Shade stared at the score board
in disbelief! How could she have failed her tests? Students swarmed around the
board as they quietly whispered their already memorized matriculation numbers
and tried to see their scores.

“I wont be able to make good
grades if I keep up with this! How can I get fifteen out of forty marks? All my scores are below twenty marks. ” Shade
said aloud.

One of the girls at the score board
turned to look at her and looked away. Shade walked away from the board in
shame. She couldn’t send these marks to her mother or even her dad, they’ll
scream and maybe come down to Nigeria to demand an explanation from her or

She had just walked past her
department corridor when she heard her name. It was Tosin, one of the girls in
the group.

“Hi Shade…did you hear the

The call was the name tagged to
their summon. They usually called their meetings, ‘the call.’

“Yes…I did.” Shade answered

“So are you on your way there?”

Shade shook her head.

“Why? Ada and the rest will be
angry if you don’t come.” Tosin said.

Shade turned to Tosin and
looking into her eyes, she said

“I’m not sure I can keep up
with this group…my grades are low and my parents are going to be mad if they
find out that I’ve been messing around. Please tell Ada that I’ll get back to
her when my grades get better.” Shade replied and walked away from a very
stunned Tosin.


She was woken to the sound of
heavy shuffle around the room. Shade rose from her bed to see two of her
roommates scamper away and Ada and five other girls standing beside her bed.

“Do you think you can join a
group and leave anytime you please?” Ada asked in anger.

“Don’t raise your voice at me…I
am the one with the low grades and not you.” Shade shot back at her.

The girls gasped in surprise.
Ada was their leader and no one talks back at her.

“Really? So that’s why you’re
under your blankets rights?” Ada asked.

“Yea…” Shade answered.

“We have a meeting in five
minutes…your grades will hit the roof in about two minutes so…” Ada said.

Shade’s eyes widened, she hurriedly
stood from her bed, changed her clothes, picked her purse and left her room.

She alighted at her department building
in five minutes and hurriedly paid the shuttle bus driver. Heading to the score
board, Shade felt nervous, almost all the students who had crowded at the board
some minutes ago had left, leaving the place quite empty. Shade walked to the
board and quietly looked for her matriculation number, the scores she saw were
unbelievable. She had scored forty on all the subjects, her eyes widened in
surprise, she turned to go but was startled to see Ada behind her.

“O my God! I don’t know but… I just
saw my scores and it’s like magic.” Shade exclaimed breathlessly.

“We are powerful enough to undo
anything on campus. I am disappointed at your actions today and I must warn
that you belong to a cult now…there’s no turning back!” Ada said.

Shade nodded breathlessly and
followed Ada who had already started heading out of the department.


“Do you think I’d leave this
house? No way!” Tara’s step-mother screamed.

“I’m filling for a divorce and
that’s final.” Shouted Tara’s father.

“If you divorce me, I’m taking
all my children and I mean all of them.” Tara’s step-mother continued.

“As long as I have Tara, I’m
not interested in your so-called children.” Tara’s father retorted.

“I knew it! I knew you loved
Tara more than all my kids, to you, Tara is your only child while others are
just jara!”

“Get out of my house now! I can’t
tolerate you anymore.” Tara’s father screamed.

Tara’s step-mother quickly ran
out of the house and headed towards granny grans house.

Tara and her siblings where at
home because it was Children’s day and school was on break. Tara watched her
siblings as they cringed in hurt at their father’s comments. Even her youngest
brother Deji knew the gravity of his father’s words, his face slowly cringed
into an ugly mask as he begun to cry. The would-be Temi couldn’t care less, she
played games with her mother’s phone. Tara walked into the sitting room and sat
beside her father on the sofa.

“Daddy…you didn’t need to do
that you know.” Tara said.

“Don’t worry dear, things are
about to turn for good for us. Your mother, Jumai, will move into this house soon and I
promise you that we’ll be the happy family we’ve always dreamt of.” Tara’s
father said as he pulled her close to him for a hug.

“But dad…is that a good idea?”
Tara asked.

Her father looked into her eyes
and saw doubt clearly written in her face.

“I have made my decision…I am
not going to let my mother or any of my relations, talk me out of this, my happiness is all
that matters now and yours ofcourse.” Tara’s father said.

They heard the loud noise
coming from downstairs as Tara’s step-mother wailed and spoke while granny
grans voice could be heard through the stair case. Tara knew what was going to
unfold when her family members stormed into their home and she wasn’t ready to
be caught up in the charade. She quietly hugged her dad and sneaked back into
her room.


“Last night was bad…I am glad
we opened fire on those policemen.” Said Jude as he sipped a can of beer.

“I was against it from the
start. We are drug traffickers and not armed robbers, it was bad enough that we
went all out against a fellow drug trafficker talkless of opening fire on
policemen. We are lucky that we escaped with our lives.” Oni said.

“You’re too lily-livered. How Yomi
could place you over us still beats me, I think it’s because you’re his
brother.” Said Moses.

“I would have been happier if I
remained in Lagos with my family, it still beats me that I left the comfort of
my home to join the gang. I’m making the same mistake my father made and my
family will be so disappointed in me.” Oni said.

“Leave dat thing joor…” Said
Jude “Your babe is here to see you.”

The guys looked at him and
looked out the window, Shade was walking towards the bungalow.

“Who told her this address?”
Oni asked in alarm.

“Beats me…I didn’t tell her…”
Moses said.

Everyone looked at Jude in

“Jude…” The guys said in

“Well, Oni needs a life, he’s
always complaining and whining about our job and all that, I just thought that
Shade could be a good enough distraction. She’ll be here for the next three
years, she’ll keep you grounded, man!” Jude said.

A knock sounded at
the door and Oni stood up and walked to answer his call.



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