Oga Bode sat in the interrogation
room and wanted to cry, he thought of his family, his job as a driver and
shivered in fear. What was he going to do if they took everything from him? He
thought as he remembered the threats of the kidnappers.

The door opened and inspector
Brendan walked in, he wasn’t smiling. Oga Bode’s palms sweated badly which
showed he was really scared. The inspector brought out a small Ziploc bag and dropped it on the table before Oga Bode, he also dropped two pictures, one
of a man and the other of a young lady. Oga Bode recognized the people in the
photograph and he shivered as though he was cold.
“Do you see this earring?”
The Inspector asked him.
Oga Bode nodded shakily.
“I found it in your car on
the day I visited you in your home.”
Oga Bode looked away.
“These people, the young
lady and the man were passengers in your wagon almost week ago.”
Oga Bode didn’t speak, he
kept staring at the pictures before him and sweating profusely.
“If you had said the truth
from the beginning, this would never have happened but you wanted to play smart
with law forgetting that karma is bitch.”
Oga Bode licked his cracked
lips and looked away.
“This man was found dead at
the roadside and taken to the morgue. He had an itinerary in his
pocket and we found that it was your car that he boarded. This can only mean
one thing; that you, Oga Bode, are a human trafficker or a ritualist of some
sort and that you delivered your passengers to those who’d paid you to deliver
humans to them.”
“Haaaa! Noooo…” Oga Bode
shouted in shock.
“Yes, that’s what it is
because I do not see any reason why you would hide the details, if
you weren’t in on it in the first place.” Inspector Brendan said.
“No! That’s not true…oga
inspector please I’ll tell the truth. I was ambushed! These men, they were…three…they
were in my wagon, we reached a spot and one of them said he wanted to urinate and
I stopped the car only for them to gang up and take the lady then, one of my
passengers wanted to make a call or something and they shot him.” Oga Bode said
pointing at the picture of the man. “I mean this man here.”
“Well, that’s your own
version of the story.” Inspector Brendan said, not believing a word of what he
was saying.
“Please, I swear to God who
made me…oga sir…I swear sir. They promised to kill my family if I went to the
police that’s why I kept silent.” He cried.
“You kept silent? For how
long did you intend to keep silent? I bet you never knew we’d come up with such
evidence against you and if we didn’t you’d never have said anything. Do you
know what might have happened to that girl since you didn’t deem it right to
call the authorities? Do you know?”
“I am sorry sir…” Oga Bode
said falling to his knees. “I am a family man sir.”
“You should have remembered
that when you hindered an investigation by lying.”
“Please sir. I just told the truth,
the whole truth.”
“Well, your truth doesn’t
set you free since you waited till the convenient time to tell it. If you ask
me, you are in on this from the beginning and I will make sure you get behind
bars and go to court. If I were you, I’ll look for a good lawyer to plan my
“Ahhhhh…mogbe oooo…oga abeg…I
cannot afford a lawyer. I can’t be in this kind of situation. I am just a
humble man, struggling to get by. I swear that I never took any money from any
one. I swear that I never knew the kidnappers prior to the time they took the
girl. I swear…”
“There was a murder in your
vehicle and what did you do? Toss the body to the road as though it was a piece
of dirt. That man was a family man, he had a wife waiting for him, instead of
reporting the incident to the police, you tossed him on the road for the
vultures. You are a wicked man.”
“I had no choice…oga…I had
no choice….” Oga Bode sobbed like a baby.
“I recall smelling really strong detergent and bleach in your vehicle on the day I checked it. It was your passenger’s blood that was
on that seat of your car that you washed out with strong detergent right? You
took that break because you wanted to wash your car of all traces of blood that’s
why you didn’t resume work till three days later.” The inspector accused.
“Sir, I was in shock sir…please
sir…” Oga Bode cried.
Inspector Brendan stood up
from his chair and looked at Oga Bode.
“People like you are the
reason bad things keep happening in our country.”
Inspector Brendan said and walked out of the room.
As soon as he left, a police
officer walked in and dragged Oga Bode up from his chair and led him out of the
Dakota stood before her
family, she had cried so much as she couldn’t believe she was proving her
innocence before her family.
“Please, hear me out …please…that’s
all I ask.” She cried.
“And if we hear you out, will you leave us alone? Go back to your father and whatever family you have
with him.” Nikky shouted.
“Dakotee eez baeed, yew
almest keeled yer faether!” Nancy shouted.
“He’s not her father Nancy,
he’s Judith and I’s dad and no one else’s.” Nikky said.
Madam Zeena sat there, she
