Everything happened in a fuzzy blur, all she remembered was
her stumbling out of Bella’s place in a tumbled mess with her face and hair…
all messed up. Bella was nowhere in sight and the horrible monster Melvin had
left just as he came. Yemisi had never felt more pain in her entire life and
the humiliation she felt was more than she could express. She reached the
junction and boarded the bus, all the while ignoring the stares of the
passengers as they bored their eyes through her back. She knew she looked a
mess, her clothes were ripped and almost tattered, thankfully her school
uniform skirt was of a darker hue so the blood stains weren’t noticed but in
all, Yemisi knew she had crossed her limit of sanity. Suddenly the tears came,
short then fast and in one terrifying moment, she lifted her arms held them
against her ears and screamed.
Tara’s eyes met her tutor’s and she slurred again.
“Are you ready to learn?” Her tutor asked.
“Warreeevverr…” Tara said, all she wanted was to lie on her
bed and sleep, the alcohol of the other night had not completely left her
“I really want to help you Tara but you must understand that
the school your uncle enrolled you into, is one of the best in the area. These
lessons will help you catch up and if you fail, you’ll just have to repeat a
class.” The tutor said sternly.
Tara scratched her head nonchalantly and stood up from her
“Where do you think you’re going?” The tutor asked in a baffled
“Shrrreeep!” Tara slurred again, yawning.
The tutor shook her head and retrieving her phone from her
purse, she quickly dialed Tara’s uncle’s number. Tara turned around and walked
off to her bedroom. As soon as she reached her room, she fell to the bed in a
helpless head.
It was barely ten minutes later before Tara felt her body
drenched in cold icy water, startling like the wet chicken, she jumped off her
“Whaaaattt?” She mouthed loudly as she stared at the
It was her mother who held in her hands a big empty bucket
and who had a smug smile on her face.
“Are you mad?” Tara shouted her eyes suddenly clear and all
trace of alcohol gone.
“Maybe.” Her mother said.
“What do you want?” Tara spat.
“Go downstairs this minute and continue your lessons!” Her
mother thundered.
“You can’t make me do that.”
“Why do you think so?”
“Because you’re a boneless cripple, that’s what!” Tara spat.
Her mother looked away in pain and tried hard to hide it but
Tara wasn’t through with her insults.
“I shouldn’t have looked for you. But the very naïve me,
decided that I needed a mother in my life…I should have saved myself the stress…
perhaps if I had known earlier how useless you are, I’d have remained where I was.”
Tara said.
“You are the reason I ended up this way…I never thought I’d
tell you about it but now you’ve forced the words out of my mouth. I was
sixteen when I got pregnant for your father, he was my crush. We started seeing
each other frequently and began a relationship and I lost my virginity to him. One
month after my sixteenth birthday, I found out that I was pregnant and I honestly
didn’t know what to do, so I went to your father and told him about it. Then,
he had just finished his youth service and I was hoping that maybe he’d offer
to marry me but there and then, he told me the bitter truth. He already had a fiancée
and I was just a fling, we didn’t conclude on whether he wanted the child I was
carrying or not but one thing was certain, he had lied to me and I had been a
fool. Immediately, I ran out of his house almost blinded in tears and intending
to take my life and your life as well, I placed myself before an unsuspecting
taxi driver who ran me over. Days later, I woke up at the hospital with the bad
news that I would never walk again but with the ironically good news that I had
not lost my baby.”
Tara’s eyes had tears in them as she listened to the selfish
tale of her mother.
“I never wanted you, yet you came, even after leaving you at
your father’s doorstep and traveling abroad for further treatment, I return to
see you here again. Don’t you get it? I don’t want you! I didn’t even give you
a name…how you came about the name Tara is foreign to me and despite all my
efforts to make sure you never return, fate has a way of sending you to me.”
Tara’s mother concluded.
“You leave me no choice then…” Said Tara, heading towards
her wardrobe to hurriedly pack her stuff.
Her mother didn’t reply but gazed solemnly at the window,
Tara quickly threw in her clothes into the suitcase she had brought with her.
She knew she should have followed her instincts and returned home a long time
ago but she didn’t want to face her step-mother again. She had just thrown in
the last of her clothes into her box when her uncle walked in.
“What’s going on here? The tutor called me to say Tara was
misbehaving.” Turning to Tara, he noticed her huge box lying on the bed, so he
spoke again “Where do you think you’re going?”
“What do you care?” Tara spat.
“Don’t talk to me that way again or I’ll beat the living
daylights out of you. Who do you think you are?”
“Good question uncle, I am the unwanted child of this woman
you call your sister.” Tara replied.
“Take it easy here….” Her mother said, then turning to her
brother, she said; “Tara wants to go back to her father’s, that’s why she
Tara looked at her mother incredulously.
“I never said that…I just packed to get out of here. I didn’t
tell you were I am headed.” Tara replied, baffled at her mother’s lies.
“Would someone please tell me what happened here?” Tara’s
uncle asked with breath reeking of alcohol and eyes red rimmed.
“It’s simple…Tara refused to learn and I came here ordering
her to go back downstairs but suddenly she runs to her wardrobe and packs her
things in a bid to leave.” Her mother said, sounding quite panicky.
“That’s not true…you were the one who told me the story of
how I got you crippled.” Tara started.
“What?” Tara’s uncle moaned.
“Noo…she’s lying.” Tara’s mother said as she starts to wheel
away but is stopped by her brother.
“Yes…she said, when she found out she was pregnant for me,
she wanted to kill herself then….” Tara burst out in tears.
“Jumai…that’s so selfish! How could you tell her that? You
got crippled on your thirtieth birthday bash when you drunk and drove. What
crappy story did you tell your daughter?” Her uncle asked alarmed.
“I had to say something to make her feel guilty too…she has
what I have always wanted and can never have, especially due to my present
predicament. Her father would never want a crippled woman like me in his house.”
“Is this what it’s all about? Are you jealous she has her
father’s love and you don’t? Does that justify your lying to her?” Tara’s uncle
“It’s not my fault okay…having Tara was to make him love me
more and not throw me away and take the child instead of me.” Tara’s mother
said as she fumbled with her pockets and brought out a cigarette which she
lighted and dragged.
“You’ve seen her now for who she truly is… a very unsteady
young woman who cares for no one except herself.” Tara’s uncle said to Tara.
“I don’t care how she sees me anymore, I was just trying to keep
a straight appearance before her because her dad asked that I do so. I’snt
having her in this house supposed to have him visit more regularly? I thought
his visiting days with her will enable us spend more time together and maybe he’ll
love me again.” Tara’s mother said as she let the smoke leave her mouth and
nostrils haphazardly.
Tara stared at her uncle and mother, they both made a
distorted sort and with a resolve to eventually winning her mother over, the
very gullible Tara who had been masked behind pain and alcohol said quietly;
“I could help you win him over.”
Her mother’s eyes shone in delight as she suddenly wheeled
her chair forward towards Tara and clasped her in her arms, the cigarette stiff
between her lips. This was the first time Tara’s mother has ever embraced her
and Tara felt needed for the first time in her life.
“Thank you my darling.” Said her mother, trying hard to
prevent the cigarette from falling from her lip grip.
“You’re making the biggest mistake of your life Tara.” Her
uncle warned.
“If this could make me win my mother’s love and maybe get
the family I’ve always dreamed of, then, I’ll give it a shot.” Tara said.
“Listen carefully, we must plan this out properly… this is
my best chance of getting your father’s life but first, I need you to go back
to him. It would be easier plotting at his side rather than far away from him.
Yes, I know you detest your step-mom, I do too but in order to get her out of
your father’s house, you need to go home and work for me from there……” She
Tara’s eyes widened in understanding while her mother spoke on….
Yemisi had ignored the stares from the passengers in the bus
as instead of letting out a helping hand, most of them moved away from her,
while others stared on, only looking away whenever she caught their gaze. Her
scream had unnerved them and she had even gotten scolded by the bus driver who
threatened to have her thrown out of his bus. The bus stopped at the junction
and she alighted and walked down the road to her house, it was already dark and
she knew her mother would be angry. Immediately she stepped into the house, her
mother’s scream reverberated.
“Where in the world have you been? My God! I have searched
everywhere for you.” Her mother screamed.
Yemisi clutched her school bag to her chest to hide the rip
at the bustline of her uniform blouse.
“I…I …” Yemisi whispered.
“What’s the stuttering for? Why are you looking bedraggled?”
“I…I…am sorry mummy…I didn’t know he was going to do it…he…I
went…” Yemisi burst out in tears.
Her mother ran to her side and snatched the school bag from
her hands to reveal the torn uniform and exposed skin.
“What…what happened? Yemisi….what tore your clothes? Did you
get into a fight? What happened to you?”
“I have a friend and she has a house, so I didn’t go to
school, then I slept….I slept there, then her friend…came and he grabbed me and
I was so scared…. I was scared mummy.” Yemisi cried.
Yemisi’s mother’s mouth hung open, she stared at her
daughter in disbelief. Yemisi fell to the floor in a desperate plea and crawled
to her mother’s side and hugged her mother’s ankle.
“No! Don’t touch me you liar! How dare you claim that such
abomination happened to you?”
“It’s true mummy, it’s true…I was raped…”
A large slap resounded on Yemisi’s right cheek.
“Don’t you dare mention that word in my house again. Go into
the bathroom, wash up and join me in the kitchen. As far as I am concerned,
nothing happened!” Was Yemisi’s mother’s reply as she walked away.

