Ella’s phone rang and she sighed when she saw the caller ID.

“Hey mommy….” She greeted. “Good evening.”
“My dear, how are you? Your sister told me all that’s been
happening with you and I’ve been very worried.”
“Oh c’mon mom…..” Ella said. “Don’t worry about me, it was
all just a dream.”
“What dream?” Her mother asked.

Ella was confused.
“The dream I had last night which was not serious by the
way. Wasn’t that what she told you?”
“No, she didn’t tell about that, she told me about the pregnant
woman in your home.”
Ella sighed.
“Mommy, she’s a relative of my husband and I’m helping her
“How sure are you that she’s a relative? Is that what Jacob
told you?”
“Mom, stop sowing seeds of doubt.” Ella said.
“Ella, you know that you see life from a different point of
view…and from what I’ve heard from your sister, that girl doesn’t like you.”
“Mom, stop this please…she’s helpless, she got knocked up
and the father of the child doesn’t want to take responsibility for his child
and she has no place to go.”
Her mother didn’t speak for a while and when she spoke, she
“Why didn’t you tell us that you are the bread winner of the
“Mom!” Ella exclaimed. “Where did you get all these
information from?”
“Your sister did her investigations and not only did she
discover that you make money for the family, she also discovered that your
husband sits at home all day and doesn’t go to work. Did you know that?”
Ella’s mouth hung open.
“I was sure you had no idea of it.” Her mother concluded.
“He’s…he’s going to work…he…he leaves the
house…everyday…” Ella stammered.
“At least that’s what you think and I won’t blame you for
thinking that way.” Her mother said.
“Who told Tamara about this?”
“Well…she said one lady who runs a salon…”
“What? FK?”
“Oh yes…FK, do you know her too?”
“Yes, she lives under….I mean she has her salon
downstairs…my goodness! I am going to give her the insult of her life when I
see her.”
“Listen honey, why don’t you make your own investigations,
there’s always a truth to every rumour you know…”
“That’s not entirely true.”
“I am worried about you, I am worried that we let you marry
the wrong person honey.”
“I know I married the right man and soon you’ll know that
for a fact.” Ella said.
“I’ll hang up now…I’ll talk to you later.”
Ella nodded and listened as the call ended, she focused her
gaze on the road and drove home in fury.
Jessica got home almost immediately after speaking with her
sister, she made her way into the bedroom she shared with her husband and began
to search for clues, anything that’d prove to her that he was cheating on her.
She checked his trouser pockets for condoms, she checked his shoes for hotel receipts
and checked his shirt for lipstick stains.
She found nothing!
Jessica was running crazy, she made her way to the bathroom and washed her face
and stared at her reflection in the mirror.
“You’re hallucinating Jessy…you are looking for clues
where there are no clues…” She said breathing heavily.
She scratched her head and left the bathroom. She walked
into the room and scanned it, her eyes caught the top drawer at the top of the
wardrobe and she took a stool and climbed it. She opened the drawer and saw her
husband’s work files, including house plans and many more. She kept on
searching till she found a file which contained the details of a house, here in
Lagos. Her interest was quipped and still standing on the stool, she opened the
file and stared at a receipt for a house rental which was paid for in her
husband’s name.
Bulls eye!
This was it! Could this be it? She wondered as she stared at
the receipt of the three bedroom flat located on the mainland.
“Is this where his mistress lives? How come he paid for the
apartment in his own name? Could that mean something?” She said aloud as she
stared at the receipt.
She hurriedly got down from the stool with the receipt in
her hand and rushed over to the bed to take pictures of the receipt with her
phone. When she was done, she climbed the stool again and placed everything the
way it was.
She was just about to hop off the stool when it wobbled and
she fell crashing to the ground.
Lola was tired, she had waited for the last bus to arrive
but the queue grew longer and there were no buses in sight. She was hungry and tired.
“Which kain palava be dis one na?” She wondered.
She stared at her old wristwatch and hissed. It was already eight
thirty pm.
“Madam na patience….” A woman said to her. “Kpele.”
“Hmmm…” Lola nodded and sighed again.
At that moment, a bus headed towards their direction and
everyone on the queue abandoned the queue and ran towards the bus. Lola too
