Richard opened his eyes, he had been roused by light
streaming in through his windows, he picked up his phone hoping to see a missed
call from his fiancé but saw nothing. He was heartbroken. Was it because of
their fight? Did she leave him because of what she found? He thought as he
recalled the argument they had before he left for Dubai.

could you have kept that a secret from me? How could you
Judith had shouted at him.
tried to tell you but she wouldn’t let me…I tried to tell you everything but
she promised that it was all in the past.”
He had said with tears
in his eyes. “I can’t afford to lose you
darling, you know I can’t.”

“I call
her …sister…”
Judith had wept. “It’s not fair…”

“It was
in the past…I promise you.”

“Now, I
can as well as keep one eye open because I am actually stepping on shaky
Judith had said.
He had walked over to touch her.
you dare touch me! If you could keep this a secret from me all the while we
dated, you are a dangerous man.”

I’m not and you know I’m not, I’m simply a man in love.”
He had
said passionately.
“I need
to get away from here…I need to get away from you…from her too…I need to
clear my head as I am almost running mad.”
Judith said.
think you need to rest…we still have a wedding to plan.”

wedding? With the way I feel…I don’t think I want to go through with this
farce of a wedding!”
She had said and hurried out of the house.


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