Temi watched as the security guard packed his belongings and prepared to leave the house. All the while, he threw glances her way as
though she was to blame for his predicament. Bee wasn’t one to take chances
and she wasn’t too happy with the fact that a stranger had come into her house
with a suspicious parcel.
“You will pay for this… I
promise you! I have been here long before you came and you think you can usurp
me from my position in this house.” Said the security guard.
Temi was confused, she was
certain that the gate man was paranoid. How could he say that she entertained a
guest in the house and even collected a parcel for Bee? She honestly didn’t
remember and could swear that she had never seen that parcel in her life. Bee
called out to her and she walked back to the house.
“I’ve thought of enrolling you
into one of the schools in the area but I don’t know the class you could fit
in.” Bee said.
“That would be very nice, Bee… though I
can’t even remember anything about school.”
“I would like it if you could
at least remember a little about your past like, your parents, siblings,
“I honestly can’t remember
anything except this house… “
Bee let out an exasperated sigh
and stared at Temi.
“It’s okay, just go inside,
freshen up and let’s check out some schools… I don’t know what term the schools
are in now…but let’s go and make inquiries.” Bee suggested.
Yemisi stared at her lesson
teacher sleepily and yawned. It was three weeks after she had left the
“Are you listening to me?”
Asked the teacher.
“I …yes… I am…” Yemisi replied.
“What were my last words?”
“It sounded like…err…did you
say Algebra?”
“This is an English class
Yemisi…not a mathematics class.”
“I am really sorry…” Yemisi
“Are you ill?”
Yemisi didn’t reply. No one
knew about her pregnancy except her family members and they intended to keep it
that way till her belly protruded.
At that moment, Tara walked to
the back of the house where she held her school lesson with her teacher. Tara was still on her uniform and with her school bag as she was just returning from school.
“Yemisi dear…how are you?” Tara
asked, after greeting the teacher who responded with a scowl on her face.
“Hi” Yemisi replied, she wasn’t still in the best of terms with her cousin.
“Pardon me ma, are you through
with the lessons for the day?”  Tara
asked politely.
“Your sister is not willing to
learn, she has been dozing off all day and I am tired. I think I’d better go
home, maybe she’ll be better tomorrow.” The teacher said while packing up her
“It never gets better, only
worse.” Said a voice.
Everyone turned to see who it
was. It was the would be Temi. She quietly strut towards them and cleared her throat
“You see, dear teacher, your
student is pregnant so it only gets worse.” The would be Temi supplied again.
The teacher’s mouth stood agape
and she stared at Yemisi in alarm.
“Oh…didn’t they tell you? You
should charge more money because 
pregnant girls are harder to teach than those that aren’t.” Yemisi
“You’re so wicked!” Shouted
“Me? Why? For telling the
truth? Oh please!” The would be Temi rolled her eyes.
‘I will…I have to go now…will
talk to your parents … I have to go!” Said the teacher as she dashed out in
“Clap for yourself, Stupid!”
Tara hurled.
The would-be Temi clapped her hands and
laughed loud.
“You are you?” Asked Yemisi.
“What sort of question is that?”
The would-be Temi answered.
“The Temi I know is selfish,
rude, and stubborn but she’s not wicked. You are not Temi…” Yemisi shook her
The would-be Temi looked at
Yemisi in shock at her statement.
“Pregnancy must have messed
with your head. Look closely, I am Temi, your dearest cousin.”
“Tara, could you please
accompany me into the house, I can’t bear this impersonator’s presence anymore.”
Yemisi said.
The two girls walked into
Yemisi’s house and shut the door at the would-be Temi’s face.
As soon as they entered the
house, Yemisi hugged Tara tight and Tara hugged her back, slowly they giggled
and laughed aloud just as the old days.
“I am so sorry that I’ve been
bitchy… seriously our separation is no one’s fault.” Yemisi said.
“No it’s my fault. I am sorry I left for my
mother’s place without thinking about you first, I should have stayed.” Tara said.
“Apologies accepted, so can we
go back to being friends again? And sisters too?” Yemisi asked.
They hugged again and started
sharing tales of what had happened between them since they stopped being
friends, excluding very sensitive issues.
“She’s not Temi, I know she isn’t.”
Yemisi said.
“No way! I have proof but daddy
won’t listen to me… he…”
“I heard what happened in your
house three weeks ago…” Yemisi cut in.
“Oh! That!”
“But to think that your parents
could almost kill each other over a text message, that’s something else ooo…” Yemisi said shaking her head in disapproval.
Tara averted her gaze and
mumbled some words.
“Tara! Are you hiding
“No…I’m not!”
“Yes you are… tell me, I promise
I won’t tell.” Yemisi asked.
Tara opened her mouth to speak
but was interrupted by a knock at the door.
