The first thing that crossed Jessica’s mind when she said
she had to drop off Junior with his mother was the fact that her husband was
acting very weird.

“Drop him off?” He asked.
“Yes, I need to drop him with his mom.” She said to him.
“Errmmmm….I mean…” He started.

“Is there a problem with that?” She asked.
“No, not at all.”
“We’re with two different cars, so I have to drop him off
before going back home. I’ll meet you at home.” She said.
Junior was already sound asleep in Zach’s arms and Zach always
loved to hold his son whenever he slept, it was a routine they performed
whenever he was around. Zach instantly got quite protective.
“Give me the address, let me…” He started, then caught
himself. He couldn’t do that. He was about shooting himself in the foot because
Queen would ask questions and somehow, two and two will be put together. “Never
mind honey, just take him home…I’ll wait for you at the house.”
Jessica smiled at him.
“You know what? Seeing you with Junior today made me realize
how much you want a child.”
“Hey…c’mon, we decided to treat ourselves to one year with
each other before we welcome kids.” He said to her.
“Well, why don’t we change our mind about it? I could stop
using contraceptives and we could work towards getting pregnant.” She said with
a smile.
“Okay…that sounds like a plan.” He said with a smile.
She took the child from him and carrying him, she walked
towards the exit door of her sister’s house.
“Wait babe…” Her husband called after her.
Jessica turned to look at him.
“Lemme help you hold him, he must be real heavy.” He said
taking back the sleeping child from her.
“Awww…you’re going to be a remarkable father.” Jessica
giggled as she handed the boy over to him.
Zach felt his heartbeat return to normal as soon as he held
his child in his arms. He’d snapped to his feet as soon as Jessica had taken
the boy from him because she wasn’t holding him well. Whenever Junior was
asleep, Zach and Queen always placed a protective hand over his head as they
carried him.
Jessica and Zach made their way to the car and he placed his
son at the back seat while Jessica got into the driver’s seat.
“Drive carefully.” He said.
Queen had just ordered plate of roasted plantain with yam
and fish rolled up in palm oil and was ready to dig in when her phone rang. It
was her husband,
“Hey boo…” She greeted. “Guess what you’re about to miss?”
“Queen, is our son back from the party yet?”
“You mean Junior? My friend called me some minutes ago and
said she’s bringing him back to the hotel. You sound tense, what’s up?”
“Look love, my heart won’t be at rest till that child is at
the hotel with you and please do not let your new friend, take him out anymore.”
“But…but why? She’s done no harm to him.”
“I also don’t want that kind of friendship between you and
your so-called new friend.”
“What do you mean by that? Are you going to start screening
my friends?”
“I feel uneasy over the friendship, it just doesn’t sit
right with me.”
“Jessica is a nice lady and we work in the same department
so we’ll bump into each other very often. We can’t avoid not being friends with
each other.”
“Are you going to listen to me?” He snapped.
Queen was taken aback by his tone.
“Okay…fine…I’ll do as you say.” She said stiffly.
“I know your friend’s type; she’s the type that asks too
many questions and always want to be in other people’s business! I am a private
person and I don’t want my family thrust into the public. I asked you to return
to Calabar with our son but you refused and I’ll hold you responsible for
whatever happens to him. Am I clear?”
“Where’s all this aggression coming from? Do you know
Jessica? Why are you speaking like she’s some sort of criminal?”
“Listen to me Queen, do not and I repeat, do not share any
personal information of any sort with that woman. Don’t show her family
pictures, albums or the like. She might come with questions like, she wants to
see your husband’s pictures or things like that but do not show it to her. She
might also want to share her personal photos with you so beware!”
“Darling, you’re acting strange…what is it? Is there
something you’re not telling me?”
“Lagos is a dangerous city! I do not have money for ransom
if they kidnap that little boy and I don’t have the heart to lose him.”
Queen began to panic, she wiped the tears from her eyes and
looked at the clock. It was seven pm.
“I don’t believe that Jessica can…can…”