wasn’t speaking, her eyes were swollen and somehow reality had seemed to dawn
on her. Her daughter was missing, her husband was in the hospital and the wedding
was less than seven days away.
“Dakota, what you did was
wrong.” Ese said.
“Will you shut up? Are you a
part of this family? You always like to follow my sister around as though you
are best buds but you’re not…” Dakota started.
“Dakota, I advice that you
say what you have to say and be done with it. Stop this childish attitude of
yours.” Richard said.
“How dare you talk to me
that way? It’s a pity my sister refused to see beyond the lines that…” Dakota
“Will you shut up Dakota?”
Madam Zeena said.
“I need to speak to you and
Nikky alone, I don’t need all these other people.” Dakota said stubbornly.
“I won’t listen to you if
they are not here.” Nikky said stubbornly.
“Dakota is right, we are not
part of this family. C’mon Rich, let’s go.” Ese said.
Richard nodded and stood up,
they both walked into the house while Dakota’s eyes followed them. When they
left, Nancy said.
“I don’t need you here too,
Nancy. You’ve never seen me as a part of this family right from childhood
because you feel that I’m not daddy’s child.”
“Yer reeight!” Nancy agreed.
“Bet I’m steeying.”
Dakota shrugged and started.
“I went to my father’s house
after daddy locked me up, I never had any intention of coming back here because
I felt so much hatred pouring from you guys. I love Judith so much, she’s my
sister and even though we fight, we don’t hate each other.” Dakota said.
“Oh please, give me a break!
That’s a big lie! You’ve hated her since forever and all of a sudden, she’s
started hating you right back. Can you tell us why she suddenly started
reacting to whatever you said to her? She started telling you to keep your business away from this family?” Nikky said.
Dakota looked at Nikky and
looked away.
“Judith is the only one in
this family who knows me so well. She knew what I did…and what I’ve done and…”
“What you did? And what
could that be, sister?” Nikky asked in spite.
Tears welled in Dakota’s
eyes and she let them spill.
“I’m a disgrace to the
family name, I’m not like Judith, I was never like Jude and neither am I like
you, Nikky. You guys are so intelligent and I’m super proud of you….I too, wanted to make something for myself and I…I…fell into something so wrong. When
Judith found out, she was very angry with me, she wept in bitterness and she
told me to stop for the family’s sake. I gave her a sarcastic response that the family never really cared for me and
since then, she became bitter towards me. She judged me, not realizing that it
broke me.”
“What are you talking about
Dakota? If you have anything to say, say it!” Madam Zeena said.
“I’m a call girl…also known
as a prostitute.”
It was as though a heavy
bomb had been dropped, everyone stared at Dakota as though she had just unleashed
some sort of dragons.
“You are what?” Madam Zeena
asked, standing up and tying her wrapper in place.
“Mummy I’m sorry. I wanted
to be of good use to myself and…”
The slaps that fell on her
and the heavy blows cut her sentence short. Nancy rushed to drag Madam Zeena
off Dakota and Nikky pulled her mother away in tears.
“Steep eet! Yew weel keel
“Mommy please…stop it…”
Nikky cried.
When Madam Zeena was
successfully pulled off her daughter, she screamed with all the strength in
“Get out of this house! Pack
your things and get out! I wash my hands off you! I disown you! You are
hideous! Get the hell out of my house now!” She screamed.
Dakota raced towards her
room to pack up her things, she cried as she ran. She rushed to the corridor
leading to the rooms and heard voices coming from Judith’s room which was ajar.
“I wish all this would go
away.” Ese was saying. “I wish everything would be the way it was before.”
“I wish the same too…”
Richard was saying.
Richard and Ese heard her footsteps and
rushed towards the door to see her race into her room.
“What happened? Dakota!”
Richard ran to her in concern.
“Leave me alone! Leave me
the heck alone!” Dakota cried as he packed her clothes and stuffed them into
her bag.
Ese stood at the door and
stared at her in compassion. At that moment, her
phone rang, it was her husband.
“Hello, babe…” He said
“Donald! Are you okay?” She
“Could you come? I’m at the
hospital…I fell from the stairs and I think I broke my back.” He said.
“What?” She screamed as she
raced away from the room.
Everything was going wrong
all at once.
be continued tomorrow….He He Heh


  1. Hmmmmm. It's getting more and more intriguing. Right now, everyone is a suspect. I have my eyes on nancy though. Nice one Adadioranma. I was able to get a way round the okada books thing. I'm good now

  2. May God deliver us from evil. Occurrences like can be overwhelming.

    So Madam Zeena is playing saint now, eh? First, remove the log in thine own eye, woman…..Dakota needs your help not your drama.

    Thank God Ese for the first time, minded her business. I hope her husband's case is not too critical.


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