Judith heard the
door open, she also heard the footsteps and her ears pricked. Who was it? She
asked herself. She was lying on a mat with about two other young women who were
Baba’s relatives. She sat up when she heard Baba shout.
The door to the
room she occupied burst open and there stood Capi, staring at her with eyes
that looked so achingly familiar. He took two steps into the room and dragged
her out kicking and screaming, he clamped his palm over her mouth so her
screams were a bit muffled. The young women with her sat up in a start and
stared helplessly as she was dragged away. By the time he dragged her out of
the room, she saw his companion, standing over Baba and his sons and pointing a
gun at them, they were shivering.
“If you repeat
what you saw here anywhere, I promise I’ll gut you all. I’ll kill you and hang
you all on trees for everyone to see.” Capi spat.
Baba and his
sons shook in fear, the little one who was dumb stared at Judith in open
sympathy, he couldn’t imagine how she could be free at one moment and a
captive, the next moment.

Judith was
dragged out of the house and hurled into a small car, she was in tears as Capi
got into the driver’s seat while his companion got into the back seat with her.
As they drove away, she screamed in terror.



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