The clock chimed at seven and
Temi struggled to go back to sleep but it was impossible to. The room she lay
in was strange and even stranger pictures graced the wall. Small portraits of
herself and Bee hung around the walls of her room and for every picture, her
smile looked forced.
It was one week since she was
discharged from the mental hospital and within that week, a lot had happened, she had
been enrolled at a new expensive school and had gone shopping with Bee for new
clothes, underwear, bags and toiletries.
Temi stood up from the bed and
kneeling beside her bed, she closed her eyes and tried to remember a prayer but
couldn’t. They hadn’t been the prayerful sort in her household and church was
just a Sunday thing. Her eyes closed for a while but jerked open as soon as the
door to her room opened.
“Oops! Sorry…I just wanted to
remind you that school starts in the next one hour…” Bee said.
Temi turned and looked at her
and mumbling some incorrigible words to herself, she shrugged.
“So, could you hurry up to the
bathroom now please?” Bee said.
Temi let out a pent up breath
and walked into the bathroom and banged the door shut. Immediately she entered
the bathroom, she sat on the bath-tub and felt the rush of tears engulf her.
She really wanted to go home and she couldn’t pretend to Bee anymore that she
believed half the story she had told her.
Quietly, she turned on the
shower, taking a soap from the soap case, she ran it under the shower, watching
it as it slowly melted.
“I will send everyone packing
from this house if care is not taken.” Tara’s father screamed.
They were all seated in the
compound, some leaned against cars while others counted the seconds hands on
the faces of their wristwatches.
“Was that meant to be a threat?
Is it because you are the first son of this house that you feel you can kick us
out on the street? Don’t you dare threaten us…if fire is burning in your house,
let it burn you alone and leave those who had no hand in it.” Yemisi’s father
screamed back.
“So…you have the guts to
challenge me right?” Tara’s father asked, his eyes blazed with anger.
“Baba Tara…don’t take this the
wrong way. We only called you for this meeting because of what happened
about a week ago. Our mother would have lost her life if not for the bravery of
Tara and her friend who called a taxi and took her to the hospital. According
to Tara’s friend, Jumai answered the door when he asked for you and…” One of
the relatives said.
“Will you keep quiet? Jealous
people…none of you wants to see me happy…not one of you…” Tara’s father said.
“Don’t play the emotional part
with me brother, it won’t work. It is your fault that our mother almost died
and that’s the reason we are here today. We want to know why you left her out
here to die like a dog when you could have rendered assistance.” Yemisi’s
father said.
“May those words of yours choke
you…may they strangle you…how dare you falsely accuse me?” Screamed Tara’s
The two brothers stood nose to
nose, jaw to jaw as they regarded eachother murderously.
“You are a big coward….what is
in a text message that you could send your wife and children away and replace them with a woman who almost ruined your life sixteen years ago and who will
eventually ruin your life.” Yemisi’s father shouted.
Tara’s father was not having
any of it, he pounced on his brother and they both tangled themselves in a
Shade walked down the narrow
corridors of the classrooms, it was already dark and the last time she looked
at her watch, it was a quarter to ten pm. Exams start tomorrow and she couldn’t
believe that she hadn’t read one single page of her extensive books. Luckily,
she was a very fast learner and she had crammed up most of the texts from one of her book within four hours. She heard footsteps approach her, short and quick steps
and she too walked fast.
“Wait…it’s me…”
“Oh my God… scared me.”
Shade whispered as she turned to face the girl she knew so well.
“I just came to deliver a
message, I have searched for you all over campus and I am lucky to find you.
There will be a huge raid tonight and we are supposed to disappear by morning.”
“What? I don’t understand.”
“We don’t have much time but let
me break the story to bits. There’s this rival cult that just set up, it’s a
female group and they call it ‘Shakara girls club’ but they are dangerous. This
morning, Lisa from our group got attacked by one of the so called ‘Shakara Club
girls’ in the bathroom. The girl slashed Lisa’s wrist with a pocket knife and disappeared
into thing air. The issue was because of that Emeka boy who has been dating
every girl on campus. It happened that Lisa was dating him all the while he was dating
the Shakara club girl. We have to revenge and we must do it quick, so, this
night we are all going on a raid…we are going to destroy the hostel where those
girls stay and inflict injuries on any one we see there.”
“What? I have a paper tomorrow at
eight am and I can’t miss it. Besides, why should I go ahead with a raid I know
nothing about and…I am not cut out for bloody fights.” Shade said astounded.
“You took the blood oath and
there’s no going back. We must assemble at Ada’s house this night at midnight…”
Kate said as she hurriedly left her.
Shade exhaled sharply, she was
tired of her cult members, it was either this or that. She remembered the reason
she joined them. It was because she thought they organized the coolest parties
in school and she didn’t want to mingle with the normal students. Now she
strongly regretted her decision.
“How was school? I’m sorry I forgot
to ask you yesterday. You know that I’m caught up with my plaza opening which
comes up this weekend.” Bee said as she scooped a spoonful of egg sauce and
spread it on her bread.
“Hmmm.” Temi muttered.
“That’s rude Temi…c’mon let’s
chat.” Bee said.
“It’s almost time for school…I
have to go.” Temi said.
“Temi…why are you like this? I
told you what happened in Lagos and how your parents don’t want you…are you
going to keep shoving me to the wall?”
Temi stood up from the dinning
chair, picked up her school bag from the table and headed outside the house
where the driver waited to take her to school.
She got to school on time and just
like yesterday she silently slipped into the assembly hall and stood like a motionless
cupboard. Her new school was fantastic, it had the best facilities and the
students that attended the school were mostly kids from very affluent homes.
They all had gadgets and the use of phones where allowed in the school. Temi
was the only one who didn’t use a phone and it really didn’t bother her except for the fact that she had her parents number by heart and she couldn’t call because
Bee refused to give her a phone of her own or let her use hers.
Classes started and soon it was
break-time and even as students filed out for lunch, she wasn’t in a hurry to
go till one girl walked up to her.
“You’re new here right?”
“Yes.” Temi answered.
“My name is Stella…my friends
call me Stells.”
“Don’t you want to go for lunch…you
look like the typical loner…hope you’re okay?”
“Yes…I’m fine.”
Stella started to speak but was
cut short by the loud shrill of her phone, excusing herself, she answered her
call and placed her Samsung S5 into her pocket. Suddenly, an idea hit Temi.
“Nice phone.”
“Thanks though it wasn’t my
first choice.” Said Stells.
“Could I…do you mind if I make a call
with your phone, just briefly?” Temi asked.
“Sure…knock yourself out…I’ve got airtime to last me a life time.” Stells boasted.
Temi took the phone from Stells,
felt her hands shake in fear as she typed in her mother’s number. The network
provider informed her that the line was switched off so she typed in her father’s,
it rang. After three rings, someone picked.
“Hi…daddy…it’s me Temi…I want
to come home.”
“Who is this?” Asked Jumai who
was already irritated by the whinny childlike voice over the phone.
“It’s me…please can I talk to
me dad?”

“What dad? Wrong number…” Jumai
said sharply and hung up.


    Ada thanks for keeping to your word(s). This is indeed long. *smiles*
    This Jumai sef. I feel like giving her a knock on the head.
    keep up the good work. The Lord shall elevate you.

  2. Mehn! I really wish with all my heart that Temi reunites with her family. All the overdose of love from Bee can never replace that of the Dolapo's. I hate Jumai…even though she's the biological mum of my favourite character. How I wish Tara could borrow some sense and work on getting her family back together.


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