Jumoke was washing the plates her family had used for breakfast that morning, she was still searching for a job and her short stay at
home had made her empathize with graduates in the country. The job search wasn’t easy at all.
She had just rinsed
the plates and was about placing them on the rack when her brother burst into
the kitchen.
“Jumoke! Jumoke!” He panted.
“Deinde! You love scaring me and it’s not fair…” She
scolded, upset at her brother’s sudden outburst.

“There’s a man outside, he says he wants to see you…” Her
brother said breathlessly.
Jumoke took in his appearance it was obvious that he had
been running and since the kitchen was at the back of their public compound and not in
their two bedroomed house, he must have run all the way from their room. She thought.
“What man? Who is he? Did he tell you his name?” Jumoke asked.
“No sister…he just said he wants to see you.” Her brother
Jumoke wiped her palms on her washed jeans skirt and
followed her brother out of the kitchen. She was headed to the entrance of the
house when she froze in her tracks.
“Hello Jumi…” Bode said.
“How dare you? What are you doing here?” Jumoke flung at
“I am not here to fight…I came to see you…” He said.
Jumoke noticed that he looked a little weary and worn out.
“What do you want?” She asked.
“Can we speak privately for some minutes?” He asked.
“There’s no light but if you can withstand the heat, then
you’d better come inside.” She said.
“I’ll come inside the house…” He said as he followed her.
Jumoke’s house was a two-roomed house so, there was
technically no sitting room as the space which was supposed to be the sitting
room area had a bed in it. Bode looked around and sat on a plastic chair in a
“Spill…what do you want?” Jumoke asked as soon as he sat
“I am really sorry for everything…” He said.
“Keep your apologies to yourself!” She spat.
“I never meant to hurt you…it’s just that Tosin had made
it seem like it was all a scheme you’d concocted and I was blind to the truth.”
“You were blind to the truth? Bode, when your wife
left you to pursue her career, who was there for you? When I took the role as
your P.A, it was never in my agenda to seduce you but you seduced me instead
and I fell for it. When I decided to give into your advances, your wife springs
up and accuses me falsely and you believed her every word. I have forgiven you
long ago…so, get out of my house.”
Bode fell on his knees before her.
“Jumoke, please don’t do this to me.”
“Don’t do what to you? What do you want from me? Do you want
me to take you back? Is that it? Do you want me to go back to becoming your P.A
and your mistress? Oh, I forgot, you stripped me of my position as your personal assistant…”
“No I didn’t…I needed the time to clear my
head…everything was happening in a rush and…”
“Go home Bode…you don’t belong here.” Jumoke said walking
to the door and holding it open for him.
Bode walked up to her.
“I am really sorry for what I’ve done and I’m here to make
it up to you. Here’s an offer letter from Young Limited, it’s a fresh new
company borne out of my partner’s company, I had them leave a slot for you there.” Bode said handing her a letter in
a sealed envelope.
Jumoke took the letter and said; “You’ve made your point,
now get out!”
“Just know that I am deeply sorry and I’ll give anything to
hear you say you’ve forgiven me.” Bode said and left the house.
As soon as he left, Jumoke slammed the door shut and quickly
wiped away the tears from her eyes. She wasn’t going to cry for Bode, she
Susan walked into her old room and placed her suitcase on
the bed and a wave of nostalgia hit her. 
This was exactly the same way she had
packed her bags and left Lagos months ago in search of a husband, now she was
back, with no husband but with a baby on the way. She touched her stomach and
“I don’t know how we are going to get through this but I’ve
been through a whole lot lately to think of getting rid of you. You are staying
with me and even if it means eating one square meal a day to raise you, I’ll do
it.” She said.
Her sister’s sniff caught her attention and Susan turned
towards the door, her sister was trying to hold back the tears and hurriedly
launched herself into her arms.
“I am so glad you’re home and I am sorry for the nasty
things I said to you when you left…” Her sister bawled.
“It’s okay…you were right. If only I had listened to
“Thank God, you’re not angry with me…” Her sister sniffed
and broke the hug to look into her eyes.
“I need to pick up the pieces of my life together and
hopefully I’ll begin by searching for a new job but with the baby on the way, I
don’t think any company would like to employ me seeing that I’m going for
maternity leave in a few months.”
“I’ve been thinking, we used to dream as children of owning
a children’s store with kids essentials and stuff. Why don’t we gather money
together and maybe take a loan and start a business?” Her sister said.
“That sounds exciting….I’d love to be part of that.”
Her sister beamed.
Rita returned home to her mother and as soon as her mother
set eyes on her, she rushed to hug her.
“You look so lean…so frail…” Her mother said, enveloping
her in a hug.
“I am tired mom….but I’m at peace.” Rita said.
“Where did you drop your bags? I hope you’re home to stay. I
told your dad about your situation and that you were coming home.”
“Mom? Why? Daddy would be so disappointed in me.”
“Yes he was but then again, he understands that life is one
complicated factory. Rita, you’re all I’ve got and I am so happy that you’re back home. Your dad is away on a business trip but he wants to talk to you
when you get back. He wants to talk to you about getting a proper divorce from
that…that…pig of a man.” Her mother said in anger. “I can’t believe that he put you through so much…”
“No, Chuka never put me through anything…I actually dug a
pit for myself and jumped right in. Thankfully, I found my way out at the last
minute and I am happy that my eyes are open…”
God…” Her mother exclaimed.
smiled at her mother and walked into the house, she needed a warm bath and a
long sleep.

