I arrived home at exactly seven
thirty pm that evening and just as I had predicted, friends and family members
filled my house. When I pushed the door open and walked in, my mother saw me
and screamed.
“Lolade! My God! Lolade!” She
screamed as she rushed to hug me and once the hug was over, she gave me two hard
slaps on my cheeks.
“What were you thinking?
Running off from the church like that.” My uncle Braimoh asked in distaste.

“Do you know how old you are?
Or do you think you’re still a child?” Her aunt Nike spat at me
I kept silent, I had prepared
herself for this, I was going to act numb throughout the questioning and
pretend that she was dumb.
“Are you dumb? Can’t you speak?
Talk to us jare. Why did you do that foolish thing? Why did you leave that poor
boy Tunde at the altar?” My aunt Nike continued.
I looked up and saw my sister,
who had risked it all to attend my wedding. Folashade was a medical student
abroad and she had literally rushed a test to make it to the wedding on time.
As soon as our eyes met, there was some kind of communication that passed
“Please…let’s leave her to
rest, we need to be thankful that she’s unhurt and that she is here with us.”
Folashade said walking over to me to take my hand.
I stared at her in gratitude.
“Do you know that your father
and brother have not returned from searching for you?” My mother cried.
I didn’t speak, I just took my sister’s hand and let myself be led to my room.
It wasn’t the bright rays that
spilled into my room the next morning that woke me up, it was the shouts from
the sitting room.
“I need a refund of everything
I paid for that wedding. Infact I need my dignity back! Your daughter insulted me,
she insulted my family. Do you know how long it’ll take us to recover from such
scandal? Do you know how many newspapers and blogs have put up the news of her
jilting my son at the altar?” Tunde’s father barked.
“Calm down, I haven’t seen her
yet but I’ll talk to her.” My father said in a reassuring tone.
“Your daughter is a useless
girl, a good for nothing idiotic swine! She will pay for this! I promise
you…she will pay for this!” Tunde’s father shouted.
“Calm down dad…there’ must be
a reasonable explanation.” Tunde started.
As soon as I heard his voice, I
froze and felt the tears threaten to spill but I held it back. My sister walked
into her room and placed a breakfast tray on the stool beside my bed.
“I made you coffee…you’ll
need it.” She said in a matter of fact voice.
I didn’t speak, I nodded and
poured herself a cup of coffee and sipped it. My mother chose that moment to
push the door open and regard me in anger.
“Two kingdoms are fighting over
what you did yesterday. Infact, we didn’t attend church today because we can’t face
the embarrassment you caused us. I need you to go out there and give Tunde’s
parent’s a logical explanation as to the reason you left their son at the
altar.” My mother said to me with her hands on her hips.
Tunde chose that moment to walk
into my room.
“Lola!” He said to me, sounding
every inch the betrayed groom. Turning to regard my sister and my mother he
said. “Could you give me a moment alone with her please?”
They obeyed his wish and left
the room, as soon as the door shut close, he said to me.
“What were you thinking? Do you
know what you’ve done? You fooled me into believing that we were real when we
were not…” He started.
I raised my hand and gave him a
loud slap on his cheek, his hand flew to his face and he stared at me in
“You are gay? Tunde! You are gay?” I say to him.

Tunde stared at me in horror, his
mouth stood ajar but words failed him.
To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Hi I really love your series and I follow some. I just want to point out some errors I feel you need to check on. I understand you're busy and maybe you rushed this story, but try as much as you can to edit properly or give to a fresh eye to go through before you post. Take care girl. Blessings.

    • Sure thing dear. I admit I rushed this story hence the mistakes. I try to give friends to re-read but they are busy too and most times don't read it at all. Will work on the editing aspect.
      Thanks for reading.


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