“I’d like to you to meet
Ernest…my friend…” I said smiling at my mother who was regarding Ernest
“How do you do young man?” My
mother greeted.
“I am very fine madam and I
must say that you have a very beautiful home.” Ernest remarked.
You should have seen my mother’s
face at that moment, she was so happy at the mention of the beauty of her home
that she beamed at Ernest as though she’d known him for years.

“Thank you very much Ernest.”
She said with a smile.
“Errr…we’re going to the beach but I’ll
stop at my shop first before we head to the beach….” I said to my mom.
“Have you delivered Mercy’s
wedding dress?” My mother asked me.
“Yes…I had it delivered
yesterday…” I replied.
“Okay then…see you later…”
My mother said to me.
As we were about leaving the
house, my brother walked into the sitting room.
“Meet my brother, Rotimi…” I
say in introduction to Ernest.
Ernest held out his hand for a
handshake but Rotimi ignored him openly.
”Where are you headed?” My brother asked me.
I was so shocked that my
brother had openly refused to greet Ernest and I felt so humiliated by his
“Out!” I said as I grabbed
Ernest’s hand in mine and we left the house.
As soon as we got into the car
I fumed in anger.
“What was that for? He shouldn’t have done that. I am so sorry Ernest, I promise to talk to him…” I said.
“It’s okay, I understand that
he’s being protective of his little sister.” Ernest said with a smile.
“That’s crap! I know many big
brothers who have many younger sisters and how they don’t embarrass them before
their friends.”
“Let’s forget this okay…”
Ernest said as he started the car.
As soon as he drove out of the
house, my phone rang, it was Laura. I answered the call.
“Hey dear…” I greeted.
“Hello…are you alone?” She
“Okay, I am working on your story and I kinda got stuck at the part where Tunde’s brothers revealed their
brother’s truth…can you maybe, errr…come over to my place to help me write
it?” She asked.
I had not told anyone of the threat messages I had received from Tunde’s brothers as Laura was the only one who knew anything about it.
“You know what? On second
thoughts, don’t continue the project…I…I feel it’s just a meaningless
threat and…”
“What? Lola, you let my hopes
up…how can you say this?” Laura said clearly disappointed in me. “I could get back my job with this…”
“I don’t think it’s wise to let
it out like that…and besides, it’s my life we’re talking about.” I say.
“I told you that I’d change
names…” Laura said to me.
“That still won’t change
anything…if you have to change names, then you shouldn’t write the story…”
“I am disappointed that you’re saying
this…” Laura spat at me.
“I am so sorry …I’ll be at
your place tomorrow okay…so that we can trash it out…” I said and hung up.
“What’s up? You sounded tense
over the phone.” Ernest asked me.
“Nooo…it’s nothing jare…it’s
just some project I’m working on…”
“Really? Tell me, I’d like to
help out…” He said to me.
“Never mind dear…”I replied.
Ernest dropped the subject as soon as he realized that I wasn’t telling him anything further. 
We quickly got to the shop and
I rushed off into the shop to leave instructions with my tailors. I had just
left when I realized that I didn’t tell them to sew in Michelle’s buttons in
gold, so I turned back and headed back to the store but stopped short when I got
to the shop’s entrance.
“Hmmm…na anoda man she carry
come ooo, soon she go drop am for altar, run comot again.” One of my tailors said.
“Na wah for madam Lola sha, but
she get luck, see as dat man dey pursue am like dog wey see bone.” The
apprentice said.
“Abeg, I cannot work on another
wedding dress for her ooo….the last one ehn almost destroyed my fingers…”
My second tailor said. “She had better decide to get married and stay married abeg! Runaway bride, mtchewww!”

I couldn’t believe what I had
heard, I quickly hurried to the car in tears.
To be continued tomorrow….



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