was regarded the senile man to many who saw him on the road arguing with himself.
“Aisha you are lying…you know you are lying…I didn’t
push you to kill yourself…” He said to a mango tree at the roadside.
“Haaaaa….see, I caught you….you said to me yesterday that
you loved me and that I loved you, so how can I push you to commit suicide ehn?”
He said squealing in laughter.
Unknown to Chuka were three able-bodied men stalking him and
waiting for the ultimate time to pounce. They soon grabbed him and hurled him into
a bus.
Chuka soon found himself at his uncle’s house and immediately he
saw his uncle, he screamed.
“Leave me alone! Why are you following me…what do you
want, you old man?” He shouted.
His uncle shook his head in pity, he had been alerted by
Chuka’s new landlord about his nephew’s state after his wife left him. He hadn’t
informed his sister, Chuka’s mother, who had returned home to her husband and family but had
decided to bring him to his house first and see if there was anyway he could
help him.
“What do we do honey?” His wife asked him.
“Send him to an institution…maybe…” He answered.
Chuka laughed hysterically.

“So you want to challenge me right? Aisha, you want to challenge
me to a racing contest….hehehehe…on your mark, get set, ready….go!” Chuka
squealed and ran while the men chased him till they caught him.
“You didn’t win ooo…Aisha…you don’t win…I won…” He
laughed again.
“Life, it’s so complete at a time and sometimes, it seems so
incomplete. Who would have ever thought that Chuka would end up this way?” His uncle’s
wife said.
“We can only hope and pray that this is not his end. I will
inform his parents on his state and what measures we are supposed to take to
help him.” His uncle said.
“What of Rita?”
“Her father called me some days ago about a divorce. She’s left his life for good.” His uncle said.
The men dragged Chuka into the house as he laughed and
shrieked in mixed emotions while his uncle and aunt followed them behind.
Tosin looked at her fingers, she had been biting her nails.
She was seated in her matrimonial home with her husband, her
parents and in-laws. Bode spoke.
“It’s with great pain and difficulty that I have summoned
this meeting. As you can see, Tosin and I have been living quite separate lives
before now as she had to move to Abuja without my consent to head her company’s
new branch. Something tragic happened and she’s lost the job and her position
at the company. I had to go to Abuja to get her out of a terrible mess and since
then we haven’t really spoke about the future.” He paused staring at
everyone to be sure that no one was missing a word of what he said.
“It is in view of this that I have decided to do myself a
favour and get a divorce.” Bode said in finality.
Tosin began to cry.
“I am not doing this because I hate you Tosin, but I am
doing this because you are not fit to be a wife and a mother. I watched you metamorphose into something else all for the sake of a job and I’m not
exaggerating. You have a son who’s under a year old and most mothers would take
their babies along with them to work especially if it has to do with distance
but you never took him along.
When he had a fever, my PA was here to help him
get through it alongside his nanny. When Shade had a ‘mommy and me’ function at
school to sensitize the female child on sex education, you were missing from
the picture. I can go on and on. I have come to this conclusion because I know
that no matter how hard I try to make this marriage work, it can never be the same.
Tosin, you are not cut from the ‘wife material’ garment and neither are you cut from
the motherhood material either.” Bode said to Tosin.
Tosin cried harder.
“ Bode please! What do you want me to hold on to? Everything is a mess! My
life is in shambles!” Tosin cried.
“You laid a bed for yourself.” Bode’s mother said quietly.
“I have thought long and hard and I don’t want us to hurt each other anymore. I’ll ask my lawyer to prepare the divorce papers and we’ll
go our separate ways. We would have joint custody of the children.” Bode said.
“You have spoken well, Bode and I can’t fault you for not
wanting to take Tosin back after all that has happened. She told me the story
and everything in detail and it took me every ounce of my strength, not to
shout her out of my house.” Tosin’s father said. Turning to Tosin he said. “Do
you see? A lot of women have climbed the corporate ladder and succeeded. A lot
more are still going to climb and succeed. Most of these women achieve great
things with their families by their sides but you went solo and now you’re
reaping the fruits of your solo movement.”
“Bode…I am sorry…I never…I never…” Tosin cried.
“If this unfortunate incident never happened, will you have
come back to your senses? No you wouldn’t have…” Bode’s mother said.
Tosin covered her face with her palms and cried so hard. Her world was crumbling and she was falling into its depths.