“Who saw you give the boy to her? Do you have a witness? She’ll
start by earning your trust and the next thing you know, our son will be sold
off in some Black market.”
Queen began to cry.
“Why are you saying all this to me? I’m sorry that I let him
go to the party without your permission but you don’t have to torture me…you
don’t have to…” She sobbed.
“Call me once our son is home.” He said and hung up.
Queen stared at the plate of food before her and found that
she’d lost her appetite. She shot off the bed and yanked the door open and
rushed out of the hotel room. She’d just gotten down to the lobby when she saw
Jessica walk in with Junior in her arms.
“My baby!” She exclaimed as she rushed to take Junior from
“Good evening to you.” Jessica said with a smile.
“Thank you for bringing him home, goodnight.” Queen said and
turned to leave.
“Hey…is everything alright? You look shaken…” Jessica
“I’m fine…I just don’t appreciate it that you held onto my
son for a long period of time. I was worried.”
Jessica looked at her in astonishment.
“But I called you to tell you that I was bringing him back.”
“It’s seven pm. What sort of children’s party start at ten
and ends at seven?” She spat.
“It’s my nephew’s party and…and….I was also organizing
the party with his mom. I had to be there on time and leave late and that’s why
we came back at this time.” Jessica said.
“Well…thank you for taking Junior out…” Queen said.
“Is anything the matter? Queen! You look terrified.”
“I just had a bad dream…about Junior…that’s all.” Queen
“Oh such a waste, we were having fun at the party. I wish
you’d come. You’d have seen my husband and also, you’d have seen how Junior
became fast friends with him. He refused to let my hubby out of his sight. In
fact…I have a picture which I took of the both of them….they looked so cute
together…” Jessica said opening her phone.
Queen quickly remembered her husband’s warnings.
to me Queen, do not and I repeat, do not share any personal information of any
sort with that woman. Don’t show her family pictures, albums or the like. She
might come with questions like, she wants to see your husband’s pictures or things
like that but do not show it to her. She might also want to share her personal
photos with you so beware!’
“I really have to go in, thank you for bringing him back.”
Queen said and hurried away.
Jessica stood there and stared, what had gotten into her?
She wondered.
Ella was lying on the couch in the sitting room and flipping
through the channels of the television. Lola shuffled in and walked up to turn
off the television.
“What,…what’s wrong with you? Why have you turned it off?”
Ella asked in surprise.
“I wan hear radio.” Lola said, holding up a small radio set
and turning up the volume.
“Excuse me? Ella asked in disbelief. “This is my house and I
decide what I want on and what I want off.”
“Auntie…abeg no make me curse you for hia. Nor make me
wash you with mouth, just respect yourself.”
Ella was astonished.
“I let you into my house and this is how you pay me back? Is
this how you were trained at home? Are you stupid?”
“Me ke? Stupid?” Lola asked, dropping the radio on the chair
and turning to face Ella squarely.
“Do you know what? I made a big mistake by allowing you in.
Please get out of this house now!”
“Hehehe see monkey wey wan chop banana!” Lola laughed
clapping her hands in a mocking gesture. “You well so?”
“You are not going to stress me in my house so, go inside
and pack your things.”
“Dis na my house!” Lola said pointing to the ground.
“The fact that it’s your relative’s place doesn’t make it
your place.”
“Relative? Who be my relative?”
“Jacob!” Ella screamed.
“Dat one na lie wey him use brainwash you….” Lola said.
Ella stared at Lola in surprise as she began to her rub her
belly lovingly.
“What…what do you mean by dat?” Ella asked in a shaky
“I mean say, dis pickin wey dey my belle so, belong to
Ella’s mouth dropped in shock,
Jacob chose that moment to walk into the house.
“Babe…guess what? There’s a new aboki on our street who
sells suya…and his suya smells delicious. Give me some money so that I can
buy some…”
The look on Ella’s face stopped him in his tracks, he stared
at her wondering what was happening. Lola took brisk steps towards him and
placed her hand on his shoulder.
Jacob saw the blood drain from his wife’s face.
To be continued next week….


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