I arrived Laura’s house to see
that the ambulance was already there. Laura was strapped to the stretcher and
carried out of her house, her face was pale and bloody.
“Laura! Laura!” I scream,
jumping out of my car and running towards her form on the stretcher.
“Are you the one who made the
call?” A male nurse asked me.
“Yes…I…oh my God!
Laura…what happened to you…” I sobbed.

Laura opened her eyes and looked
at me, I could see the pain in her gaze.
“I…am….sorry…” She said
to me in difficulty as she, wincing in pain.
“Sorry? What happened? It
wasn’t your fault…Laura!” I cry.
“Please madam…we are about
placing her in the ambulance, could you step back a bit?” The nurse said to me
as he carried her with another male attendant.
“Noooo…” I cry into the
Some of Laura’s neighbours were
outside standing in front of her house and shaking their heads in pity.
“I’m sure it was a case of
armed robbers…” One of them said.
“No…I think it’s a hired
assassin that did the job…” Another said. “Nothing was stolen from her
apartment…just her computer. Who would break into an apartment, stab the lady
who lives there and leave with an old laptop. That’s stupid if you ask me.”
I stood there and watched as
Laura was carried into the ambulance, I try to go in with her but the nurse
“Please…come over the
hospital, this is an emergency…” He said and got in, closing the door of the
I hurried to my car, started
the engine and tailed the ambulance as it made its way to the hospital.
I couldn’t remember how long I’d
lain there at the waiting room but I knew that I was woken by the loud sounds
of wails.
I open my eyes and look around
hastily, what was going on? I asked myself as I stared around, some people had
brought in a very sick child and the mother was in tears. I rubbed my eyes and
looked at the time, it was past four am. I sit up and walk up to the nurse on
“Nurse…I came with…my
friend…she’s the lady that was stabbed.”
“Oh…she was just wheeled out
of the operating room now…” The nurse said to me.
“Okay…thank you, do you know
if I could go and see her?”
“I’ll ask the doctor and get
back to you…please wait.” She said.
I nodded and walked back to
take my seat and watched her place a call to the doctor. After speaking for a
while she nodded at me and I stood up and followed her. I was led to a small
corridor with lots of rooms, she pushed open one of the rooms and stepped in, I
followed her closely.
As soon as I got into the room,
my breath got caught in my throat. Laura lay on the bed hooked to machines, she
was as white as the sheet she lay on.
“As you can see, she’s
currently being transfused blood…she lost a lot of blood.” The nurse said in
a whisper.
“Oh my God! Who could have done
this?” I cry.
“Try not to upset her and
please do not let her talk to you….the stabs were on her abdomen and talking
would affect the wound from healing…” The nurse said and walked away.
I nodded and walked up to
Laura, I took a seat beside her and took her palm in my hands and stared at
“Laura…I am so sorry for the
fight we had before I left your house today…please don’t die…I beg of
you…or I’ll lose my mind…please…” I cried.
Laura didn’t move, she was lost
to the world.

To be continued….


  1. Methinks Tunde's brother put Ernest to watch Lola acting as alive struck puppy. He must have heard the argument btw Laura and Lola


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