I woke up from sleep and realized that I had dreamed it. I
had dreamed that I paid Laura a visit while I was still on my bed in Tunde’s
parents house, counting down to my wedding day. I had no idea of what to do.
Should I run away? Should I tell my parents? Should I confide in someone? 

Honestly, Laura was my greatest confidante and it was a wonder how we both
became close due to such unlikely circumstances. I had to think of something to
do. As though it had been scripted, an idea found its way into my head. I quickly
showered, changed and got ready to leave the house. ‘This whole mess started from me, and I must end it’ I thought.

“On your way out my dear?” Tunde’s mother called out. There
was a look of mistrust in her eyes. 

Since I fled the chapel weeks ago, they
were fidgety that I might do the same thing I did before.

“Yes…I need to get my nails done..” I lie.

“Why don’t you call the manicurist to come here?” She asked.

“I called her…” I laughed nervously. “But she’s so busy at
the shop. I could have called on another but I trust her with my nails as my
nails are very tender.”

Tunde’s mother looked at me and I knew she was thinking of
whether to trust me or not. Finally, she nodded in approval and I left the house. As soon
as I reached the gate, the security opened it for me and I peeked out. I had to
be sure that there was no one outside, not Rotimi and not Ernest. I thought.

Seeing no one, I fled down the road and as luck would have
it, I saw a taxi cab and literally jumped inside.,

“Where are you headed, madam?” The taxi driver asked.

“The police station.” I say with a heavy voice.

The police was my last resort and I prayed with all my heart
that they buy my story.

I reach the police station and quickly launch into details
of everything that had been happening to me and ended it with Laura’s accident.
I was soon handed a paper where I placed everything down, naming my brother Rotimi as the culprit.

 I spoke with one of the
policemen who listened to me and gave me some advice, I told him that
in case anything happens to me, he should be sure that my brother had a
hand in it.

My next stop was at Laura’s
office and I didn’t know where to go first but with the direction of the receptionist,
I reached the editor’s desk.

“This is actually Laura’s story…she was writing it before
she was stabbed.” I say.

“Yes…she sent me the first part of the story on the night
she was stabbed. I have been to the hospital to see her, and she’s getting
better.” The editor looked at me.

“Thank God…” I say.

“Haven’t you paid her a visit?” He asked.

I almost replied, ‘only in my dreams’ but I shook my head. “That’s
the reason I’m here…” I say. “I need to finish Laura’s story.”

To be continued tomorrow…



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