Tears flowed from Yemisi’s eyes as she picked up her bag,
rose to her feet and limped to her room, while wishing with all her heart that
Temi and Tara were here with her.


  1. OMG……..Yemisi my dear character. Forceful sexual intercourse is mega terrible. And to think Yemisi's mother reacted the way she did is heartbreaking. Same thing with the way Oni's cousin(YEmi) was treated. Parents shld pls take a cue from this. Listen to ur children(wholeheartedly) and let them mean d world to u(nt jst in words bt in actions too). Dnt be the one to drive them outside ur home. Let ur words be comforting and soothing. Discipline them if u av 2 bt ensure u do things in moderation and most importantly do it in LOVE. And PLS dnt forget to pray for them on a regular. Ada great job. The sky is your limit.

    • So true…Ayo. Some parents have even destroyed their children's lives more than even the molesters themselves. Supporting your child would go a long way in showing that you care and would help to bring these so called pedophiles to justice. Thank you for the encouragement dear. God bless xx

  2. How traumatizing rape could b.it is only d strong out of those defiled dat cn bear d trauma nd avoid ending their lives.mothers especially should b confidants nd a source of succor 2 deir daughters who have bn sexually molested.dey should nt chastise dem indiscriminately bt should instill in dem a ray of hope nd d reason 2 carry on.good work Ada.d lord is ur muscle.


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