“Marry me Rich, I had to find the best way to get Judith out
of the picture because there’s no way I could marry you if she was in the
picture.” She said. “Marry me Rich, it’s me you really and truly love.”
“So, you decided to kidnap her? That’s heartless!”
“My brother would not harm her, he’s supposed to release her
once I call him and tell him that we are already married. So, the choice is
yours, marry me and Judith will be released.” She said, not knowing that he
already knew that Judith had escaped their clutches.
“I loved you once before Ese and we’ve moved on from that
love, my heart was in shreds but it picked itself up and moved on. I met Judith
and I love her and you asked a question whether I love her more than I loved
you and the answer is yes, I love Judith much more than I ever loved you. You
and I are in the past, now.”
Ese’s hands flew to her face, she cried and yanked her veil
and tossed it to the ground. Richard tried to calm her down.
“Leave me Richard, you threw my proposal and love to the
dirt.” She cried.
The pastor walked into the small hall and looked at Ese in
her wedding dress and Richard dressed casually and asked.
“Where is the groom?”
“He is the groom.” Ese said to the pastor.
“I’m not the groom. I have a fiancée …” Richard said.
Ese bent over and pushed her hand under the skirt of her
wedding gown, she retrieved something from her tights and when she brought it
out, Richard screamed in shock.  It was a
“Ese!” Richard screamed.
The pastor ran to hide behind Richard in a desperate attempt
to save his life.
“You never expected this from me huh?” She spat.
“Keep the gun away, please Ese. Where did you get it from?”
Richard asked in fear.
“Kekeh helped me get it and I promise you, it’s real and not
fake and it’s loaded too.” Ese said.
There were no other people in the hall with them and the man
who had walked in with Richard was nowhere to be found.
“Put down the gun please…” Richard begged.
“Pastor!” Ese called out.
“Ha! I’m dead ooo…” The pastor cried.
The ESCAPE series ends today. Thank you so much for reading and expect more from this space soon.
Our Winners for the giveaway are:
1. Ericslove
2. Teekay
3. Chiokafor
I didn’t publish their answers because they used their real email addresses and I don’t think it’s wise to be made public. 
Only one person got the answer to the question of where Judith and Richard met. The answer is; They met at the entrance to the bank.


  1. Thank you for this lovely story. Really, one should be careful who they make friends with, but in this case, how could Judith have known that Ese was like that? I mean, she covered her tracks so well that no one suspected her except her husband's sister.

    Thank God Donald got better and that Ese never thought of killing him……the accident worked together for his good.

    As for Inspector dating Dakota, I wonder what he plans to achieve. Unless Dakota resigns her fate to his non-resident lifestyle, I see no future for them……..just a repeat of the same old cycle.

    In all, I enjoyed the story. Well done, and thank you for the giveaway.


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