“What happened? Why do you look like you’ve been crying? Where are you coming from?” My mother asked me as soon as I stepped into the house that morning.
“I’m coming from the hospital,
my friend was stabbed…” I said breaking down in tears.
“What? What friend? Shalewa?”
“No…the lady who helped me on
the day I left the altar…” I sob.
“I am so sorry dear, but who
could think of stabbing her? Did she have any enemies?”

“I don’t know mom…I don’t
know…” I cry.
“I am so sorry Lola…”
“Thank you…I didn’t sleep
well…I’ll go grab some sleep and get back to the hospital.” I said and left
the sitting room.
As soon as I entered my room I
began to cry, it felt as though I was the cause of what happened to Laura but I
couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so guilty. Was it because I had told her
not to publish my story and she got upset with me for leading her on? Was it
because she wasn’t too comfortable with Ernest in her house? Was it because I
left her house in a hurry without apologizing to her? I couldn’t understand why
I was feeling so guilty.
“Laura…I beg of you…please
don’t die…please…” I looked at my bed and noticed my phone sitting on the
bed and blinking. I pressed it on and saw twenty missed calls from Ernest, I
called him back.
“Hello…Lola…I have been
calling you all night…” He said.
“Ernieee…” I cried.
“What happened? Why are you
“It’s Laura…she
was…stabbed…” I sob.
“Oh my God! Stabbed? How? Where?
“I don’t know…it’s as though
she has some kind of enemies, maybe people who hate her or something…I don’t
“Wow! My God!”
“I spent the night at the
hospital and…”
“Hospital? Is she alive?” He
asked me.
“Ofcourse she is. She called me
and ..and…that was when I called the ambulance and….and…”
“Are you serious? Has she been
able to say anything? Has she said who stabbed her?”
“She is in critical condition
and the doctors said that no one should disturb her…I am so scared…I think
I am suspecting someone but I don’t know if ….” I cried.
“Suspecting someone? Who?” He
“I haven’t been completely
honest with you Ernest….I….I…left my fiancé at the altar some weeks ago
and his brothers have been threatening my life. I think….I think they could have
harmed her or something but then, it doesn’t make any sense, if they wanted to harm
someone, it could have been me…” I cried.
“Wow…you left your fiance at
the altar?” Ernest asked.
“That’s not the point
Ernieee….Laura is critically ill…” I say.
“I’ll be at your house in a
jiffy…I want to visit her and see how she’s faring…” He said.
“Okay…but please come in
three hours, I’d like to catch some sleep.” I say.
“Sure…that’s no problem.”
As I hung up the call, I felt
so empty, ‘what was happening?’ I thought to myself.
True to his word, Ernest came
to pick me up at noon and we both went to the hospital together. As soon as we
reached the nurses’ station, I asked to see Laura.
“You signed for her right?” The
nurse asked me.
“Yes I did…”
“I think you need to see the
doctor…” She said.
“What happened? Is my friend
okay?” I ask in fear.
“Don’t worry, just go and see
the doctor…” The nurse said to me.
I held on to Ernest’s arm as I
walked to the doctor’s office, as soon as I stepped in and sat down, the doctor
spoke to me.
“We almost lost your friend
this morning…”
“What? No….no…”
“Don’t cry, she is fine…she’s
a strong woman and a fighter. However, due to the fact that she was stabbed, we
had the police involved in this matter and they would like to speak to everyone
connected to her.”
“That’s not necessary.” Ernest said.
“It’s okay…” I say to him.
“Sir, that lady was almost
killed and the residents of her area are disturbed that something like that
could happen again besides, we as a hospital are concerned about happenings
like this. We have involved the police for her safety as well as those around
her.”The doctor said to Ernest.
“Well….as long as they are
not planning to talk to my girlfriend, I’m fine.” Ernest said.
I was surprised that Ernest referred
to me as his girlfriend. Certainly our having sex didn’t mean that we’re
dating, I thought.
“It’s okay…I have nothing to
hide, besides she called me when the incident happened and I called the
ambulance…” I said.
“That’s fine…one of the
police investigators is at the waiting room…I’ll tell the nurse to take you to him.” The doctor said.
“How is my friend? Is she fine?”
I ask.
“Yes…she’s stable…but we
are restricting her from seeing anyone for now at least till she’s strong
enough.” He said.
“Thank you doctor.” I said in
“Have you told her family? Do
they know anything about this?”
“No…funny enough, I don’t
know her family but I could find out where they are…” I said.

Ernest and I left the doctor’s
office and headed to the waiting room.
To be continued tomorrow…


  1. Hmmmmmmmm, this is getting scary. Am beginning to suspect that Ernest o, I have a feeling he is involved somehow. My fingers are crossed sha. Nice job.

  2. Ernest was hired to get at Lola & make sure d truth doesn't get out. Just sad that he actually had sex with her cos when Lola stumbles on d truth, she will hate herself for that. He's d typical green Snake in the green grass


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