I can’t recall what happened
next but I felt a strong hand bear upon me, and I struggled to be free from his
“Stop it! Dammit stop it!”
Ernest hissed in my ear.
“Mmmmmm…” I struggled loudly as
his palm held my mouth close.
“Don’t do anything stupid.”
Ernest said to me in a hiss.

The door was pushed open and
Ernest let go of my mouth as the nurse rushed into the ward to find out what
was going on.
“I heard a scream from this
room.” She said.
Ernest looked at me daring me
to speak, then he said.
“She was …screaming because
she was happy that her friend woke up but we just found out that it was a scare
and she wasn’t awake.” Ernest lied.
The nurse looked at him
inquisitively, then looked at me and walked over to where Laura lay and said.
“We can’t have anyone screaming here. You both should leave…the
patient is not too stable.”
Ernest gripped my upper arm and
led me out of the room. I was shocked beyond words, I knew what I had just
witnessed. Could it be that Ernest wasn’t who I thought he was?’
“Who are you? Tell me now or
I’ll scream!” I said with tears in my eyes.
“Shhh…let’s go somewhere
private to talk…I need you to hear my side of the story.” He said to me.
“Why did you want to kill
Laura? What has she done to you?” I ask with tears in my eyes.
As we were speaking in low
tones one of the investigators walked up to us and said.
“I’d like to speak to you for a
moment.” He said to Ernest.
Ernest wanted to refuse but
couldn’t, he knew that if he resisted, everything might look too 
suspicious. I glared at the investigator almost blurting out that he should have been there when Ernest attacked my friend, besides he was a policeman or wasn’t he?
“Okay…” He said to the
investigator. Then to me, he said. “Wait for me, promise me that you’ll wait
for me…when I am done, I’ll tell you the truth.”
I nodded, all I wanted was for
him to leave me alone at that moment. He walked away with the investigator,
glancing backwards to see if I was still there.
 As soon as he was out of sight,
I ran, down through the corridor to the nurses station and murmured something
incoherent about not letting anyone near Laura’s room and racing out of the
hospital through the back.
We had both come to the hospital with Ernest’s car so I quickly
halted a taxi cab and gave him my address, I was in such a bad state and I
needed to get away from him as quickly as I could.

To be continued….



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