“Your phone is ringing…”
Laura said walking over to me.
“Oh who could it be?” I say and
take the phone from her. I look at the caller ID and grow warm when I see that
Ernest is calling.
“Hello…” I greet over the
“Hey dear, how are you?” Ernest
“I am fine…”

“Are you at your shop?” He
“Nope…I am at Laura’s.”  I say.
“Laura? I have never heard you
mention Laura….who’s she?”
“Oh…it’s a long story
jare…” I say.
“Okay…dinner tonight?” He
“That sounds like a plan…”
“See you later then…” He says
to me and hangs up.
Laura hands me the oil and I take
it from her and pour it into the pot.
“Sounds like you have a date
for tonight.” She said in between sniffs.
“Kinda…he’s a guy I met at church…on
Sunday after I left the altar…” I said.
“Hmmm…and it seems you guys
hang out pretty often.”
“Well…not really, just here
and there…” I say as I pour in the sliced tomatoes.
“It’s not safe to jump into
another man’s arms for comfort…” She said to me.
“I am not jumping into Ernest’s
arms, I’m just in need of a friend at this point and all my friends deserted
“Why would they do that?” Laura
asked perplexed.
“You won’t believe me if I told
you that my friends have formed groups. Some are against me and the rest just want
to know what happened to make me leave the altar like that. None of them are
true…it hurts that it took me this long to realize it.”
“I am so sorry…I know I
shouldn’t ask but did you tell your family why you left the altar like that?”
“No…I haven’t told anyone…”
I say.
“Are you going to keep
protecting him?” She asks me. “Because I’m sure he’s the wrong party in this.”
I look at her sharply and look
“You still love him don’t you?”
She said.
“I can’t hate him all because
….” I start.
“All because of what?” Laura
“He’s gay…” I say suddenly
and begin to cry.
“Lola…” She whispered my name
and hugged me tight. When we broke the hug, I turned to turn the sauce on the
“I heard his brothers say it,
some minutes before I was to say my vows. They had planned it all along….” I
“That’s so cruel! He should own
up and tell the world who he is and not hide it behind formalities!”
“I am sorry to burden you with
this…you just lost your job and…” I start.
“No…it’s okay…it’s fine…”
She said to me.
“I’ve been thinking you
know…his brother came to me on the day after the supposed wedding and
threatened me. They warned me not to talk or tell anyone and they said that I
must marry their brother or else. Their parents sent my family a list of bills
to pay and my dad had to pay them back a lot of money. It’s not been rosy…” I
“I can’t believe you Lola, why
aren’t you telling the truth? Why aren’t you speaking up?” Laura asked me
“I guess I feel that no one
would understand that he needed to please his family by getting married to me
‘That’s the most stupid
statement I have ever heard! If he’s gay, he shouldn’t drag you into a lifetime
with him…it’s not fair at all. Doesn’t he understand that marriage is a lifetime
My phone rang again, it was
Ernest. Laura looked at the phone and saw the caller ID.
“If I were you, I would trash
this issue before dragging another man into it. Besides I detest men who look
for women with broken records…”
“Ernest never knew about the
wedding, I haven’t told him yet.” I say.
“Then my dear, you’re in a
deeper mess than you think.” She said.
The phone stopped ringing and a
text message came through, it was from Ladi, it read.
don’t seem to get shaken by threats right? Do you think we’ve forgotten? If you
want to know how ruthless we can be, try opening your big mouth!’

Laura watched me read the
message but soon got distracted as her phone rang, she hurried to the sitting
room to answer it while I read the text message over and over again.
“Guess what?” Laura said to me
as she rushed into the kitchen.
The tears in my eyes made her
stop in her tracks, she took my phone from me and read the message.
“Who sent this?”
“Tunde…Tunde’s brother….I
am so scared…”I cry.
She hugs me.
“What news did you want to
relay to me?” I ask wiping the tears from my eyes.
“My director called me and said
he’d give me a second chance if I can submit an original gripping story in less
than two weeks.” She said to me.
“Write my story…submit it…I’m done keeping this a secret.” I say.

To be continued….


    • Thank you for the compliment dear. I was literally dragged to take a professional picture for my profile. It should have been up on the drawing at the header section but my graphics designer has been misbehaving so, I put it up on my 'Meet The Writer' section, myself.

  1. Yes Lola!!! She is finally getting some brain. Why do i feel like Ernest is not a good guy? Why do i feel like he was sent by Tunde's brothers/family? Why do i feel like his (Ernest) mission is gonna fail because he will genuinely like/fall in love with Lola?


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