Judith thought
she couldn’t go any further, the wound on her leg hurt so bad and she wasn’t
seeing clearly.
“Oh God! Please…help
me…please…” She cried as she stumbled down the road.
She had no idea
of where she was headed, or any knowledge of her environment. She knew she wasn’t
in Ibadan but was close to it. She was still limping when she heard prayers
coming from a church, she looked up and saw a church ahead, so she headed
towards it.
Once she reached
the gates, she fainted.
Dakota didn’t
know where to begin so, she started with Nancy. Nancy had been in her family
for many years, in fact for as long as she could remember and she knew Nancy
loved Judith so much. What if? She thought, ‘What if Nancy didn’t want the
wedding to hold? She could recall that Nancy always said to Judith that the
house would never be the same with her gone. Nancy had loved Jude too and Jude
had died and no one was more affected by Jude’s death than Nancy. What if Nancy was trying to protect her own interests by working hard
against the wedding. 
She made her way
into the compound and heaved a deep sigh, coming back home held so much
memories for her. She went round the back and saw Nancy sorting out the garbage
“Nancy…” Dakota
called out.
“Yew!” Nancy
started looking angry.
“Hey…wait, I’m
here for peace and not war.”
“Gew end peck
yer remaining teeenz end get ewt eef here!” Nancy said in command.
“Yes I am here
to pack my things but Nancy, do you really want me to go? Where do you think I’d
run to? I have nowhere to go…”
“Yew hev a
faether!” Nancy said.
“Yes, and he has
a family. This is my family. I don’t know if his family will ever fully accept
me but all I know is, this is where I grew up. I had happy memories here, at
this backyard where Jude, Judith and I would run round chasing one another.”
Nancy wiped the
tears from her eyes.
“Nancy, you have
to believe that I had nothing to do with Judith’s disappearance.”
Nancy nodded and
looked at her.
“I came to make
things right with you, and with everyone in the house. I know I must have
disappointed everyone one way or the other but believe me, I wasn’t thinking of
hurting anyone when I chose the kind of life I wanted to live.”
“Yew dreeged femily
neeame in med!” Nancy said.
“Yes I did and I’m
sorry, I have began working on myself and I have thrown away the phone I used
in contacting those clients of mine. Right now, I just need Judith to come home
so that everything would be alright.” Dakota said.
“Gew tew de
keeethen. Heeve yew eaten?” Nancy asked.
Dakota smiled
and shook her head, indicating that she hadn’t eaten. She entered the kitchen and sat down on the wooden chair. Nikky walked
into the kitchen and was startled to see her.
“Dakota! What
are you doing here?”
“What do you
think I’m doing here? I’m here to find out once and for all who’s behind our sister’s kidnap.”
“Are you nuts?
Mom disowned you.”
“Well, I’m back.”
Dakota said.
“Don’t cause
further harm Dakota, go back to where you came from.” Nikky said.
“Listen to me
Nikky, and listen good. We can’t trust anyone…no one at all. Judith hasn’t been
found yet and I’m sure that…”
Madam Zeena
walked into the kitchen and saw Dakota.
“What are you
doing here?” She asked in anger.
‘Who’s your
mother? I’m no mother to a shameless whore! Get out of my house now!” Madam
Zeena said.
Mr. Gregor
walked in, he was with a walking stick. Dakota saw him and her face fell.
“What are you
doing here Dakota?” He asked.
“I came to see
all of you and ask for your forgiveness.” Dakota started.
“Leave this
house now!” Mr. Gregor said.
“You’re not my
daughter, you never were and you never will be. Get out!” He said.
Nancy walked
into the kitchen and saw what was happening.
“Whaet eez
wroeng weet all eef yew? Dakoteee eez here tew esk fer perdone! Whee ere yew
sendeen her ewey?”
“Keep quiet
Nancy, you know too well how wicked Dakota is…” Mr. Gregor said.
Ese chose that
moment to walk into the kitchen, she was surprised to see the whole family in
the kitchen. Richard followed closely behind, he had just come into the house to see Judith’s dad and had seen Ese in the sitting room, and she’d informed him that Mr. Gregor had
stepped into the kitchen.
“What are you
doing here Dakota?” Richard spat.
“Is this your
house? Why are you asking me what I’m doing in my house?” Dakota fired.
“This has ceased
to be your house. You are not welcome here.” Her mother said.
“If you all threw
daggers at me or arrows even, it would be much better than these words of hate.”
Dakota said, fighting the tears from falling.
“Mom, please…Dakota
has a point.” Nikky said.
“Go to your room
Nikky.” Her father said.
“No daddy, I won’t
go anywhere, I’m not a child.” Nikky said.
“This is a
family gathering, I have to go and see my husband at the hospital.” Ese said as
she turned to leave.
“Please send him
our love.” Madam Zeena said. Then addressing Dakota, she said. “Leave! Now!”
Dakota nodded
and left the house through the back door.
Two women were
on their way out of the church when they saw Judith on the ground unconscious.
They quickly alerted the members of the church and they took her away to the
church clinic.
“Who are you?
What is your name?” The doctor asked her.
Judith didn’t
speak, she watched the drip flow into her veins and sighed in relief.
“Can you
remember your name? Who you are? What you’re doing at the church gates?” The doctor asked.
Judith didn’t
speak, she wanted to but something told her to keep silent for a while.
“You are lucky
to have been found at the entrance of the church. The wound on your leg has
been cleaned and we’ve given you a tetanus shot. You are very lucky. A wound
like this could lead to amputation and even death but it seems God’s on your
side.” The doctor said.
Judith still
didn’t speak.
“You’ll rest
here for a while before we let you go. Don’t worry about the cost or charges,
this is a church clinic and medical care is free of charge.” The doctor said
and left.
Judith stared at
the small room and breathed in relief, she was so grateful to be out and alive.
She made herself comfortable on the bed and felt a something hard touch her
stomach. She pushed her hand into her wrapper to retrieve the small album she
had taken from her captor’s place. She opened the album and flipped through.
There were pictures
of young men, pictures taken in a university campus. She saw pictures of Capi
and the other men who had held her hostage including the one whom she’d stabbed.
She flipped through the pictures and as she did, one of the pictures fell out.
She picked the picture. It was a picture of Capi and about twelve other young
men. She turned the picture to the back and saw the scribbled words.
Capi, our second in command with the members of the

There were also the full names of everyone in the picture as well as their nicknames, written in small
letters at the back of the paper. She saw Capi’s name and surname and instantly
felt a jolt of recognition. Tears clouded her eyes because at that instant, she
knew exactly who was behind her kidnap and she knew why.

To be
continued tomorrow…


  1. LOL @you're so smart….
    Thoroughly enjoyed the escape, it's a pity Dakota wasn't forgiven and allowed to look for her sister. That's truly her real family.

    • I'm glad that you enjoy the Escape. Yes, I wish she was forgiven too but I guess her family members are blinded by their egos.
      Thank you for reading Mrs. A


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