Dakota and her father sat in the interrogation room, she was handcuffed and her eyes were blotchy red.
“Don’t cry…everything will be alright.” Her father
Dakota nodded and felt the tears fall from her lids and drop
on her shirt.
“I told you to calm down, it will be fine.” Her father said again.

“It’s all my fault, he could be dead because of me.” She
“He wanted to kill me and it was all in self-defence, even
the police officer saw him.” Her father said.
“That doesn’t justify my actions, he is my father too and he
brought me up. He took care of me.” She cried. “And all I did was pay him back
“He made you feel bad! He made you feel like you were
nothing! He prided his biological children more than he did, you.” Her father
The door opened and inspector Brendan walked into the room.
“How’s he? Please tell me he’s not dead.” Dakota cried.
“He’s in the hospital and I just called your mother.”
Inspector Brendan said.
“My mother….” Dakota cried. “She’ll be so disappointed in
“Mr Fidelis Jentuh, I’d like you to excuse Dakota and I for
a moment. Step outside, there’s an officer waiting for you. I’ll call you in
for questioning as soon as I’m done with Dakota.” Brendan said to her father.
Mr. Fidelis left the room but squeezed his daughter’s
shoulder affectionately as he left. As soon as the door was shut behind him,
Brendan said.
“What you did today could put you in a lot of trouble. Infact what you did
after your first interrogation was very unwise. How could you run away when you
know that there’s an ongoing investigation on your sister’s disappearance?”
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” Dakota said in tears. “He locked me up in my room and I knew that if I went back home, he’ll do that again.”
“You are the number one suspect as regards your sister’s
Dakota cried and shook her head bitterly.
“I had nothing to do with it. The fact that my family hates me, pushed me into the arms of my biological father. He made me fit
in…” She sniffed.
“Where were you on the day your sister left Lagos for
Ibadan, everyone says you left that morning and didn’t return till about nine
Dakota didn’t respond, she looked away.
“Listen to me Dakota, I don’t think you understand how
important this investigation is. If you know where you sister is, please say
something now or something bad might happen to her.”
“I don’t know where my sister is.” Dakota said huskily.
“Why don’t you want to tell me where you were on that day?”
“I’m a prostitute.” She said and looked at him.
Inspector Brendan’s eyes widened as he stared at her in
“I had a client call me and I was with him till evening when
he…he invited…his friends and they got rough…so I …left.  He took me to one of his houses outside town and when I left, I had to walk for so long before I saw a car willing to take me to Lagos.”
“Can you prove this?” He asked.
“Please don’t tell my family.” She cried. “Judith has always
been good at everything and I had nothing to show for myself that’s why I went
into it. At least having to give pleasure to men made me feel good about myself.”
Inspector Brendan sighed deeply and stared at her.
Madam Zeena, Nikky and Ese rushed into the hospital. No
sooner had they arrived than Richard arrived as well.
“What happened? I came as soon as I received the call.” Richard asked as he ran to meet them at the
waiting room.
“The inspector called my phone. Dakota….she…almost killed her father.”
Madam Zeena said in tears.
“If anything happens to my father, I swear I’ll kill her
myself.” Nikky said as she cried.
“No, this is not the time to be resentful. We are a family,
a big happy family.” Richard said. “Let’s not shift our focus from our loved
ones in danger towards hatred.”
“Yes, Rich is right. Let’s not shift our focus. Right now,
all we need to do is pray and hope that he’ll be better.” Ese said, wiping a
stray tear from her eyes.
The door opened and a doctor walked out to meet them.
“Are you the family of the patient?” He asked.
“Yes, he’s my dad.” Nikky said.
“He’s my husband.” Madam Zeena said.
“He’s stable but he’s still unconscious. We are hoping he
doesn’t slip into a coma …” The doctor said.
“A what? A coma? How is that even possible?” Nikky asked.
“He sustained a very heavy blow to the back of his head. He’s
lucky to be alive.” The doctor said.
“I will kill that bitch! I don’t care that she’s my sister
but I’ll kill her.” Nikky said.
“Can I see him?” Madam Zeena asked.
“Just one person at a time and please do not try to talk to
him or cry. I need you to be as silent as possible.” The doctor said.
Madam Zeena’s phone rang.
“We don’t allow phones too.” The doctor said.
Madam Zeena nodded and handed the phone which was still
ringing to her daughter.
“It’s my friend Shola, tell her that she should collect the
asoebi from Nancy at the house.” She instructed.
“Are you kidding me mom? Judith is missing! Daddy is hospitalised and you can talk about asoebi. Nancy was right, if you are really
upset, you won’t even eat or speak of things as frivolous as asoebi’s.”
Her mother didn’t respond, she followed the doctor. Once
they had disappeared from sight, Nikky turned to Ese and Richard.
“I’m tired of all this…I need to close my eyes and never
wake up because waking up is more torture than sleeping.” Nikky said.
“Hey, everything is going to be fine. Don’t worry
dear….your dad is a fighter, Judith is a fighter, 
everything will be fine.”
Ese said, walking up to give her a hug.
“What could have happened between Dakota and her father?”
Richard asked.
“Apparently, Mr. Gregor is not Dakota’s biological father.”
Ese supplied.
“What?” Richard exclaimed. “Is it just me or are surprises
springing up every day?”
Nikky wiped her eyes with the back of her palm and addressed
“Have you told your parents about Judith’s disappearance?”
Richard nodded.
“They are devastated but I told them that the wedding is
still on. It’s barely a week to the day and something tells me to cancel.”
“Cancel? Is that a good idea?” Ese asked.
“That’s the best idea, under the present circumstances. Now,
even with daddy in the hospital, it makes sense to push the wedding a bit
forward.” Nikky said.
“This is so sad. I’ll have to inform the staff at the office
that the wedding is not holding as planned. This is so sad.” Ese said.
“Where is Dakota?” Richard asked.
“She’s at the station…” Nikky said.
“I hope you guys don’t press charges. She’s your sister.”
“Ofcourse we are…there’s no way I’m letting her go free. Now more than ever, I believe she had a hand in my sister’s kidnap.”
Nikky said.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Is Madam Zeena sane at all? Still distributing aso ebi in the midst of all this?

    Ese seems to take pleasure in spreading the news about Dakota's paternity. I don't like such aproko attitude.
    And how does going into prostitution help Dakota? I hope she stops it now that she's seen it doesn't help.


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