“What was that about?” My sister
asked me. She stepped into the room as soon as Tunde’s brothers left my room.
I look at her silently and say.

“What do you mean by nothing?
Lola! Those guys looked very displeased and I hate to think that you are the
cause of their displeasure.”
“They aren’t happy that I left
their brother at the altar, that’s all…” I reply.
“So…when are you going to
tell me the reason you left Tunde at the altar?” She asked me.
“I developed cold feet…” I said
“You did what? Developed cold
feet over what?”
“I want to be alone…” I say
to her.
“No! I am tired of leaving you
alone Lola. If you can’t trust me with whatever is going on in your life then
there’s no use being there for you.”  She
“C’mon sis…you can’t be
against me too…” I say.
“Lola, it’s two against the
world! I am the only one on your side at this time…as everyone even our
parents are against you right now. The least you can do is tell me what’s going
on. I know you too well, Lola, and I know that you are hiding something from
me.” She said.
“I am not…” I lie to her.
“Well…I don’t believe you at
all…” She spat.
“I’m tired of staying in this
house, I’m off to Shalewa’s.” I say, picking up my jacket and purse and leaving
the room.
“One day you’d have to tell
someone what really happened to make you change your mind about the love of
your life.” My sister shouted at my retreating back.
I stepped out of the taxi cab in
front of Shalewa’s house, the two storey building looked quite old from the
outside but on the inside, it was more modern. I knock at the door, knowing
that Shalewa’s family should be back from church. My family and Shalewa’s attended the same church at Lagos Island, infact even Tunde’s family attended the branch of our church.
“Who is it?” Someone asked.
“It’s Lola…” I reply.
“Lola! Lola!” I hear the voice
say then a quiet murmur followed and some whispering.
After waiting for a while and
the door hadn’t been opened yet, I knock again.
“Who is it?” Another voice
“It’s me Lola! I am here to see
Shalewa! Open up.”
There was another round of
silence then the door opened and Shalewa stood at the door staring at me.
“Hey Shallie…” I say, addressing her with the pet name I was fond of calling her.
“How are you Lola?” She greets.
“I’m well…can I come in?” I
She looks around cautiously.
“My parents are at home and…”
“So? I come to your house when
your parents are around…is anything wrong?”
“You see…after the incident
happened…I…my parents have condemned your behaviour and…they kinda said
that I should give you space for now, till you come back to your senses.”
“Tunde’s parents sent text
messages around and they also sent to my parents….they said that you aren’t a good
influence and that your singular act of disrespecting everyone at the church by
fleeing could somehow influence us…I mean…the young ladies in the church. Please understand
that I live with my parents and I have to respect their wishes. Even, my fiancé,
Kenneth thinks the same and he’s scared that our friendship could
jeopardize my marriage to him…I think you should trash out things with Tunde
and…” She stopped, perhaps realizing that she was blabbing.
“Shalewa! We’ve been friends
for…fifteen years….how can you say all this to me?” I ask in shock.
“I’m sorry Lola…I have to go
now….bye…please settle your issues with Tunde….” She said and shut the

I stared at the closed door
literally shaking in confusion. What was happening? I thought. I turned back on
my heels and left the compound, feeling much worse than I felt when I arrived.
To be continued tomorrow….



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