Tara ran as fast as her legs could carry her but every time
she turned back, she was being pursued by a young girl who refused to reveal
her face. She had just stopped to rest at the school break field when she felt
a presence and turned again, only to gasp as she saw who it was.
Shivering and in sweat, she woke up suddenly happy that she
had just been dreaming but immediately she opened her eyes, she was
dumbfounded, standing beside her at her bedside was the so-called Temi whom the
police had claimed to be her sister.
“What are you doing here?” Tara asked scared.
“Mummy said you should come and make breakfast.” The
so-called Temi said.
Tara shook her head in disbelief, how could this be
possible? How come her parents couldn’t even detect the odd voice the girl had?
“I’m coming…” Tara muttered.
“She said you should come now…” The so-called Temi said
again trying to sound more firm.
“Hey…don’t test my patience, I’ll come when I will okay?”
Tara almost screamed.
But the girl acted as if Tara never spoke rather she stood
there and stared at Tara nonchalantly, Tara suddenly started feeling scared, ‘this
girl is weird’ she thought. Jumping off her bed, she walked out of the room and
headed to the kitchen with the so-called-Temi at her heels.
“I’ll be out for a while, will be back before six pm, there’s
a teacher’s conference I have to attend and maybe from there, I’d do some
Christmas shopping at the market.” Said her mother as she peered into her room.
“Mommy can I talk to you?” Yemisi asked as she bounced off
her bed hastily.
“I haven’t got the time…” Her mother started.
“Please give me two minutes of your time and I promise not
to bore you…” Yemisi said.
“Okay…the clock’s ticking.”
“Well…it’s about…it’s the incident that happened to me about
a month ago, I am still having nightmares and it’s…it’s…” Yemisi started.
“Will you shut up? Nothing happened, am I clear? You’re
going to live your life like any other normal child in this household and I don’t
want to hear anything about it ever again…” Threatened her mother.
“But it happened…I’m running insane mom, I can’t tell myself
otherwise when I know that it’s true.”
Yemisi was silenced by a heavy slap, she stared at her
mother tears and couldn’t understand why she couldn’t talk to her about her
feelings, turning away, she entered her room and closed her door.
“Will you eat Chicken or fish dear?” Tara’s step mother
asked the would-be-Temi.
“I’ll eat both mom.” Said the would-be Temi
“Okay, you can have them both.” Tara’s step-mom replied in
“And what will I have? There is only one of each in the pot
and now she wants two of them, what do I have instead?” Tara asked.
“Eat rice with only stew besides you’ve been eating a lot
since she disappeared or haven’t you? Or maybe your mother starved you in her
house, I noticed you looked horrible when you returned.” Tara’s step-mother
Tara wanted to talk back but was interrupted by her father
who walked into the kitchen with an empty bottle of liquor in his hands,
turning to his wife, he asked.
“My dear, do you know what happened to this drink I brought
back home yesterday? I kept it at the bar in the sitting room only to find an
empty bottle this morning.”
“Why are you asking me? Do I look like a drunk? Ask your
daughter Tara.” Said Tara’s step-mother.
“Stop this! I’m trying to live in peace with you and here
you are, making trouble. How would Tara finish a whole bottle of liquor? She has
never tasted liquor in her life.” Said Tara’s father.
“Then I don’t know who drank it, please leave me alone.
Besides, I need money for Christmas shopping, Temi wants a new phone for
Christmas.” Tara’s step-mother echoed.
“A new phone? What happened to the law of no-phones in this
house?” Tara’s father barked.
“Doesn’t Tara have one?” Tara’s step-mother asked.
“It was given to her by her mother and it’s presently
switched off only to be switched on during the holidays.” Tara’s father
“Who does she think she’s fooling? Tara has been answering
calls all this while or am I wrong Temi?” Asked Tara’s-step mom.
“No mom you’re not, she answered phone calls yesterday.” The
would-be-Temi replied.
“You don’t even share the same room with me so how would you
know? Besides, school vacated officially yesterday. Since you sleep in step-mom’s