It was a Friday morning and Jumoke was writing her report
for the week when someone knocked at the door to her office. She was no longer
a personal assistant but a part of the Human Resources team of Young Limited,
her salary was more robust and she enjoyed an office space to herself pending till
new recruits joined the team.
“Come on in…” She sang out.
A man peeped into her office and her breath caught in her
“Bode!” She said in surprise.
Bode entered her office with a wide smile, he looked leaner,
more athletic and he had changed his hair-cut.
“Jumi…you have a nice office…” He said.
“Err…please sit….it’s been one whole year. How have you
been?” Jumoke asked.
“I have been very well. You don’t look too bad…” He said. “You
look very stunning.” He said, admiring her cream blouse and dark red pencil skirt.
Jumoke smiled.
“How are the kids?”
“They are well…”
“I heard of your divorce…I am sorry…” She said.
“Yeah…me too…”
“How’s Tosin?”
“She got a new offer in Egypt some months back. We still
communicate but not as often. The kids went to pay her a short visit last three
weeks, they are back though.”
“Wow! How time flies! Shade must be so big now and the
boys…they must be grown men…” She laughed.
“Haaaa…they are grown but not men yet….” He laughed.
“It’s nice to see you.” Jumoke said sincerely.
“Same here. I came to see Young and decided to say hi to
you. Are you free, perhaps one of these days we could play catch up?” He said.
Jumoke looked at him, uncertain of whether to say yes or no.
“If you’re seeing someone else I totally understand…” He
“No, I’m not, I was just remembering the wise saying of my
mom about going on dates with married men but since you’re divorced…I guess
the rule doesn’t apply.” She smiled.
“No, it doesn’t.” Bode laughed.
They both laughed and when Bode left, Jumoke realized that
there was still a room in her heart for him. Bode too, on his way out of her office,
realized how much he’d missed her and prayed silently that everything works out
well, this time.
Susan on the other hand was at her shop rearranging her
shelf when a man walked into the shop.
“Welcome to Suzzeebee Children’s store, how can I help you?”
She asked with a smile.
“Hello…I want to pick up a toy for a baby of about errr…”
The guy said then looked to the right to see Samantha, Susan’s daughter playing
in her playpen. “Of about this baby’s age.” He said referring to Samantha.
“Okay…I’ll get something nice for you…” Susan said. “Are
you getting the gift for your baby?” She asked further.
The man didn’t reply as he had taken quick strides to the play pen
and picked up Samantha and was playing with her.
“How did you do that? She never lets strangers get close to her.”
Susan said.
“I am so good with kids…”
“Cool, it’s nice considering the fact that you have kids of
your own.” Susan said.
“Me? Naaaa…I’m not married yet. The gift is for my
nephew…” He said.
“Oh…” Susan blushed without realizing.
“My name is Ezekiel…but my friends call me Zeek.” He said
stretching out his hand to her.
“I’m Susan…” She said.
“You husband must be of foreign descent, your daughter is of
mixed race, am I correct?” Zeek asked, looking at Samantha’s curly hair and honey skin.
“I’m a single mom…” Susan said.
“Ohhh…I’m sorry for mentioning a non-existent husband.” Zeek
Susan took a toy and held it out to him.
“That’s perfect for a baby boy, plus it has a game too…I
could wrap it if you want…” Susan said.
The man smiled and nodded and looked at her interestedly while she held
her breath and wrapped the gift.

