Have you ever stayed without light during this time of heat? I bet most of us have and yes, I have too.

 The heat is amazing! Do you know I felt the heat through the walls of the house? Haba! My sister said something scary about the ozone layer and how it’s been said that this is just the beginning of the heat. Whaaaaat????

The worst thing of all is the fact that there’s no electricity and the generator runs through the day and even through the nights. What’s the worst of all? There’s no fuel either as we heard that there’ll be a shortage in supply till May! What is happening? Is this the way forward? I mean, I know we can’t stop the sun but we can help ourselves out can’t we?

At least a little electricity supply here and there would go a long way but no!!! There’s been no light for days now and to make it more annoying, these PHCN flash the light for ten minutes and take it again as though we are begging for light. Why?

Some days ago, a hastag trended on twitter #HowToFixNigeria and I actually tweeted for the first time in about three months. I couldn’t bear it anymore, I just had to say something.

Foodstuff is so expensive, transportation is not the same anymore as a fifty naira journey is currently at seventy naira.

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola recently spoke on the problems facing the power sector which includes, vandalism, diverting of electricity and refusal to pay bills by Nigerians (I won’t agree with the last reason because, the queue at PHCN office every beginning of the month is always something else. The first time I tried paying the bills myself, I vowed never to go back there because I stood on the queue for four hours. I can state that Nigerians pay bills especially those in my area).

I hope this light thing is sorted because if the heat gets worse and the situation continues, we (Nigerians) might all pack and leave Nigeria and move to somewhere cooler.

How’s the heat at your end?

Expect a new episode of Black Mail tomorrow….it’s going to be hot but not as hot as the sun!


  1. Hi Adaeze,

    Ah! This heat is fully clothed in nine yards of george wrapper. It is unbearably hot and adding erratic power supply plus fuel scarcity into the mix is quite horrific.

    The inflation is affecting everything, even tomato sellers respond with "Dollar has gone up" when customers complain about price hikes. Lol

    It hit me hard today when I went to pay for my internet subscription and the ISP had increased the price of my plan by almost 100% without prior warning.

    The current situation is so sad, I'm optimistic things will eventually change, there will be light at the end of this tunnel.

    Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

    • Hello Nedoux,

      Yes ooo…the heat is fully clothed and in nine yards of george wrapper. Everything is going wrong and the worst thing is, that nothing is being done about it.
      Sorry about the increase in internet subscription price, everything has been affected by dollar hike.
      Hopefully things will change and we'll keep praying for our country.
      Thank you for your comment dear, God bless you and have an awesome weekend.


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