I looked around me, everyone
was busy preparing for the big day, something they had done some weeks ago and
I shook my head. Tunde’s mother almost flew down the stairs as she made 
arrangements on the phone and made quick calls to family and friends. I have
been in Tunde’s house for a whole week after falling on my knees before his parents and begging that they ask their son to accept me back-this was my
brother’s idea.

Tunde had been surprised to see
me, same with his brothers who had come visiting that night only to enter the
house and see me on my knees before their parents. Rotimi was winning and where
did that leave me? I thought.
My sister had called me that morning worried that I was going back into Tunde’s arms so soon and asking that she be excused from the wedding as she couldn’t afford to make too trips to Nigeria at such short time.
I had not gone to the hospital
to check on Laura but I jad called and I was told that she was getting better, I
wished to go and see her but that might put her at great risk and I wasn’t
ready to let her die on my behalf.
I was still staring at the scenario before me when Tunde walked up to me and took my hand in his.
“Nervous?” He asked.
I turned to look at him, we
hadn’t spoken since I came back to him.
“Why do you let him have so
much power over you?” I ask.
“That’s not the point.” Tunde
“If you go through with this
wedding, consider your inheritance and most of your properties sucked up by Rotimi’s Well of greed.” I say.
“I can’t tell my parents, they
would never understand.” He said to me.
“So you’d rather not tell the
truth than face their anger?”
“My parents are upstanding
members of our church, they are well respected. My father is the patron of the
young boys association, telling the truth would finish them.” He said in
“Either way, we are not being
truthful to them.” I say. “We are getting married when we know that we feel
nothing for each other. I thought I loved you till I realized that you were blackmailed to marry me.” I say.
“Let’s drop this subject…our
wedding is in three days and this time, be sure not to run from the altar.” He
said patting my hand as he stood up. “Besides I have made sure that you don’t do anything stupid. I hired body guards to watch your movements on our wedding day.”
I watched him leave as a plan
began forming in my head.

To be continued…


  1. she couldn't even tell her secret to her mother na wa & that Rotimi is too greedy for my liking. he could kill his own parents for money,

  2. As in ehn I don't get what kinda specie her brother is. An orangutan it has to be ugly to the soul. Chaiiiii sorry dear.

  3. Blessings…..
    Hmmmmm, I have read chapter's 9 through 20, interesting though it would be nice to have some strong characters with some integrity.


    “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information, but makes our life in harmony with all existence”-Rabindranath Tagore


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