“What were you doing there?”
Screamed Bee.
‘Stop screaming at me… I have
no idea!” Said Temi.
“This is sick! I am tired of
all this issues…are you ready to tell the truth or should I get someone to beat
it out of you?” Bee threatened.
“There’s nothing you can do to
make me change my statement-I have no idea!” Temi said again.
“Oh God! I think I have to call
the police… if you didn’t leave this house on your own accord, then someone
must have kidnapped you and taken you to the club or…did you bribe the security
to let you out?” Bee asked confused.
Temi slumped on the chair and
placed her face into her hands.
“I’m sick…I’m sick…I’m sick in
the head.” Temi moaned.
“I honestly do not know the
right actions to take now…should I call the police? Should I contact my dad? Or
take you to the hospital? Please tell me the truth Judith.”
‘My name is not Judith… its
Temi.” Temi said.
“You told me it’s Judith some
days ago…stop trying to be deceptive and stop lying too.”
The phone rang and Bee turned
to look at the telephone. They had both been in the sitting room for the past
three hours trying to decipher the mystery surrounding Temi’s disappearance last
night, they hadn’t slept either. Bee stopped pacing and walked over to answer
the phone.
‘Hello Doctor…nice to speak
with you again” She spoke into the receiver.
“How is my patient?” Asked the
doctor whose voice boomed over the phone.
“She’s here…” Bee said in a low
“Is anything wrong? You sound
very tired and it’s just seven am, are you still asleep? Hope I didn’t wake you up?” The doctor asked.
“No…it’s just that I am tired….are
you in the hospital?” Bee asked.
“Not yet, I’ll be in at nine.”
“Will be coming to see you and I’m
bringing your patient along.” Bee echoed.
“Saturday and it will be all
over!” Yemisi said silently.
There was a knock on her door
and she stood up from her bed to answer the door. It was Tara, all dressed up
and ready for school.
“Hey Tara, you look neat.”
“Thank you.” Tara replied and
walked over to sit at the edge of the bed.
“Your hairstyle…it’s a bit off…are
you sure you won’t be punished?” Yemisi said, gesturing to Tara’s hairstyle which was wrapped up in a doughnut bun.
Their school hairstyles for females were strictly plaits or threads.
“By our own classmates? All because they are made prefects? Naaaa….”
Tara replied.
“I remember the days when
senior Nkechi was still in our school…mehn that girl is wicked. She wouldn’t have
let you strut that hairstyle.” Yemisi said walking to sit beside her on the
“Well… it’s exam time so… and
besides we close school on Friday this week. No one is going to be bothered
about my hair.” Tara replied.
“I miss school sha…it’s even
the season for mangoes. I remember last year when we used to line up at Iya
Gbenga’s mango stall…that was fun. How life changes in a beat mehn!” Yemisi
“So what happened with that
girl yesterday?” Tara asked, changing the topic.
“What girl?”
“Bella or is it Banana?” Tara
“Ohhhh that…she’s gone home.”
“Ofcourse she has. Would she
intentionally crash in your house? Or hasn’t she done more harm already?”
“Look…I don’t like it when you   pry.” Yemisi warned.
“Pry? So I’m prying now abi?” Tara
“Whatever happens to me is none
of your business okay? I got into this mess by myself and I’m going to get out
of it by myself. Period!” Yemisi barked.
“Hey…slow down okay, I’m not
spoiling for a fight.” Tara said.
“Yes you are. You couldn’t even ask me how i’m doing or how the pregnancy is faring, your thoughts are just on what transpired yesterday. You’re a big gossip Tara, a very big one and I wonder how long it’s taken me to find that out. When Temi was still around, did you think I didn’t  hear the words you guys whispered behind my back?”
“What are you talking about Yemisi?” Tara asked, surprised that her cousin could say such things about her.
“You know what? It was a big
mistake letting you back into my life. Get out and stay out for good.” Immediately Yemisi said these words,
she wished she never did.
Tara grabbed her bag and stormed
out through the door.
The bell for lunch time rung
but she didn’t go for break, she sat at her desk and stared blindly at her book.
“Hey pretty…aren’t you hungry?”
Said a voice.
Tara looked up and suddenly
felt the urge to cry.
“Hi Robert.” She said quietly.
“What’s wrong? You don’t look
too good…are you alright?”
“Nope…I just lost my best
friend and sister…I am officially alone.” Tara said.
“What happened? It’s not that
bad…c’mon.” He said.
“She said words that hurt deep
and I will never speak to her again, ever!” Tara said.
“That’s so sad…cheer up okay.
Let’s look at the brighter side, I’m your friend too and I can keep girly
secrets…” Robert said smiling.
“No way! Don’t even go there…”
Tara warned, a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.
“So can we go for lunch now?
The cafeteria is full to the brim and the food will finish soon. I wouldn’t want you to starve…”
“Okay…thank you.” Tara said as she
slammed her book shut and readied herself to get lunch with Robert.
“I’m sorry I’m late. I had a lineup
of patients.” Said the doctor.
“Patients more important than
your favourite one?” Bee smiled trying to sound cheerful.
The doctor laughed and glanced
at Temi who was seated on a smaller chair and lost in thought.
“Hey fav’ how have you been?”
The doctor asked Temi.
“I am fine thanks.” Temi
“What’s the problem? You seem
to have caused so much worry for your aunt here. Last time I saw her, she didn’t
have so much as a crease on her fore-head.” The doctor said smiling.
Temi exhaled deeply and looked
away, tears stung her eyelids. The doctor stood up from his chair and walked
over to her, placing his hands on her shoulders, he looked deeply into her
“You look troubled. What
happened?” The doctor asked.
Bee started to speak but the
doctor cut her short by signaling with his hand.
“I…really don’t know. I am so
confused. First I feel okay then the next day, I feel like crap. Last night I found
myself in a club with people I didn’t know…it was scary, something worse could
have happened but it didn’t. I’m grateful nothing happened…” Temi blurted.
“I am really scared for her
doc.” Said Bee as she launched into a detailed description of the events that
had been happening.
The doctor listened carefully, he asked Temi more questions and listened to her answers. After a while he went to his desk, brought out a notepad and took notes. He examined Temi quietly and after a back and forth session with her, he took in a deep breath and exhaled.
“I am not sure… I mean… she has
to go through some tests but from all what you have said, it might be possible
that she’s suffering from MPD or better still DID which is, multiple
personality disorder or Dissociative identity disorder.”
“What’s that? I don’t understand
you…please explain to me…”
“Open your Ipad and google it.”
Said the doctor calmly.
Bee retrieved her Ipad from her
bag all the while, not taking her eyes off the doctor’s face. As soon as the
Ipad was in her hands, she googled and read;
“Dissociative identity disorder
(DID), previously known as multiple personality disorder (MPD), is a mental
disorder on the dissociative spectrum characterized by at least two distinct
and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that
alternately control a person’s behavior, and is accompanied by memory
impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness.”
Bee stopped reading, looked up at the doctor again then said, “What is this? What does this
“ It is the effect of severe trauma
during early childhood, usually extreme, repetitive physical, sexual, or
emotional abuse.” The doctor exhaled again “I feel this must have stemmed from maybe childhood experience. I’ll have to refer her to specialists at the psychiatric
hospital and trust me when I say that if she’s suffering from this problem, it
can only be cured abroad. There has been little or history of this kind of case
in Nigeria. Even most foreign psychiatrists don’t believe in its existence.”
“Wait a minute… I don’t understand
you doc.” Bee said, fear tingling in her voice.
“From what I understand about her case, there is a presence of two or more distinct identities
or personality traits in her which controls her behavior and this explains her
inability to recall personal information beyond what is expected through normal
forgetfulness. I will call one of the specialists in the psychiatric hospital
to look into her case… I may be wrong though because I’m not a psychiatrist but
something tells me that this is it.” The doctor said.

