Happy New Month dears. May you march into favours, blessings and open doors this March. Amen.
At first I didn’t know where I
was headed but soon I found myself at my church. The church was empty and silent.
I shielded my face with my palms as I made my way to the altar. I saw the altar
where I should have said my vows the day before and I shuddered. I recalled the
way I ran from the altar in a desperate attempt to get away from Tunde and his
lies. As soon as I sat on one of the pews I said aloud;

“Why me? What have I done to
deserve this? Why? God why?” I said again. “Shouldn’t there have been a sign?”
I thought but then again I knew that a sign wouldn’t have stopped anything. I had
loved Tunde so strongly and I had been blind to everything about him, all I saw
were his good sides. “Everyone’s blaming me! If only they know what I know…”
I started.
“What do you know?” A voice
I startled and turned to look
at who spoke to me, it was a young man I’ve never seen before, and he looked at
me deeply.
“What are you doing here?” I
ask, offended that someone dared infringe on my privacy.
“It’s a church…and it’s free
for all.” He said.
“Then I suggest you mind your
business and stop prying into mine.” I spit at him.
“I’m sorry, you were speaking
aloud and…I eavesdropped.” He shrugged.
I ignored him and turned back
to face the altar, then after a while I stand up to leave the church. I quietly
exit as I came making sure that no one saw my face. I had just reached the gate
when a voice called out to me.
“Hey!” The male voice said to
I turn back to regard him.
“What do you want?” I ask.
“I just wanted to say, I could
drop you off if you want…”
“No…thank you…” I said to
him turning away.
“I am sorry for barging on you
like that….the least I can do is offer you a ride home.” He said to me with a
I look at him for while and shrugged,
it didn’t matter anyway, I had no fiancé, no husband and no friend, what harm
could a stranger do to me? I thought.
I followed him to his car and
got in, as soon as he started the engine, I noticed his lean arms and looked
away. ‘I shouldn’t notice him’, I say to myself.
We stopped at a small restaurant,
I hadn’t been paying any attention as I was submerged in my thoughts.
“This is not my house…” I
said to him.
“You never gave me an address.”
He replied.
“I didn’t?” I asked.
“Come on…I’m famished and I’m
sure you are too…let’s go and eat something.”
“I’m not hungry.” I lie but in
reality, my stomach churned.
“C’mon…something is eating at
you and it’s time you let it out… besides, life goes on.”
I turned to him sharply.
“What are you talking about? I’m
sure you’ve heard all about me and you want to hear the full scoop right?” I
flashed at him.
“No…I don’t know you…I just
feel that something is weighing you down.” He said to me, 
“I’m sorry…I have a lot on my
“My name is Ernest…” He said
smiling at me and extending his hand for a handshake.
“Lola…” I reply, taking his
hand in mine.

TO be continued tomorrow….



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