Ogonna as she walked into the room they shared.
“Nope…that’s not Mohammed…” Ogonna said, collapsing on
the bed.
“Really? I thought you went out with him today…” Ebube
“That man called Mohammed is an idiot!” Ogonna fired. “He
told me that we should end the relationship and as though God has planned it
all along, as soon as he dropped me off at the side of the road, I met the dude
that dropped me off.”
“What? He dropped you at the side of the road? Why?”
“He said that I should get out of his car…can you imagine
that?” Ogonna said.
“Wow! That’s very disrespectful of him…” Ebube said. “At
least now, you’ll settle down and rethink your life…and perhaps stop chasing
these rich men, they are no good.”
“Says who? One man is not going to change my lifestyle!”
Ogonna spat.
“What are you talking about?”
‘Didn’t you see that sleek car that dropped me off? Big
things come in the most unexpected way, the dude that owns the car looks and
sounds rich.”
“So?” Ebube asked, irritated.
“Time will tell…” Ogonna said.
“Do you know if he’s single? You shouldn’t conclude about
men like that…” Ebube warned.
“He’s married but I don’t care…I’ve never really cared
about the status of a man, be he single, married or a polygamist…” Ogonna
said getting off the bed and quickly shedding her clothes.
“I am really sorry for you…” Ebube said.
“I am sorry for you too…” Ogonna fired back.
“Well, I got a new job…it’s a contract job though but I
resume in three days….” Ebube said.
“Congrats to you…I hope this job favours you.” Ogonna said
Since their master’s programme was part-time, there was
ample time to get a day job and Ebube had been able to snag at least two jobs
for herself over the past months but unfortunately, they became so demanding that
she had to drop them. Ogonna on the other hand was too lazy to work as she’d
rather spend her day lazying about or shopping and relying on her rich men friends
for money.
“What’s the snag in this one? I hope you’ll stay there a
long time.” Ogonna said.
“I hope so too…I am replacing a woman on maternity leave
so, it’s just for about three months and I’ll be done.” Ebube said.
“Hmmm…good. Thank God that I don’t need a job to
survive…” Ogonna said dryly and headed to the bathroom. “I hope we have water
running ooo…I don’t want to fetch water this night.”
Ebube looked at her room mate and shook her head, she couldn’t
wait for the master’s programme to be over.
Gbade walked into his house and turned on the lights, he
startled when he saw his wife seated on the sofa.
“Gbade…where are you coming from?” Morayo asked.
“That’s none of your business!” Gbade said.
“You never go out after coming back home from work and you never stay
out this late…it’s almost eleven pm.”
‘There’s always a first time for everything…” Gbade
responded as he made his way out of the sitting room.
Morayo ran up to him and barricaded his exit from the
sitting room.
“Gbade! This is not you! Heck! This is not us!” She cried.
“Get out of my way Morayo!”
“No! I won’t until you tell me what is going on with us! I
am tired of living this kind of life…it’s too depressing and…lonely…”
Morayo cried.
“If the heat is too much, then, get the hell out of the
kitchen!” Gbade flung at her and shoving her aside, he stormed off to his
Morayo fell to the ground in tears, she wailed aloud,
speaking as she cried.
“What have I done to deserve this? Where did I go wrong?
What do …I have to do…to remedy my failing marriage…please tell me God…”
She cried.
Nkiru tossed and turned on the small bed in her sister’s
house, moaning and groaning as she did. She was having the same dream she had almost
each and every night. She was a young girl again and asleep in her room and he
walked in, promising to make her feel good.
“No!” She screamed and bolted up right.
There was a slight scuffle at her door and her sister walked
“Nkiru!” Her sister called out as she hurried to gather her
into her arms.
“The dream keeps coming …and coming…but I can’t see his
face…who is he? Does he know that he has ruined me?” Nkriu cried.
“Shhh…don’t cry, it’s just a dream…”Her sister said.
“No! It’s not just a dream…it happened! I know it did…it
happened!” Nkiru sobbed.
“No…it didn’t…we’ve told you this so many times…” Her
sister said stroking her back.
“Tell me about our childhood…tell me please…can you
remember anything strange? Was there any time that I was left to sleep on my
own?” Nkiru pressed.
“We always slept together while Kene slept in a separate
room from ours…” Her sister said. “All these dreams of yours are a replay of
the movies you used to watch as a child….”
“Why can’t it go away? I want it to go away!” Nkiru cried
“Shhh…it is going to be alright. All you need is just a
good man in your life and these dreams will be a thing of the past…I
promise…” Her sister said.
“Yes…I need a good man in my life…”Nkiru said quietly as
she quietly lay down to sleep.
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