followed suit and when she got to the vehicle, she joined the scrambling
passengers. No one cared that she was pregnant, everyone wanted a seat in the
“I carry belle ooo…” She cried as people squeezed and
pushed her from side to side.
The bus filled and she still didn’t get a slot.
“Oloshi! Oloriburuku!” She screamed as she hurled curses at
the passengers in the bus.
She had just stopped to sling her bag properly over her
shoulder when she felt something fall to the ground. She looked at the ground
to see most of the contents of her bag lying on the floor. She stared at her
bag and lifted it up to see if it was open, it wasn’t, the bag had been slashed
and her purse and phone were nowhere in sight.
“Hello darling…” Jacob greeted as soon as Ella walked into
the house.
“Did you go to work today?” Ella flung at him.
“Of course I did honey…”
“Really?” She asked staring at him with a pained look in her
“Ella, what is wrong?”
“What’s wrong? When were you going to tell me that you’ve
stopped going to work?” She spat at him.
Jacob looked at her and didn’t say anything.
“Jacob talk to me!” Ella screamed.
“Don’t yell at me! Don’t bring that ‘goody too shoes’
attitude of yours to this house!” He flung at her.
“What did you say to me?”
“You heard me!”
“You haven’t been going to work and everyone….everyone
including my sister knew about it but I didn’t know…”
“So…” He scoffed.
“So? Listen to me Jacob, I am tired of providing for you and
that lazy ass relative of yours. I am tired and if you don’t give me an
explanation as to the reason you have stopped going to work, then I’m leaving
this house for good!” She threatened.
Her threat worked, Jacob rushed up to her.
“Darling, please…you know I can’t do without you. I’d die
if you leave me…”
“Why didn’t you tell me that you ….you….”
“I was ashamed, I was suspended from work because of some
lie that some of my colleague wove about me but I swear that I’m working
towards unmasking them and their lies. The suspension ends soon and I’ll be
back at work….I swear.” He begged.
“This is all confusing. We are supposed to be a couple,
right? We are married and shouldn’t hide things from each other.”
“I am sorry, I just didn’t’ want you to worry about me.” He
“It’s fine…we’ll weather the storm together.” She said as
she made her way towards the bedroom.
“Thank you…I’m so blessed to have a wife like you…” He
said as he followed her inside the room.
Lola sat at the side of the road and cried, she had no money
to go home, and no phone to call anyone to come to her rescue.
“Lola ooooo….” She wept. “Wetin do you ooo?”
Two other buses had come and people had boarded the bus, no
one asked her why she was crying and no one offered to help.
“Chai! How I go take go house ooo?”
She heard footsteps approach and she looked up to see a man
walking up to her.
“Madam are you alright?” He asked.
“Sir…abeg, I take God beg you…I nor get money to reach
house….” She cried.
The man looked around.
“Are you supposed to take the bus?”
She nodded.
He checked his pockets and said.
“I don’t have any money here on me but my house is not far,
if you can come with me, I can give you money from my house.”
“Thank sir…God bless sir…” Lola said, happy that she was
finally going to get home. The Mama at the shrine had told her to get the items
as soon as she could and she needed to get them as soon as possible in order to
cut Ella off from her husband.
She stood up from the pavement and followed the man. When
they had walked for more than thirty minutes, she asked.
“You talk say ya house nor far…we don walk sottee…”
The man pointed at a house in the distance.
“Na de house be dat.” He said.
Lola nodded and followed him. The man walked ahead and
brought out his phone and made a phone call. She couldn’t hear a word of what
he was saying. By the time he ended the call, he walked up to a small gate
leading to a house and opened it. The house was in total darkness.
“Una nor get light?” Lola asked as her steps began to
“I go on generator.” He said.
“Oya na…make I wait for you for outside hia.” She said as
she stood at the gate.
“Haba! How you go come my house and you nor go enter inside?
Besides, standing out here alone can be dangerous.”
Lola looked at him and nodded, he had a point, she figured.
They both made their way into the house and just as they stepped in, she felt
the hairs on her neck stand. The house was pitch dark and just when she opened
her mouth to speak, she felt a hard object hit her head and she fell, losing


To be continued next week….


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