I felt so much pain rack my
body and I opened my eyes to darkness, the whole room was dark and I struggled
to comprehend where I was.
“Urrrggghhh…” I moaned.
“Lola…it’s Ernest…you will
be fine.” A voice floated up to me.
“Get away! You, you are a
betrayer!” I accuse.

“I know I did the wrong things
but I never feigned the admiration I have for you.” He whispered.
I sat up, my eyes were already adjusting
to the room and I could see Ernest’s form before me. My face felt swollen and I had a bad headache.
“I want to go…let me go…”
“I wish I could but I can’t, your brother….he’s
a passionate devil! You have to be careful…” He warned.
“I can’t believe I have been
the fool all along.” I say. “Thank God I didn’t let Laura publish that
story…Tunde was innocent in all of this, my brother is the guilty one.”
I look around the room and
“Where is he? Where is Rotimi?”
I ask.
“He went out…”
“Oh my God! He’s going to try
to harm Laura…” I say.
“I have no idea where he is…”
Ernest said to me.
“What is he going to do to me?
I know his secret now, what is he going to do to me?” I ask.
“Don’t worry, just promise to
accept anything he tells you to do…and it will all be well.” Ernest said.
I heard the door slam shut and
Rotimi appeared at the doorway with a huge torchlight, he beamed it at my face
and said.
“Get up!”
I struggled to my feet still
feeling pain in my head.
“We are going home.” He said to
I felt like the heavens were
finally giving me a second chance.
“What of my friend? What of
Laura? I hope you didn’t hurt her?” I ask.
“I have no business with her!
Anyway, she’s as good as dead, I stabbed her pretty well.” Rotimi said.
“You what? You were the one
that stabbed Laura? Rotimi! Who are you?” I cried.
“Your brother.” He flung at me.
I broke down in tears, thinking
of how much my parents loved and sacrificed for us to imagine that my brother had ended up this
“Before you leave…you have to
agree to something.” He said to me.
“Agree to what?” I ask.
“You have to agree to stick to
the initial plan of marrying Tunde.” He said. “In that way, I still get my money.”
I stared at him as my face
drained of all colour.

To be continued…..



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