Inspector Brendan had a small stature, he was not as tall as
many of his colleagues or as well-built as they were but he was well-respected
in the department. He had received a call from the DPO about a certain case
involving a missing lady and even though he was meant to be on leave to see his
family in Cameroon, he stayed back. He knew his daughter would be very upset
that he hadn’t kept his word, she had taken the separation very hard unlike the
boys who kept mum whenever he called or just answered in monosyllables, Olivia
cried whenever he said he had to hang up.

He wished he could drop everything
and go to Cameroon to be with his family and he knew he couldn’t. This was what
his soon to be ex-wife had battled with; his love for his job versus his love for
his family. To her, they always came last on his list and try as he may to
dissuade her thoughts, she believed that she was right about that.

He stared at the case file for Judith and shook his head,
something wasn’t right. Where was she? Did something happen to have made her
leave for Ibadan just as she was planning for her wedding? In his experience,
when ladies are weeks away from their wedding, all they do is plan and keep
planning but Judith’s case was different, she had gone to pick up an original certificate
from her university, something she could do at any other time. Was she having
problems with her relationship? He thought. He was yet to see her fiance,
Richard, and he was yet to hear his side but something didn’t sound right, he
thought. He was still deep in his thoughts when a police officer walked up to
his office and knocked.
“Sir…” The officer said.
“We have been able to locate the bus park where we believe
Judith was last seen.” He said.
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