I had planned it carefully,
appreciating the fact that I was the only confidante I knew, I took in a deep
breath and exhaled as I ended the letter and kept it beside my bed. It was a do
or die affair and I’d rather die than let anyone take my happiness away from
me. I placed on top of the letter, the recorder which contained the
conversation I had with the police officer and the newspaper editor- they had
no idea that I had a running recorder in my handbag-everything was well
documented and recorded and I had indicated in my letter that whoever finds it
should listen to the recorder as it had the answer to everything.

I had planned it all, my
escape. I knew that Tunde’s mother would be the first to check up on me this
morning because I had asked her yesterday for a special favour.
“Whatever you want my dear…”
She had said to me.
“I want you to pray with me.
Tomorrow is the eve of my wedding and I want you to pray for me.” I had said to
“Oh my darling, it gives me so
much pleasure to do that…I will come to your room tomorrow at eight am and we’ll
pray.” She said. “I start my morning prayers at six-thirty and end at about
seven forty-five.” She had said to me.
I stared at the clock, refusing
to succumb to the warning sounding inside my head.
if Tunde comes in? What if he reads the note instead? What if….
’ The
voice said over and over again.
I gulped and picked up the
tablets in the bottle and closing my eyes, I swallowed them all and washed them
down with water. I saw the hand of the clock strike at eight am, and I lost
Soon, I heard the loud distant
sounds of alarm bells, they started off loudly but they were later replaced by
dim beeps, I tried to open my eyes. Was I in heaven already?

my subconscious self whispered. ‘I didn’t
mean to die so soon, I didn’t mean to take my life…I just wanted to take the
overdose and ….and…’
I say within myself.
I force my eyes open and turn
to look around, my mother is seated on the chair by my side, her eyes are
swollen. I look at the other side to see my sister, ‘she’s supposed to be in
school’ I thought as I swallowed painfully.
“Water…” I say.
My mother and sister jump up
from their chairs and rush to me quickly hugging me and crying uncontrollably.
“We thought we had lost you…”
They cried.
I nod weakly.
“What…are you doing here?” I
ask my sister.
“I flew in last week…you’ve
been in a coma for two weeks….” She said to me.
I smiled, I had succeeded, I
didn’t need to run away, the date of my supposed wedding had come and gone.
“What happened?” I ask.
“Tunde’s mother saw you…and ”
My mother said and began to cry.
“Tunde’s mom saw you lifeless
and called an ambulance and that was when she read your suicide note and
listened to your recordings with the police and the editor of a newspaper. I
never knew that Tunde is gay and worse of all, I never knew that we have a
crook and a thief for a brother.” My sister said in tears.
“I curse the day I brought him
into our home…” My mother cried loudly.
“What do you mean by that mama?”
I ask.
“Rotimi is my late uncle’s
illegitimate son, when his mother passed, I brought him home and he’s been a
part of the family ever since.”
“But…he…bears our name
“Our surnames are the
same….my father’s surname is Ajayi but we are from a different part of the
Yoruba land while your father’s surname is Ajayi as well but he’s from a
different state from mine. We used to joke that I never had to change my surname.
That’s why you girls never suspected and I never felt it necessary to tell you
since you all grew up as siblings. I’m sure he felt that your dad didn’t place
him in his will and decided to do something about it. I can’t believe that he
planned all of this…” Her mother cried.
“Where is he?” I asked.
“Where he belongs…locked up
in the cell with that useless man called Ernest, I can’t believe that I
actually allowed that man into my home.” My mother said to me.
“Thank God you’re alive and
well….after listening to the recorder, Tunde’s dad went to meet the editor to
ask that he doesn’t publish the story. The news of his son’s ….err…hit him
so hard as well as his wife too…they came to our home begging daddy to forgive them for all the threats they made to us but daddy said that it’s all Rotimi’s fault. I guess they are dazed
over Tunde sexual preference.” My sister said.
I smiled inwardly as I too had
asked that the editor never publishes my story unless he hears of my
death-something I knew he could find out from Laura.
“They will sort it out together
as a family…” My mother said as she hugged me again. “Don’t you dare scare us
like that again.” She warned.
“I am so sorry mommy, I’d never
think of taking my life but I knew that I had to go the extreme in order to
make you all understand. There was no way I could tell you the truth without
Rotimi debunking it…” I said.
As we spoke, Laura walked into
the ward, she had a bag of fruits in her hand, immediately she saw that I was
awake, she rushed to hug me.
“Thank God! I was so
worried…you scared us all.” She said.
“How are you?” I asked.
“I’m better…but enough about
me, how are you?”
“I just woke up…” I said. 

“Very funny…” She laughed.

“How’s your wound? I hope it’s healed.”

“Not properly but it’s given me something to write about plus I got my job back at the paper house.” She flashed a smile at me.

“Really? That’s so cool.” I respond.

“Do you think that one day, after all this is a thing of the past, you could let me write your story…I promise to change names.” She said.

“When I told your editor my story and I saw the twinkle in his eyes, I knew that there’s no way he won’t want it published either with names or not…” I say weakly.

“So?” She asked eagerly.

“Sure…as long as you change names.” I respond.

“What’s next for you?” Laura asked me.

“Everything!” I said. “From today, I’m living life on my own terms and I’m never running away from my
problems anymore.”

Everyone smiled and as my
sister rushed off to call the doctor, I knew that I meant every word that I

The End….


  1. From Episode 10,I read the entire story this afternoon because I knew you would have a lot of surprises in store and I wanted to avoid that.
    Sweetheart, you've outdone yourself and I'm so happy that good triumphed in this case.

  2. As usual my darling you nailed it again.
    You are too much.
    Thanks hun and may God continue to increase your knowledge Amen.

  3. I like this ending, it worked out well for everyone and the evildoers rotted in jail as they deserved.
    Next story has to be the bride who's groom was cheating with her sister…


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