Hey Guys,

I know it’s not Tuesday yet but I am so happy that I couldn’t wait till next week. Nano Silver is here to kick out Ebola from Nigeria and West Africa for good! Isn’t that great news? Now wait for the best part….
It was made by a Nigerian scientist, OMG!!! And to think that some people were ‘doing shakara’ before.
Here are the details of the Nano Silver drug from the Natural Solutions Foundation:

‘As of now, it is said that there is no cure, no treatment for Ebola and that is not true, in fact there is, ‘Nano Silver!’ It is non toxic, it does not require refrigeration, it is inexpensive, self sterilizing, and can be given to every member of the community, from the tiniest baby or pregnant mother to the oldest most fragile granny. Nano Silver leaves the beneficial bacteria and the healthy cells of the patient unaffected but it does kill every pathogen against which it has been tested worldwide without exception.’

Thank You Jesus!
I am so happy…


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