Rita  re-married, this
time, her wedding was well-attended by friends and family, she had tied the
knot with her university classmate Tega, who she had bumped into on her way to the
market, eight months ago. Now she knew that she shouldn’t have rushed things
before, everything is made perfect at its time.
Chuka wasn’t as lucky, he spent most part of his time at the institution speaking to himself and later escaped the institution where his family had left him
and till this day no one has set sights on him.

For everything in life there is a time, a time to sew and a time to reap, a time to live and a time to die as everything under the sun has its time. Are you in a haste? Stop! God knows, He hears, He is not deaf and He sees everything that is going on in your life. Are you like Chuka who once he hit the jackpot forgot all about the woman who was his biggest fan on his way to the top? Pause, rewind and go back to that person who was there all through…do not be moved by the flashy things of life. Beauty, they say, fades but true love conquers all and there’s nothing like someone who knows you through and through and who has loved you from the day you had nothing.
Are you about to betray a friend like Rita? Please do not, you are worth more than leftovers, pick up yourself and say ‘I can do better’. Last but not least, are you striving so hard to build a career for yourself and at the end of it all, destroying the precious people by your side, stop, rethink and retrace your footsteps. It’s a hard world especially for women, who have to give it all up in order to make space for their husbands and children but that’s why we are called Women, we are given so much strength from the creator and even if it means leaving our jobs and our lives to join our husbands in the Netherlands, we will still find a way to make a way. Are you a man who feels that everything must be done your way? Stop and listen to your wife, she too has a say, it doesn’t have to be all about you. 
I hope this story inspired you, taught you and most of all, I hope it made you smile. I rushed it at some point, yes, but I hope it didn’t lose its message. The message is this ‘to be wife material, you need to be patient, be ready to make sacrifices and most of all, be ready to love whole-heartedly. This message is for the guys too ooo….y’all gat to be husband material too…

The End
A special thank you to all who have followed this series from the beginning till the end. Words cannot express how grateful I am. I have no idea when the next episode will begin but then, stay glued to this blog every Friday and Saturday for updates.
God bless you immensely for reading.
E hugs!


  1. Ada I'm I allowed to say I love you?#coversface
    You did a SUPER FANTASTIC job darling. A great one.
    Thanks for the messages passed accrossed and the lessons learnt. You are indeed a genius and may God bless you immensely.

  2. This is my favourite episode of wife material, not because it is the ending but because I was smiling all through as I read it. I like the note at the end and the message you passed, I wish we could all see this and live our lives right.
    Congrats on finishing this series and please start the next wife material series next week… Thank you.

    • I let the inspiration flow for this one and I really loved the end too.
      Thank you so much for joining me on this journey, God willing, the new season should start on Friday.

  3. Nooooo not Bode and Jumoke na!! I thought you would find Jummy a nice young man like Zeek na.

    You my dear are a very talented writer. I love the ending even if i do not agree with some parts. More grease to your elbow. Looking forward to the next season.

    • I guess the question here is, what does Jumoke want? What if she doesn't want a nice young man like Zeek?
      Then again, what if it's destiny.
      Well, we don't know if they ended up together tho.

      Thank you so much for reading dear.
      Grinning @ even if I do not agree with some parts.

  4. Wow! Am so happy for jumi and bode, thank God for Rita, u received sense before it was too late. Tosin I learnt one or two things from u and would never make such huge mistake. Family above everything! Thanks Ada….u are too much. More grace

  5. very interesting story. Was inspired with the write up. May God continue to give you wisdom to write articles that changes peoples perspective of life. God bless you real good.


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