“I hope she gets better…” I say to the nurse as I seat and wait patiently at the reception area for the police.

By my side is Ernest who claims to be my boyfriend and deep down I feel that I should clear things out as sex doesn’t mean we are dating.

“Errrghem!” I clear my throat.

Ernest looks at me and at that moment, I find the words glued to the roof of my mouth.

“Ernest, I think we need to talk…” I say.

“Talk? About what?” He asks me, while inching closer to me.

“You called me your girlfriend…” I say to him.

“Is that strange?”

“Ernest, I just got out of a relationship and I can’t be your girlfriend just like that….”

“Shhh….let’s talk about this some other time, we have to speak with the police remember?” He said.

“I am the one speaking with the police and not you..” I say to him.

“Are you suddenly cutting me off?” Ernest asks offended.

“I am not, it’s just that I can’t have you refer to me as your girlfriend…because we are not dating…” I say.

He was about to speak but stopped short as two men walked up to us and introduced themselves to us as police officers.

“So, how do you know Laura?” One of the men ask me.

“She helped me when I was in need and I’ve regarded her as a friend ever since.” I reply.

“Do you know anyone who’d want her dead?” The other man asked.

“If you ask me, I think it was a case of a robbery…her laptop was missing from her apartment.” Ernest said.

“We haven’t directed any questions to you yet, mister….please do not interfere with our investigations.” The police man said.

“Could you maybe excuse us for sometime?” I ask Ernest sweetly.

Ernest nods and getting up, he leaves my side and walks away.

“So, what happened on the night Laura was stabbed?” The second officer asked me.

I answered and gave them details of all I could remember, I however skipped the part of my argument with her on the day she had been stabbed. The police men were satisfied with my responses and left me alone.

I stood up from my chair and walked to the nurses station.

“Can I see my friend now please?” I ask.

“Ofcourse…she’s still in the intensive care unit although the doctor says she might be transferred to a ward soon.” The nurse said.

I thanked her and made my way towards my friend’s room, I had just reached there and pushed open the door when I saw Ernest standing beside her bed and strangling her with his palms. Laura struggled as her legs weakly beat the bed and her palms gripped the bed-sheet.

Horror, fear and shock replaced my features as I opened my mouth and let out a deafening scream.

To be continued on Monday….


  1. Omg!
    Adaeze this is wickedness! How can you end the week on this note? Come back and tell us what happened next or else!
    Ernest is evil? We are not surprised, he was too good to be true.

  2. I knew it was Ernest, but how could the Police leave her unattended to when she was a victim if attempted assassination. It only makes sense that the assassin would come back to finish what they started, Smh.

  3. Ada but why? This is soooo unfair jor.
    Thanks all the same #bigsmile.
    Ernest…..I knew it. Chai. Like Adaeze said he was too good to be true.
    Laura should have been closely monitored. Ada biko make she no die o PLS.


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