Tunde shut the door behind him
and I sat on my bed looking at my palms, they were literally shaking and soaked
with sweat. 
The loud shouts in the sitting room ended abruptly
and soon my mother and sister were in my room staring at me and trying to comprehend
what had just happened.
“Lola! What happened? Tunde
just left with his parents…” My sister said.
I didn’t reply, I just stared
at them.

“What are you? Dumb? Lola, you
haven’t said a word since you returned to this house and I suggest you start
speaking now!” My mother said to me.
“What do you want me to say?” I
replied in a broken voice.
“No…Lola, please don’t say
anything you don’t want to…” My sister said to me.
“Oh! Let her talk, she’s been
here for a day and hasn’t said a word.” My mother barked.
My father chose that moment to
barge into my room.
“Lolade! You need to explain
how you suddenly upped and left your husband at the altar, throwing away all
our efforts to the trash.” My dad shouted.
“We are not compatible.” I say
to him.
My father rushed up to me to
give me a slap but I dodged it and his palm hit the wall.
“You miserable, stupid girl,
how dare you?” He screamed at me. “All these while you guys were dating, you had no idea that you were incompatible right?”
“I want to be alone….” I said
standing up and facing my family squarely.
“You are going to go to Tunde’s
house and go on your kneels before his family and ask for their forgiveness. You
will beg our family members too, from Aunty Nike who came all the way from Oyo
to Uncle Akindele who came in from Kwara. Everyone that risked everything to
attend your wedding must be apologized to, am I clear? Failure to do this will
earn you a bed outside this house!” My father thundered and left the room.
“What do I tell the women’s
wing? How do I face them? All the asoebis they sewed for the occasion is in
vain ehn. The caterer delivered all the food to Tunde’s family house and they
asked that they share them to the needy. The cake is in our sitting room
untouched….the souvenirs have rid me of space in my bedroom. What have I done
to deserve such a child? Lord! What have I done?” My mother lamented and
quickly exited the room.
As soon as she left, I lay on
the bed.
“I know you are hiding
something and telling the truth is the only way out of this….” My sister said
to me and when I didn’t respond, she left my room.
I was still lying on my bed when
about two hours later, Dani and Ladi came to see me, they entered my room as
though they owned it and shut the door behind them as soon as they walked in.
“You should have asked someone
to call me instead of barging into my room…” I said to them.
“How did you find out the
truth?” Dani asked me in anger.
“Really? Are we going to have
that conversation?” I fired.
“You overheard us while at the
room beside the church. Where you eavesdropping on us?” Ladi asked me in anger.
“So, you guys think that the
three of you could stage up something so cruel and expect me to fall for it
just like that?” I spit.
“Tunde is the last son of our
parents and he is very special to them, you are not going to do anything stupid
by telling anyone anything about this.” Dani threatened.
“I haven’t told anyone but
Tunde.” I say.
“Well…that’s good news but we
are not sure we can guarantee your silence so….” Ladi started.
“So, what?” I ask.
“We want to strike a deal with
you.” Dani said.
“What deal?” I ask.
“We will give you twenty
million naira if you get married to Tunde and give him at least one child, it doesn’t matter where the child comes from all that matters is, that our parents see you
pregnant for their son. After spending five years with him, you divorce him and
leave the child with our family and go on your way.”
“Are you guys’ crazy? Do you
know what you’re asking me to do? What do you think I am? A stupid woman who doesn’t want to stay married? I don’t want a divorce in my record and I don’t
want a dysfunctional marriage either.”
“Listen to us Lola, we are
giving you three days to change your mind and rebook your wedding for next
Saturday…we spoke with the vendors and they are willing to redo everything
from scratch and even the event centre is free for that date. Failure to do so
might cost you more than you bargained.”
“Are you threatening me?” I ask
in shock.
“That’s no threat, it’s a guarantee…”
Ladi said icily.

I watched them leave my room
like two musketeers and shut my eyes in disbelief, while their threat hung over
my head.
To be continued….



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