It was a long dream, Queen found herself struggling through
tangled webs in a very pitch black room. She heard her name and tried moving
faster towards the cry but her feet got stuck in endless webs. She cried out
loud but surprisingly she couldn’t hear her weak voice;
“Ego….” She whispered.
She heard no response though her name kept resounding over and
over again.
“Ego…” she screamed louder this time but woke up immediately
on her lonely bed.
She couldn’t tell the time, though everywhere looked blurry. Rising
quietly from her bed and walking over to use her toilet.
As soon as the toilet flushed, she walked back to the room
and sat on her bed, her phone rang and she picked the call, still feeling drowsy and sleepy.
“Hello…Ego…” Queen whispered, trying to keep her voice down.
“Queen…why Queen why?” Screamed the other voice at the end
of the line admist tears.
“Why? Is that you Ego… the voice doesn’t sound like yours.”
Queen mumbled.
“Queen…it’s sister Gee… why didn’t you tell me? Why did you
hide it from me?”
“I don’t understand you sister Gee, please explain.”
“My sister was pregnant…and you never told me… how could
you? Do you hate me this much?” Sister Gee wept profusely.
“I…I…am sorry sister Gee… I promised Ego that I would never
let out the secret.”
“To what use? You betrayed my trust!”
“What exactly are you talking about? Now you know all about the
pregnancy, it’s no use crying.” Queen wisely cautioned.
“Use! Did I hear you say it’s no use? Ego is dead, Queen. She
died this morning after bleeding profusely over a failed abortion.”
Sister Gee’s words slammed hard into Queen’s head, dropping
the phone hastily, she fell on the bed in a dead faint.
Bukky lay on her bed reading Chike and the River, her heart beat fast and her eyes strayed close while her head nodded. It
was a Saturday morning and the house was silent, her parents had left home for
work as usual and her brother had gone for his soccer practice at the field. After
cleaning her room and tiding her mother’s room, she was tired, the stress of
student life was surely taking its toll on her as she never slept while reading
her favorite book. As though planned, her eyes closed and
her head rested on the sheets heavy in sleep. She didn’t hear him come in, tiptoeing
quietly to see if she was fully asleep.
It all felt like a dream, she felt hands run its way down her
thighs and buttocks, touching and probing but she paid no heed, sleep was more
intoxicating than ever. She turned over, giving him the perfect opportunity and
he took his time, admiring the little one he had waited to blossom for a long
period of time. Smacking his lips and smiling to himself, he moved to cower over her
laid out form on the bed.
Caleb breathed freedom, he had just scribbled the last words
of his letter, after which he laid the paper beside his soon-to-be former bed.
“Caleb! Let’s go quick! I wonder why I left you to live with
this mad woman.” Shouted his father’s sister. She had come to take him with
“Coming ma!” Caleb responded as he gave the room one final
look and picking up his bags, he walks away.
“Are you sure?” Her father asked, looking into her eyes.
“Yes I am and I’m not making this up.”
Chioma stared at her father squarely, her spine ached badly
for having to endure tilting her head to stare up at him.
“How could she ever know this place? I don’t understand all
this.” Her father murmured.
“I told you, she came here demanding to see Uncle Bobby and I
saw her.”
Chioma’s father crouched on the floor of their small sitting
room, tears slid down his eyes fast.
“Daddy…I know all about Uncle’s Bobby’s relationship with
mum before you met and married her.”
Her father stared at her questioningly, the words hung at
the edge of his mouth
“I overheard Uncle Bobby and Auntie Lizzie talking about it
and from all indications, Uncle Bobby set you and mummy up. He’s intention has
been to spoil you and mum’s marriage all along.” Continued Chioma
A large cry burst out from Chioma’s father’s lips and he
jumped to his feet and ran towards the kitchen, emerging later with a knife in
his hand. Chioma was startled, she quickly ran to bolt the door and stood facing her father.
“Daddy, where are you going to with that knife?” She
demanded fearfully.
“I am going to kill that bastard who destroyed my family.”
“And get yourself in jail?”
“What else do you expect me to do. It has taken me long to
have the blinders removed from my eyes, now I can see Bobby for who he really
is. Chioma, get out of my sight.”
“You have to be wiser than this dad. If you kill him, where
will you leave us? You will give mum the chance to prove that you aren’t a good
father. Do you know what this will cost you?”
“Chioma…Chioma… you don’t know what this man has done to me?
All these while I thought I was hallucinating. Six months ago when he asked me
to loan him a huge amount of money, I never imagined that he was set to ruin
me. He made me use my company’s money in starting up a fake business with him and I willingly
agreed. We went into the business and it flopped badly, I had nothing to show for it. Now look at me, I live in his house like a dog while he gloats at me.
He never returned the money and I was disgraced from a company that I had
worked in for ten years…. I….”
Chioma hugged her father and the knife dropped from his
“Don’t worry dad, it will be alright. Somehow, things will fall into place and work out for our own good.”
Her father’s huge frame shook as he held on to his daughter’s little body and cried.
 Somewhere in the big house, Uncle Bobby toasted to a bright future.
The bright light of the sun seeped in through Queen’s window’s
and she woke up with a start. Suddenly, reality dawns on her and placing her
slippers on her feet, she races out of the house. ‘What happened early this
morning? What did sister Gee tell her over the phone?’ she asked herself over and over again.
“O God! Nooooo! Not Ego, no way.” She moaned as she raced
through the street.
It was quite early but she was lucky enough to find a bike.
“Adeboyejo street …off Jefert road.” She almost shouted to the
bike rider.
She reached Ego’s house shortly and raced up to the door
leading to the apartment Ego shared with her sister. Banging the door loudly
and disturbing a neighbour who peered through his window at her and hissed,
Queen felt tears stream down her cheeks. The door opened almost immediately and
sister Gee smiled at her.
“Queen? So good to see you…. aren”t you at the tutorial
“Tutorial what? Where is Ego?”
“Ego? What kind of question is that?” Asked sister Gee
looking puzzled.
“Yes… Ego, where is she? Don’t tell me she’s dead.” Cried
“God forbid, my sister is not dead. Wherever did that
thought come from?”
“But…but you called me last night…you said she died after
having an abortion…”
“Are you alright? Abortion? My sister? You must have been
dreaming. I was at the hospital all through last night and when I returned home
early this morning, I saw a note from Ego which read that she had an urgent
class at the tutorial centre this morning.” Said sister Gee.
“Wait…are you telling me that I was dreaming?” Said Queen
with a deep sigh of relief
“I don’t even have your number and besides I don’t make
calls at night.”
“Thank God… so it was all a dream after all.” Said Queen sighing again.
“Wait-a-minute, why are you here in your night gown? Don’t you
have tutorial lessons too?” Asked sister Gee.
Queen’s eyes almost popped from their sockets.
“What tutorials? Didn’t you hear the news? Jamb might not
hold anymore because of some bizarre reason, infact that’s why we were told to stop
attending lessons till further notice. I think Universities will be charged with the task of conducting their own exams from now on.”
“Was she lying to me? Tell me Queen, where is Ego?”
“Err…I…err…” Stammered Queen.
Sister Gee grabbed Queen by her night shirt and pulled her into
the house. When she shut the door, she gave Queen the most stern look ever.
“I will not ask you again Queen, where is Ego?”
“I truly don’t know but she was acting strange the last time
we were together.”
“What does that mean?”
“Sister Gee… Ego is pregnant and from what I saw in my dream last night, I think she might be contemplating abortion.
Sister Gee almost died in shock!


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