room why don’t you mind your business and face her bed.” Tara hurled at the
“Tara, when did you start referring to your mother as
step-mom, this is unacceptable and I would not tolerate it.” Tara’s father spoke
to Tara.
“She doesn’t treat me well, she didn’t even leave a piece of
fish or chicken in the pot for me, how do you expect me to call her mother?”
Tara snapped and walked out of the kitchen.
She didn’t head to her room but went straight to Yemisi’s
house and was about to knock when the door was pulled open. It was Yemisi’s
mother on her way out.
“Good morning ma.” Tara greeted.
“Tara dear, how are you? Hope you’re enjoying the holidays?”
Yemisi’s mother asked.
“Well…let’s see how it goes. Please ma, is Yemisi in the
“Yes, she’s in her room…”
“I’ll go and see her, thank you ma…” She started.
“Wait a minute Tara, has Yemisi been telling you any strange
“Tales? We hardly talk to each other even at school, I don’t
know what’s going on with her but I noticed that she seems withdrawn.”
“Okay, just disregard whatever she says…since you and Temi
left, she has been having some kind of nightmares and I have been giving her
medicines to help her sleep. The medicines have side effect, so she talks
gibberish some times.” Yemisi’s mother said.
“That’s strange…but…okay, I hope she gets better soon.” Tara
said as she walked into the house.
She hurried to Yemisi’s room and knocked hard at the door…
Yemisi was sitting on her bed when she heard the knock, she didn’t
intend to open up and she didn’t want to reply either. Her mind was made up.
She stared at the pregnancy kit in her hands for the umpteenth time and felt
the tears flow, she had suspected the worst when her period refused to show up
two weeks ago. Then, she had gone to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test kit and
the stares she had gotten on her way out had almost pushed her down and who
would blame them, it wasn’t common to see a teenage girl purchasing a pregnancy
kit. She had exhausted the five kits she bought and she had really prayed
before she took this last test but it still read positive. The knock sounded
“Yemi it’s me Tara, please open up, I really need to talk to
“Yemisi please, you can’t shut me out… I am back for good
and I really want your friendship back, your mommy told me about the nightmares
you had when we went away and how she had to give you sleeping pills to help
you sleep…” Tara continued.
Yemisi quirked an eyebrow and listened, ‘so this was what
her mother had been telling people?’ she said to herself.
“I really need to talk with you please…I have no other
friend in the whole world and I am so alone, I’m begging please…” cried Tara
when she knew that Yemisi wasn’t ready to answer the door.
‘If only she knew how lonely I am…’ Yemisi thought to
Yemisi stood from her bed and walked to her reading table,
tears filled her eyes when she thought of what she was about to do. Picking up
the knife she had kept on her table, she closed her eyes and slashed her
*From the blogger:
Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has made
this journey with me, it has been a blessing to have you all avidly reading my
blog. God bless you. However, the lifeofaveryfunkynaijateenager must go on a
short break for fresher and more episodes in 2014. From me to you, it’s ‘have a
very merry Christmas and awesome new year.’ It’s been one year since the
teenage life series started and it’s growing bigger by the day, all thanks to
you. Watch out for the next episode of your favourite story series on the 14th
of January 2013.

Have an awesome celebration. xoxo


  1. Jan 14 pls come sharp sharp oooooo. So Yemisi got pregnant……my goodness..Yemisi my favourite character. To think her mum has refused to change is heart breaking. Chilling till the 14th.
    Ada………….g8ter heights dear. The sky is definitely ur limit.
    Wish you all Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Let us remember JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.

  2. Surprisingly, a lot of Moms are that way and mistakes alone can change them. Thank you so much for reading Ayo, I am truly grateful. Ofcourse, Jesus is the reason for the season. Happy New Year dear and may God bless you.


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