I was trembling; my legs shook
from the shock of what was actually happening to me, I stared at my brother
who had turned cold and calculative before my eyes.
“Rotimi! Ernest! You two know each other?” I ask, trembling.
“Yes we do.” Rotimi said to me.
“I can’t believe this! Rotimi!
What have you got to do with anything?” I ask.

“Everything my dear….you see,
I planned it all from the start. The wedding….everything! I introduced you to
Tunde, don’t you remember? It was all a plan from the start.” Rotimi leered.
I suddenly remembered,
everything began to take shape. I recalled not being in the mood to party on
the night I had met Tunde, but my brother had insisted that I joined him.
“Why? You knew he was gay?”
“Yes…I’ve always known dear sister and I blackmailed him for it. You see, Tunde never wanted to get married
to a woman, least of all you, besides he’s gay but since I found
out….something he had let slip out by mistake one night we hung out for
drinks and after which he came on to me thinking that I was gay as well, I
began to think of ways to make something out of what I knew. Tunde’s father is
a billionaire, the man is deep in wealth but not everyone knows. Spilling the
beans about Tunde’s truth would hit him, it would shatter their family and I knew that Tunde didn’t want his father to be disappointed in him so, I pitched. I gave him a
chance to marry my sister or watch his secret blow up and he had no choice but to do as I bid.”
“What were you hoping to gain
from all this?” I ask in anger.
“A whole lot my dear…I was
going to gain almost all of his inheritance, but my plan wasn’t going to be
complete till you married him. You see, the catch was that when you married
him, he would transfer some of his properties in your name and when you find
out about his truth, you’ll come running to me and I’ll help you get a divorce
on the condition that I am to handle the whole assets he had placed in your
care. You will be in too much grief to worry about anything and you’ll trust me
completely so, when I am drawing documents, relinquishing the properties to my
care, you’ll be in too much sorrow to think of reading them before signing them.”
“All this is for money? You
sold my sanity, my chance at happiness for money?” I ask in shock.
“Yes…besides, every man needs
a little something to spice up his life and since our father has nothing
really, I mean, he’s a retired civil servant, I…could think of no other way to make
it big and quick too.”
“I hate you for this Rotimi! So
it’s been you all these while who has been my greatest enemy!”
“Yes, Dani and Ladi are the
most lilly livered men I know, after you left the altar which left all of us in
shock, I had to instigate them to threaten you and they tried at first but they
grew so weak with time so, I had to get help and that’s how
Ernest came into the picture!”
I looked at Ernest in anger and
“You! I thought we were
friends…” I started.
“I…” Ernest said softening.
“I’ll never forgive you for
this!” I say standing up to my feet and turning towards the door.
“Where are you headed?” Rotimi
asked me.
“I am going to report your ass
to the police.” I scream.
“Not too fast sister…” Rotimi
said as he raised up a plank and hit me on my face.

To be continued….



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