Judith stared at Baba in silence, she didn’t understand the
question he had asked her but all she knew was that she was very grateful for
his help. She knew he had protected her from Capi and his men and for that she
owed him a lot.
The small boy looked at her and made some signs to her but
she didn’t understand his signs.
The baba looked frustrated that he couldn’t communicate with
her, he raised his palms up and down calmly as though telling her to keep calm
and she nodded.
Soon, he and his son left the farm house to go back to the
farm but they locked her inside the house and gave her a spare key.
While they were away, she ate some boiled corn and drank
some water, she felt pain in her head and she knew she was going to fall ill
soon if she didn’t see a doctor.
She lay on the narrow bed beside a wall and closed her eyes
to sleep when she heard the door knob turn. Her eyes opened in a flash and she
sat up on the bed. The person outside the door seemed to be trying to force the
door open but couldn’t. Suddenly, she heard a window smash and she quickly hid
under the bed.

Capi forced his way into the house through the window and
when he got in, he walked around very slowly. Judith closed her eyes and prayed
to God in a way she’d never done in her life.


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