“Are you sure it’s not that
girl that’s impersonating Temi?” Yemisi hissed as she stood up and walked
towards to door.
Tara sat down and contemplated
on whether she could pour out her heart to her cousin or not. Suddenly her
phone beeped and she retrieved it from her school uniform pocket. Her father
had banned the use of phones till holidays but she had been defying his orders
all in a bid to speak with her mother. It was a Whatsapp message from Robert,
she was about to click on the icon when Yemisi’s startled gasp stopped her.
Yemisi had opened the door to
someone she never expected to see, her gasp had Tara running as she hurriedly came
to stand beside her by the door.
“I can explain… really…” The
young girl at the door said.
“Get out of my house now!”
Yemisi screamed.
Tara was confused as she stared
at the girl again and realized that her face looked familiar. The girl was a
senior secondary student at their school.
“Hello…” Tara whispered.
Yemisi tried to push the door close
but the girl quickly held it open with her hands.
“If you have your best interests
at heart, you’ll run away from this house now…” Yemisi screamed.
“It’s important that I speak to
“Why? After deceiving me? I thought we were friends.” Yemisi spat.
“Melvin wants to see you!” The girl blurted.
Tara was confused, she kept staring at the two girls in confusion.
“Bella! How dare you mention
that man’s name in my presence? What are you doing here? You traitor!!!” Yemisi
“What’s going on here? Could you
guys please speak in English?” Tara demanded “Yemisi, who is this girl?”
“She’s a deceiver, a liar and a…”
Yemisi started, falling short of words.
“Hi I’m Bella, I know you from
school and I also know the father of Yemisi’s child.” Bella responded.
“What child? What makes you
think you can come in here and talk about what you know nothing of?” Yemisi demanded.
“The news have been all round
school, your cousin Temi told a lot of people about your predicament.” Bella
Tara looked at the two girls
again, still confused.
“What do you want? Speak now or
I’ll have someone throw you out!” Yemisi said.
“Melvin wants his child and he
means it!” Bella blurted.
Yemisi raised her hand and gave Bella a big slap on the cheek.
Shade sat on her bunk bed and
watched her roommates walk about the room. The girls, all noisy and clad in
only their underwear went about the room in a hustle. It was almost time for
her general class. Standing up from her bed, she quickly picked up her text
books and stuffed them into her bag.
“Are you the girl that’s
studying geology?” One of the girls asked her.
Shade turned and stared at her
in disgust while stuffing her books into her bag nonchalantly.
“Just wanted to tell you that
class has been postponed till tomorrow at eight am.” The girl continued.
Shade spurn around and stared
at the girl.
“Shit! What? I can’t sit in
this hell-hole all day…” Shade whined.
The other girls turned to stare
at her, surprised that she spoke. Since Shade walked into campus with her
mother, she had looked down on everyone around her. Even after securing a
hostel and finishing up her registration in due time. She wasn’t ready to
“Yankee dey talk ooo…” Said one
of the girls who slept on the top bunk at the left side of the room.
The other girls laughed. Shade
glanced at them irritably and stalked out of the room.
She walked out of the hostel
and didn’t know where she was headed, all she knew was that she missed her Latino
boyfriend and was in desperate need of a cigarette. She sighted a kiosk down
the road and endured the scorching sun as she headed towards it. Once she
reached the small shop, a young man attended to her.
“Hello.” The guy greeted.
“Can I have a pack of
cigarettes?” Shade replied.
“Cigarettes?” The guy stared at
her puzzled.
“They are distributed in
Nigeria right?” Shade asked.
“Yes they are but you can’t get any here…” The guy answered.
“Are you guys kidding me? Where
can I get a cigarette?”
“Well… it’s sold mostly at night time…”
“Can you get some for me? I mean…I
can give you the money right?”
“Sorry… I am a believer. We don’t
buy those kind of stuff.” The guy replied.
“Believer? What’s that?” Shade
scoffed and stormed off.
The night breeze chilled the
air as she stepped out of the taxi. She glanced at the time, it was some
minutes to ten pm.
“Guest or regular?” The bouncer
asked her.
“Guest.” She answered.
“Who are you here to see?”
Asked the bouncer.
She handed the card to him and
“Let her in, she’s friends with
Tokunbo!” Shouted the bouncer.
The door opened and she walked
in, the air smelt of smoke, drinks and sweat. Everyone was dancing and excited.
She felt someone hold her hand and looked to see that it was the bouncer who
had let her in. She followed his lead and entered a private room. She smiled as
soon as she walked in.
“I thought you’d never come.”
The man said as he stood up from the large sofa which seated about ten girls.
“I gave you my word.” She
“Hey everyone…meet Julliet!”
Said Tokunbo.

Temi smiled and sat down on the sofa. She was ready to enjoy the evening.. 



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