I paid Laura a visit, she was
lying in bed watching the television provided in the ward when I walked in. She
was surprised to see a young woman dressed in a long black dress and a black
veil but when I removed the veil from my face, she breathed in relief.
“Where have you been?” She
asked me.
“How are you?”

“Why are you covered up?” She
asked me.
“Are we going to rile ourselves
with questions all day?” I ask.
I walk up to the bed and we
“How are you? Are you healing well?” 
“The pain is unbearable even with the painkillers. I am lucky to be alive.” She said to me.
“I had the most terrible nightmare
a week ago, that man you introduced to me as your friend, came to strangle me.”
She said.
“I know…”
“So it wasn’t a dream?” She
I shook my head and quickly
recounted the events of the past week to her, I didn’t tell her that it was Rotimi that had stabbed her.
“Oh my God! Lola! What?” She
said in shock when I was done. “What are you going to do now?” She asked.
“Tunde is too lily-livered to
stand up to my brother but I won’t let my brother destroy my life so, I am
going to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
“Tell the truth? How?” Laura
asked me.
“I want you to arrange an interview for me as
soon as possible…I want to tell a reporter everything and I want it out on
the newspaper stands.” I say.
“What? This is
earth-shattering! It is bigger than all of us! Do you know that asides the fact
that Tunde is gay, your brother would be exposed as well? And then, poor Tunde,
he has nothing to do with your brother’s schemes.” She said to me.
“That’s the reason I want to
give an interview…I would not reveal Tunde’s secret but I would find a way to
reveal my brother’s.”
“How? If I may ask?”
“I want Ernest to be
interviewed as well…”I say.
“Are you mad? That man is a
murderer! He tried to kill me! Do you know what he’d do to you? Do you think you can easily convert a hardened criminal?”
“I know it’s a big risk but my sham of a wedding is in three days and I can’t go through with it. Not now and not ever!”
“What if you go to Tunde’s
family with the truth?”  Laura asked.
“Tunde and his brothers will
deny it.”
“Your brother could deny it as
well and call you senile.” Laura said. “Besides, everyone can testify that you ran away from the altar without any valid reasons and even after the incident, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell your family the reason behind your actions.”
“That’s why I’m going to plant
a recorder in my bag when I go to pay Rotimi a visit tomorrow….” I say.
“You are going to pay Rotimi a visit tomorrow?”
“Yes I am…and I am going to speak to him and make him blurt out all those things he said to me in secret…”
“Lola, you haven’t thought this
thing out…I’ll give you time to do that.” Laura said shaking her head at me.
“There is no time! Can’t you
see that I came here under disguise? I believe that Rotimi is watching me and I
am scared.”
“Okay…calm down, let’s plan this thing together. I think I
know what you can do.” Laura said to me.
I listened as she spoke.

To be continued….



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