All the while, Temi stared at
the walls of the doctor’s office, her mind was far away.  
Bella watched the other students go into the cafeteria for lunch. She sighted Tara and Robert as they walked towards the cafeteria, laughing at something. Taking a deep breath she pulled out her phone from her bag and quickly dialed. Phones were banned in school but she was covered, there were no teachers or disciplinarians around. The phone was answered on the third ring.
“Hello Melvin.”
“Hey Beautiful…did you convince her?” Melvin asked.
“Yes I did but her cousin saw me and I’m scared that Yemisi might blurt out about the whole thing to her cousin.”
“Don’t worry I’ll take care of that, just make sure that Yemisi shows up on Saturday.”
“Ok ooo but I don’t want to get into trouble abeg…seriously…”
Melvin started to speak when a teacher appeared from nowhere and snatched the phone from Bella’s hands.
“Don’t you understand the school’s policy? No phones in the school premises.” Shouted the teacher.
“I am really sorry sir, it’s my mum…she fell so ill so my brother called me to tell me. Infact I left the house today in tears because we rushed her to the clinic last night and…” Bella cried.
“Explain that to the principal.” Hurled the teacher who walked away with the phone in his hands.
Bella stamped her foot on the ground angrily and almost screamed.


  1. OMG! Ada this just hit the mark! Can't believe I've never heard of DID in all my life. Let me sit and watch what unfolds. Wow! Can't wait for Monday and please post a new episode on Monday ooo…don't delay!


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