For Temi, it was one of the hardest decisions of her youth
life and she didn’t know what to do or where to turn to. As she sat in class
and gazed at the teacher standing before over fifty students of the class, she
couldn’t help but let her mind wander.
“What will they say? Who should I tell?” Temi muttered under
her breath.
“What? Are you talking to me?” Asked her seat partner Bunmi.
“No…I’m just talking to myself…sorry…” Temi quickly
“Oh well… it’s alright, so… are you coming?” Bunmi asked.
“Coming? For what?” Temi asked confused.
“The excursion… aren’t you coming?”
“Oh…that…sure…well I think so.”
“Has your sisters paid?”
“Paid? For what?”
“Is your mind here? The excursion of course.”
“Oh that! Yeah…we have paid.”
“Okay…that’s cool, the bus leaves at seven am tomorrow, you
guys have to be here on time or we might leave ya!” Bunmi finished playfully.
The bell rang and the students packed their bags and headed
out of the classroom, Temi wasn’t left behind, she too, did same but with a lot
on her mind.
“Have you seen Temi?” Tara asked.
It was early the next morning and she was waiting for her
sister at the entrance to the house alongside Yemisi, they had gotten up so
early and were determined to leave the house before six-thirty.
“I don’t like this oo… it’s six twenty already, Tara please
go and call her.” Yemisi said.
“Call who? She got dressed before me, why should I go back
and call someone who is probably making up.”
“Hmmm…makeup? Does she use that now?” Yemisi inquired
“Yes…she hides it but I see it…she has a pack of beauty
“Was it given to her by her mom?”
“Mommy doesn’t even use make-up, why would she give her
“Who knows…maybe…” Yemisi continued but stopped short when
she remembered the condom incident that happened a week ago. “Err…Tara, have
you noticed any change in Temi?”
“No…not really, except her recent penchant for make-up.
“It’s nothing… I was just asking…”
“Why would you think she has changed?”
“I dunno…she’s your sister.”
At that moment, Temi emerged from the house breathlessly as
though she had run a long mile.
“What’s up girls? Let’s go!” Temi said.
“Hey don’t rush us… we weren’t the ones wasting time…” Tara
fired back.
“I didn’t waste time joor… I just had to pick up something.”
Temi said.
“What are you doing with your school bag?” Tara asked.
“What do you mean, what am I doing with it?” Temi snapped.
“It’s not needed during excursions besides, the bag is full.
What’s inside?” Tara continued.
“What’s your damn business?” Temi snapped in anger.
“Why are you angry? What have I done?” Asked Tara in
surprise over her sister’s reaction.
“It’s okay guys…let’s stop this bickering, we are already
late.” Yemisi said, trying to make peace.
“Let’s go jare…” Temi hissed.
 Tara and Yemisi
shrugged and followed Temi behind as they hurried off to school.
School was unbelievably bubbly as students shouted and
screamed in excitement over the huge buses that stood in their school compound.
So engrossed were they, that they didn’t see the silhouette of a young girl,
slip away from the pack.
Tara and Yemisi had just the bought the remaining buns from
the bun seller stall and walked back to the bus. The students were already
boarding so they joined them, the bus was quite full but they were able to find
a spot for themselves.
“Where is Temi?” Yemisi asked.
“I dunno…she should be in one of the buses… I’m still pissed
with her over her attitude today. And what was that issue of her not wanting to
come with us to get the buns?” Tara asked.
“I told you she was acting strange.” Yemisi supplied.
“No you didn’t!” Tara replied.
“Didn’t I ask you if you’ve noticed anything new as regards
her attitude?”
“Oh yeah you did…say something of that sort.”
“Hmmm…let’s eat our buns and enjoy the ride. I’m sure she’s
with that noisy classmate of hers, Bunmi, in one of the other buses.”
Tara nodded in agreement as they opened their nylon pack of
buns and munched.
Meanwhile, somewhere not too far away, Temi boarded a bus which
was headed to a different destination.
“Hey babe…it’s me.” Oni cooed into the receiver.
“Who?” Pamela hissed, her voice chortling down the phone
“Me…your broken hearted lover.”
“Who the heck are you?”
“It’s Oni…babe I’m so sorry for the other day… I mean it.”
“You lied to me… you told me that your father owned a huge
company in the UK…how could you?”
