It was two weeks after my
supposed wedding and I had decided to resume at the shop. My tailors refused to
look me in the eye as they focused on their work, I too decided to work on one
of my old orders.
“Auntie Lola…” One of the
tailors called my attention.

“What do I do with the
remaining beads and the embroidery?” She asked as she walked up to me with some
packets of sewing materials in her hand.
I looked at the packet of
crystal beads in her hand and the exquisite embroidery and closed my eyes.
Those were the materials I had used on my wedding dress, a dress I had
abandoned at Laura’s house. I quickly recalled that I never returned to say
thank you to her or even return the outfit she had loaned me, I made a mental
note to return it today.
“Oh…leave it somewhere…” I
said. I remembered telling my tailors that I would use the beads to redesign my
wedding dress after colouring it to a different shade.
“I was thinking of using it to
work on Mercy’s wedding dress, you know she asked for something spectacular.”
She said to me.
“Oh yes she did…do you know
what? I’ll make an order for new beads for her dress…” I said.
“Her wedding is on Saturday.”
“What? This Saturday?” I gawk.
“Yes ma…”
I remembered that my client,
Mercy’s wedding was to come up three weeks after mine and it was already two
weeks since I abandoned Tunde at the altar.
“I’ll send someone to the
market to get beads. Why didn’t you guys tell me that her wedding dress wasn’t
yet finished?” I asked.
“We couldn’t get through to
you…” The tailor said.
“It’s okay….” I say. “Lanre,
please go to Tejuosho, and get some lovely beads from my customer. Tell her I want the very good ones and not the locally made ones” I said to
my apprentice. “Guys, we need to be quick, today is Monday and Saturday is just
around the corner.” I say to them.
They all nod and bustle about busily.
I turned off my ignition and
walked the short distance to the house, it was surprising that I could find the
street and I hoped that she was at home.
I knocked lightly at the door
and got no reply, I was already contemplating on turning back to the car when I
heard someone ask.
“Who is it?”
“It’s me! I’m Lola…the lady
you helped some weeks ago.”
The door opened and I saw her,
standing at the door looking like a shadow of her former self. She looked so
“What happened to you? What
happened?” I asked in shock as I pushed open the door to the house and stepped
in. The small sitting room area was scatted with empty bottles of alcoholic
“I…I lost it…my job…I
lost it…” She said and began to cry.
“Oh my God! I am so sorry…”I
say to her as I give her a warm hug.
“Being a journalist means
everything to me, my dad was a journalist, his dad before him…the least I
could do is keep the legacy and now, I lost it!” She bawled.
I led her to a sofa in her
house and rubbed her shoulders in pity.
“I am sorry…what happened?”
“Well…there’s been an influx
of journalists who studied abroad and they seem to have better reporting skills
and know how to get the scoop while it’s hot. So, I was shooed away from
reporting and moved over to a different department where I was to write true
stories and incidents,but all the stories I sent in were refused as the director said that they had
been previously written in other papers.” She said in tears.
“I am so sorry…” I
“How are you? Where you able to sort things out with your fiancé?” Laura asked me.
I shook my head.
“We broke things off…” I
“Oh my gosh! I am so
insensitive, pouring all my problems on you when you have problems of your
“It’s no worries….so, on the
brighter side, I returned your clothing. I am sorry that I kept it for too
long…” I said opening her bag to hand the clothes to her.
“Thank you…”
“Have you eaten yet? Can I make
you something to eat?” I asked.
“Thank you…I really
appreciate this…” Laura said.
I stood up from the sofa and
walked over to the kitchen.

To be continued tomorrow….



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