Richard alighted from the taxi and paid the driver, he
walked the short mile to his fiancée’s family house with his bag in hand. He
had just raised his hand to knock when the door flung open to reveal an enraged

Nancy had been a member of his fiancée’s family since she
was about thirteen years old. Her family had rejected her because she had some
health issues and a kind of mental imbalance but Judith’s family had been kind
to let her into their home and she had been a part of the family since then.
She had taken care of Judith and her siblings as kids and was still watching
after them like a mother hen now that they had grown into mature adults. Nancy
was a forty-five year old woman with a scary temper tantrum but a heart of
“Aunty Nancy, good afternoon…” Richard greeted.
“Eeez dees good aftanun in yeur eyez?” She asked, speaking
in her very peculiar way.
Nancy had a way of speaking where she placed an ‘E’ at the
beginning, center and end of almost every word she uttered.
“How are you doing?” Richard asked with a smile. “Is anyone
at home?”
“Yeez mummee eez et home but daddee is et work.” She paused
to catch her breath. “Neeekky and Dekoti eez eenside…” She said.
Richard was a frequent visitor at his fiance’s house so he
could make out what she was saying to him.
“How are you Aunt Nancy? I hope you are well?”
“I am veery well but Mummee eez annoyeein me. She doesint
want to breeng moneee for tomeetoes. If wee don’t buy tomeetoes…what wee we
use to cook stew? Nonseense!” She hissed and trudged off.
Richard stepped into the house and saw Dakota, she saw
turned to look at him and quickly looked away, pretending to be interested with
the programme on television.
 “Hey Dakota…how are
you?” He greeted.
“Hmmm…” She murmured.

Richard had always known that Dakota didn’t like him and he
had tried to be in the best of terms with her. Dakota hardly got along with
anyone at home but her major enemy was her sister, Judith. The two of them were
four years apart in age but they quarrelled about everything and Judith was
very sure that Dakota was envious of her successes.


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