“Babe… it’s true…don’t pay heed to the words of my granny
grans…she’s a little sick in the head.”
“That’s too bad… I’ve already broken up with you.”
“Please boo…lemme make it up to you.”
“With what? A blackberry phone which will eventually end up
somewhere worse than the last one did? No thank you! This relationship sucks!
Really… it does!”
“Noo…noo babe please listen to me…” Oni begged.
The phone line went dead.
Oni stared at his room in frustration. Since the incident
that had happened with Pamela he had been very disconcerted and unhappy. This
morning, his grandmother had totally ignored his greeting and it wasn’t a shock
anymore as she had been doing so since the day she found out that the money she
had given him was used in getting a phone for his girl.
He stood up from his bed and walked to his wardrobe when
someone knocked at his door.
“Who is that?” He asked rudely.
“It’s me…Papiyo.”
“Oh my gosh! Papiyo.” He gushed as he hastened towards the
door and opened it to see his friend smiling at the doorway.
“Such a pleasant surprise.”
“Yeah… the door to your house was open so I let myself in.”
“Sure…you’re welcome.”
“How are you?”
“Good…what brings you here?”
“Na Katakata ooo…bros.”
“How do you mean?”
“The boss don show! He wants us to render accounts and my
guy, you owe us big time.”
“I know…I know…but”
“No buts dear friend…it’s a cash and carry business and you haven’t
been supplying enough cash. The last dope you took was for thirty five thousand
naira, adding it to the other one of twenty thousand and the last one of
seventeen thousand, that’s quite a sum.”
“Yeah I know…but you have to give me time…please bros.”
Oni said patting Papiyo on the shoulder but Papiyo shrugged
his hands off.
“This one no be abeg ooo…guy, the boss will have my neck on
a platter if I don’t give him the money today. Infact now, I am doing my own
round of collections…”
“Where do you expect me to get the money from?”
“See who’s talking…someone whose papa dey yanki and whose
family own this whole building. Sharrap jare…”
“I don’t know how to explain this to you but…I’m real low on
cash right now…maybe next week.”
Papiyo immediately withdrew a sharp knife from his pocket
and pushing Oni to the wall, he held the knife inches close to his throat.
“I want the money by twelve noon tomorrow or else…” Papiyo’s
threat hung in the air as he stared Oni in the eye till he blinked in
Retreating as he came, Papilo hailed once again.
“I’ll see you tomorrow buddy…stay blessed.”
Oni shuddered in fear at the attempt on his life.
As soon as Aunty Mo’s head hit the bed in fitful sleep, the
door to her room creaked open.
“Shhh….do you want to wake her up?”
“Stop talking, she could hear us…”
“This isn’t the rule of the game…”
Her three sons whispered amongst themselves, somehow, they
had been able to avoid going school as they had hidden in the toilet till their
mother had returned and entered her room.
 As usual Aunty Mo’s
first duty in her family compound whenever she spent the night away from her home
was to her mother as she made sure she went to greet her mother before coming
into her house. Immediately she got home, her second duty was to open her sons’
rooms to see if they had made it to school on time, then, her third duty was to
enter her room and fall on her bed in slumber.
“Where is her purse…?” Whispered Larry.
“It should be next to her bed…” Answered Godwin.
The twins made to enter the room when Godwin dragged them
“Haven’t you been paying attention to the movies you watch?
When stealing, it’s only one person that goes to steal while others watch.”
“Watch? Watch what?” Jerry snorted.
“Check if the coast is clear dummy…” Godwin retorted.
“Coast is clear.” Larry answered grudgingly, he had thought
stealing from his mother would be fun but as it seemed, Godwin had decided to
steal the fun for himself.
“Stand outside the door, I don’t want you boys to trip on
something that could wake her up.” Godwin instructed.
“Okay…we’ll stay with your plan but be quick, I have to buy
Choco Milo sweets today and I’m hoping on that money.” Jerry answered.
Godwin tiptoed into the room and refusing to be disturbed by
his mother’s snores, he quietly walks to the side of the bed and picks up her
huge bag. He rummages through it to find the purse and as soon as he sights it,
her phone rings.
“Oh my God!”

Were the last words that
left Godwin’s mouth as soon as he saw his mother’s curious eyes, open and stare
pointedly at him


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