Nikky rushed
into the room where her mother lay, she had driven from the hospital as soon as
Ese had called her.
“Mommy! My God!
Mommy!” She cried as she ran to her mother’s frame on the bed.
“I called the
doctor, Nancy gave me his number.” Ese said in tears.
Nancy was
standing beside Madam Zeena’s bed, sobbing. She had heard Ese’s scream and had
ran immediately to see what it was only to find mommy on the bed unconscious.
The doctor came
in almost immediately and they all left the room and left him with Madam Zeena.
“I wanted to
take her to the hospital but I don’t have a car and she’s quite big and Nancy
and I can’t carry her out of here on our own. The gateman is not at the post,
he had to go somewhere.” Ese said quietly.
“I understand
Ese, thank you so much. You’ve been so much help through this time…thank you…”
Nikky cried.
“Mummeee weee
bee beeter.” Nancy said in tears. “Sheee weee geet beteer so I can teel heer
I’m soooeeryyy.”
“Don’t cry
Nancy, please, be strong for all of us.” Nikky said and started crying again.
“I wish Dakota was here, she is so tough and she knew how to be so tough for
all of us. I can remember when we lost Jude, we had mourned for days and …she
got up one night and turned on the music and made sure she played all the songs
on Jude’s playlist. We all left our rooms and walked out into the sitting room
and laughed as we spoke about Jude. I guess that was when we all got the
healing from the pain in our hearts over his loss.” Nikky said.
Nancy nodded.
“I deeent likeee
Dakotee …beceez shee eez net yer deddy’s deaughter…” Dakota sniffed.
Nikky walked up
to hug Nancy.
“With Dakota
nowhere to be found, daddy in the hospital, Judith missing, Jude dead, mummy in
critical condition, you are all I’ve got Nancy, you are my family.” Nikky said
in tears as she hugged Nancy.
Ese was moved by
Nikky’s words, she wondered if this torture will ever end.
Richard paced
his apartment, in fury, where was his bride to be? His phone was ringing off
the hook with family members calling him to be sure that everything was
alright. He didn’t know how long he was going lie about the fact that his wife
was missing.
He answered the
call from his mother, she’d been calling him all night and now, it was morning
and she was still calling.
“Hello mom…” He
“Richard, do you
want me to have a heart attack? What is happening? Where is your wife? Has she
returned? I heard that her father has been hospitalized. This doesn’t sound too
good. If this wedding is not holding, tell me now please.” She said.
“No, it’s not
going to hold mom. I’ll have someone call everyone I sent cards to, to cancel
till further notice.” He said sadly.
“What’s going on
son? Haven’t the police been able to locate her?”
“The kidnappers
haven’t asked for a ransom, and neither have they contacted us. I’m sure that
this is the work of human traffickers. I am very sure she might be…” He started
and burst into tears.
“Richard…my poor
boy…oh my God!”
“I’m scared
she’s dead mom…and I don’t know what to do.” He cried.
“Do you know
what? I’ll tell everyone that you guys have postponed the wedding. Then, I’ll
come and meet you and stay with you a while. Okay.”
“Yes…thank you
mom…I’ll love that very much.”


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