Ese was on her way out of the hospital, she opened her bag,
took out her phone to make a quick call and saw the call log. She froze. Someone
had answered her call, because she hadn’t answered any calls in the past thirty
minutes and her showed otherwise. But who did? She asked herself.

“Good afternoon.” She greeted.
“Hello, my name is Mabel from Coral flowers and events, I
just called your phone but your husband answered.” The lady said.
Ese was speechless.
“My husband?”
“Yes, he insisted that you’re a Mrs. And not a Miss as
stated in our records and I told him that the ceremony was still holding as
planned. I only called to confirm that you wanted roses and not lilies.
“What?” Ese squeaked.
“I called to confirm your request….you want roses and not
lilies right?” Mabel asked.
“Is the reservation free for today?” Ese blurted.
“Well, I’ll have to check the calendar and…”
“Check it!” Ese ordered.
Mabel seemed to startle at Ese’s tone of voice and quickly
“Please hold on.” After a while, she said. “It was used this
morning but it’s free now.”
“I want my ceremony to happen today. Call the violinists,
and set up now! I’m calling the pastor right away.”
“Madam, it’s short notice and…”
“I’ll pay the extra costs. Kindly schedule my ceremony for
five pm this evening.” Ese quickly said and hung up.
As soon as she hung up the call she made a quick call to the
“Sister Ese, good afternoon.” He greeted.
“My fiance and I would like our blessing of marriage to be
done this evening by five pm. There’s really no need to wait any longer.” She
“Really? This evening? What time?”
“Five pm.” She said.
“That’s no problem. Is the blessing of marriage still
happening at the place you told me about?”
“Yes pastor…” She said.
“Do you have any witnesses?” The pastor asked.
“No, we want it to be a private affair.” She said.
“Blessing of marriage also needs eye witnesses. How will
people really know you are married?”

“We’ll have a marriage certificate to prove that.” She said.
“Do you know what? Don’t bother about the witnesses, I’ll have the events
people act as my witnesses.”
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